A social movement as a third force

My readers will know that all these while, i have been advocating a third force in between the 2 big coalitions , pushing for change and acting as a watchdog. I have not been able to convince the leadership, and I have indeed failed in this.

Now,  a group of us in the civil society may want to form a social movement as a third force for national reform. I will post my friend as well as well known political analyst Khoo Kay Peng’s article on this:

The Case for a Third Force

I understand the concern of a three corner fight which might dilute the chance of Pakatan in the next general election.

However, the possibility of establishing a third force is not to side with the other two forces (BN or Pakatan). We are not contesting in the next general election, not yet. But we must not discount this option in the future if the politicians continue to ignore us for pure power crave and self gratification.


When politicians from both sides collide, do they stop to listen to the people? Did BN listen to the people or are they still taking the ‘we-know-best’ attitude?

Did Pakatan listen to the people and embark on the reforms we wanted or the newly minted coalition is too focused on its ambition to capture Putrajaya and forget those who stood by the roadside watching, supporting and cheering their stride towards national power?

This third force role and responsibility is to ensure that the politicians and policy makers listen to us, the stakeholders. This country cannot be allowed to go on the way it is being run now.

We need to change. We cannot allow politicians to dictate all terms. Politicians cannot be fully entrusted to implement change or reform because any political power left on its own will not proactively surrender its power and influence through people centred reform.

Reforms in other societies were successful because of individuals who sacrificed their own freedom to mobilize the people through their messages and sacrifice e.g. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama and others.


Not any political party. Political party fights to retain and capture power and not to hand it to the people to decide and chart their own future.

As a way forward, we need to push the regime to implement a structure and all necessary processes to limit power and to ensure there is a proper check-and-balance mechanism. Only with the existence of a proper structure that we can stop power abuse and political arrogance.


It is unacceptable for any citizens or minority communities to suffer social abuse, negligence and economic deprivation in their own country. Alas, this is exactly what happened in Malaysia e.g. the Penans, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, the poor and powerless of all races.

These abuses must stop now if we do not want this country to go down the drain.

It is still not too late. Please sign up to join a Third Force for National Reform Facebook. We should unite to ensure that our voices are LOUD enough to be heard by the feuding politicians.



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  1. pilocarpine
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 12:41:00

    i am more worried, balisan and parkatan sending people to masquerade as the 3rd force…

    a wrong move to allow the ‘wrong’ third force into play may push the power to the wrong side… without pushin for a proper ‘check and balance’…


  2. humblediver.blogspot.com
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 14:20:12

    how do i sign up???


  3. Dr Hsu
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:09:48

  4. new fart
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 16:30:33

    Dr Hsu…I fully agree that a 3rd force, be it a political party or united independents, is the way to go forward for any country which practices true democracy. In Australia, we have the Green Party and Independents to choose from if we didn’t think the Labour Party or the Liberals/Nationals coalition was good enough to vote for. Look at how our last election turned out. A hung-parliament because no major parties were able to get a majority to rule. The people who traditionally supported both major parties and also the younger voters, were disillusioned with both Labour and Liberals/Nationals, so they voted for the Greenies and the Independents. They have a 3rd choice! And this is good as it helps keep those bastards honest, as we said in Oz, by having the 3rd Force acting as the honest referee.


  5. Peter
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 16:32:38

  6. Peter
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 16:36:56

  7. Dr. Adrian Wong
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 18:44:10

    IMHO, the Third Force is an idea ahead of its time. It is like running before we learn to walk. Right now, we do not even have a credible two-party system, and we already want to talk about a third force???

    Seriously, let’s concentrate on creating a fair system in which representation is a genuine reflection of the citizen’s vote, not the gerrymandered farce it is today. Until we achieve that, the third force will only serve to ensure BN’s hegemony. It will NOT help our country or our people.

    IMHO, the first step is to make sure the opposition wins the next general election. They may not be united, some may be corrupt discards from BN, but given a choice between that unknown and the certainty of a corrupt and racist BN government, we must choose the unknown, for there is at least a chance of improving our situation, like Lim Guan Eng did in Penang.

    Then we must impress upon our elected officials to change the current biased electoral rules to prevent gerrymandering and abuse of state/federal coffers for election purposes. If Pakatan Rakyat does not do it while they are in power, we the people have the power to kick them out in the following general elections.

    But if we do not even give Pakatan a chance to prove their words, then why are we complaining? And why bother with any Third Force? Until today, we have not successfully had a two-party system in Malaysia!

    No, IMHO, we must all stand together and push for Pakatan to win the next general elections. It’s a risk, and they may end up as bad as BN, but at least there is A CHANCE that they may change the country for the better. If not, we can always change back to BN… In the long run, we, the people will win by finally developing a mature, two-party system. Then, only then, can we start talking about a THIRD FORCE la!

    No matter what, I must assert that, we CANNOT keep the unreservedly and unapologetically corrupt and racist Barisan Nasional in power. We would be traitors not only to our country but also our children. Tepuk dada, tanya sendiri – do you want to continue watching BN tear our country apart?


  8. sleekk
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 19:15:24

    Unfortunately, a social movement cannot be the third force.

    The primary reason for the third force is to keep the two main political coalitions in check and on their toes. But without taking part in the election process, the third force doesn’t pose a real threat against them.

    Social movement is by far and large comprised of volunteer groups. Most of these groups lacks the financial capability and organizational structure of political parties. There is a dearth of capable persons willing to assume leadership positions.

    It is a necessity that the third force be political in nature albeit guided by a social agenda and objectives. There is a real danger that the social movement might be ‘hijacked’ by politicians who hide their political nature and offer themselves as leaders of the social movement.


  9. ZhangHo
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 19:48:09

    Unofficially, the 3rd Force is already in place,whose members are the active public participants who are contributing to the Alternate Media by way of constructive comments!
    Let this community grow in tandem with the freedom the growth of the Alternate Media.

    Until such time, this community must be ready to be organized into a 3rd Force as a Political Entity, should we find that the BN or more importantly at this important moment of our nation’s history, whether the PR Coalition Front has lived up to causes & policies for the benefit of the nation & its people; or DEVIATED from the PATH!

    This 3rd Force must relish & relish its importance & continue its surveillance of the activities of the 2 political groups of the political divide!
    Over time, we should be ready to organize & form this important 3rd Force, as inadvertantly, the Coalition which forms the Govt. of the Day may abuse the trust given by the Rakyat & succumb to temptations, which comes with power.
    “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!”


  10. Thuraisingham shan
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 21:08:23

    This is it a force with a non political approach is ideal. count me in


  11. KH
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 22:39:38

    Under the current scenario,
    a political third force which participate in elections will only serve to keep the current central government in power as votes for opposition will be split.

    Agreed with Dr. Adrian Wong unless and until a credible 2-party political landscape is shaped, political third force is not advisable for the good of Malaysia.


  12. DG
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 22:55:02

    A 3rd force is good. Like a “FORCE” it can paksa either BN or PR to do what the majority ones. Meaning if they want the 3rd FORCE Support…LISTEN to US.

    This 3Rd Force will not FIGHT or DEFEND base on race nor party .

    So it will work. Collective Agreement by all members to support the party that benefits all Malaysians.


  13. John
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 23:07:55

    I think the thrid force is a good idea. At first do not register as a poltical party but as a pressure group to keep those corrupt leaders in line and exposed all corruptions and social ills etc. Have website as a NGO and register as many members as possible to represent a potent force. Take bad leaders to task in whatever media and if the party do not act to improve, then compete against or campaign against that person/party the next round of election in that particular ward or against the belligerent party. Keep them in check without getting into political power fighting of a political party.


  14. klm
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 09:08:41

    It is too idealistic to believe that a social movement can be a third force. For one, Malaysia essentially do not have democracy culture. It may have the form but it is not a democratic govt.

    To be able to make changes in Malaysia, there must be power, real power that can be backed by “force”. It is too naive that one can get anywhere without the ability to fight gutter level no hold bar political battle.

    A social movement trying to be the Third Political force is a nice idea in a civil society. Unfortunately, Malaysia is hardly a civil society. These people play rough and take no prisoner. This social movement will get demolished.


  15. simple simon
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 13:26:36

    New Fart

    You call the Independents in the New Australian Parliament – the Third force? The Independents demand so much from PM Gila that our ex-Malaysian and now Finance Minister Penny Wong is going to cut Social and Welfare Service to fund the deficeits. With the third force Green party, the electricity bills going to hit the roof and everything related to consumption of electrictity is going to be increased. The Greens touch on small petty matters like gay marriage and the right to die but no right to job.
    They are not credible Third Force. I would rather vote the Australian Sex party for the Third Force


  16. amywyon
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 16:11:34

    Let make it even more complicated:

    The third force will be a social movement with a temporary committee that will stand for election when both parties/coalition is not up to our expectations.

    – function as a care-taker gahmen.
    – up to a maximum of 1 year before they dissolve & call for an fresh election. It’s more than enough time for BN and/or PR to clean up their internal mess/re-shuffle/whatever.
    – none or only 50% of the committee could be politicians.
    – committee members can only run for election under the 3rd Force banner once.

    -No long term planning of the country and uncertainty in the future (since it’s only a care-taker/temporary gahmen).
    -What if the people found out that the Third Force is better than both PR and BN decide to let them run the gahmen for full term?
    -What if during each election, people keep voting for the Third Force, thus creating a perpetual temporary gahmen?
    -The cost of running an election is not cheap.
    -BN and PR could put their own people into the 3rd Force.
    – 3rd Force gets corrupted and abuse it power.
    – 3rd Force decides to become a political party. (as they say: power corrupts).


  17. klm
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 18:31:56

    Sorry to digress. According to an online news portal, Koh Tsu Koon will not be attending Gerakan’s EGM.
    What kind of a president is he?


  18. disgusted
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 20:53:43

    Kim, I am inclined to agree with you. Not only we have had not a democratic society but also the people under this tribal ruling mindset (regime) for decades don’t know how to value and expedite democratic values, rather preferring to anarchy and hard rules. Hypothetically if there is a massive earthquake tomorrow, just watch the looting and riots taking place, I am referring to this type of people with un-evolving mindsets.

    There are many of these scums around ready to be puppets (i.e. Bakasa) and this category of people are the ones who will demolish the social movement or 3rd force, whatever you call it.


  19. Dr Hsu
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 10:41:49

    In India , Gandhi ‘s non resistance movement was a social movement and he was never a politician but rather a nationalist.

    In the present situation , where many politicians of both divides are corrupt, and many aspiring politicans within these political parties have nothing but their self interest to think off, we can no longer depend on them alone to achieve change.

    A social movemnet would not result in three corner fights,since it will not be sending candidates to stand; this is just a movement to start the awakening of the silent majority on the needs to change, to do away with corruption and racism. It can for example, campaign against Ib Ali in his constituency. Hindraff could have been an effective third force if it had champion not only the indians, but the poor people of chinese origin, malay origins, kadazan origina iban origin and so on… In Poland, a social movement effectively pushed out the communists. Think about this.. This is not going to be a party going for three corner fight..


  20. Ken
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 11:13:02

    I fully agree with Dr. Adrian Wong. It is premature to talk about a 3rd force when the 2 party system is not even established yet. It may die stillborn from BN’s attacks if civil society does not help it survive. This may come from expecting too much from Pakatan before it can deliver. Khoo Kay Peng is idealistic to assume that decades old practices can be reformed quickly with almost everything centralized under Federal power. Reforms is a journey as mindsets have to be changed first.

    A 3rd force will only help to propagate BN’s corrupt rule unless it wholeheartedly supports PR. Please note that the electoral playing field is wholly tilted to BN and to kick out this behemoth is very hard even under optimum conditions. RPK declared he will not support PR in the next election unless PR reforms to his expectation. Will he support BN then? Will he abstain from campaigning for PR and see BN win?

    To establish a real 2 party system, BN must first lose power. No ifs or buts. If BN wins the next election the opposition will be hounded to disintegration to make sure BN is never threatened again.

    So if we want to see a 2 party system take shape, help PR win the next election as Dr. Adrian said. They may not be the ideal party but there is no alternative. The mere existence of a 2 party system will force both sides to be democratically competitive for the people’s votes. If PR doesn’t measure up they can be voted out. That’s what a 2 party system is all about.

    Only when we have a 2 party system can we talk about an independent third force. To chip off support for PR now will just help BN perpetuate its rule.

    Kenny Gan


  21. klm
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 11:59:33

    Dr. Hsu. I beg to differ. I see Ghandi’s non resistance movement as a facade. The real action was behind the scene with the more ruthless Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Yes, Ghandi did stir the people but the real work was hidden.

    It was Nehru who said “Individuals and nations who do not know how to die do not know how to live. Only when there are graves are there resurrections.”

    I believe more in Chairman Mao direction. Power comes from the barrel of the gun. Anything else is a paper tiger.


  22. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 13:25:56

    Third Force should be a separate independent’s group, but be friendly with ALL right minded candidates no matter what party they come from, as well as all who are willing to expose the wrongs they caused. 3rd Force should also be ready to SPECIFICALLY challenge any NEPOTISTIC or Conflict of Interest Fief Candidates for a start.

    Eg. of MPs 3rd Force could be friendly to :
    UMNO : Tengku Razaleigh has mentioned a need of a NEW DEAL. He is quite likely to offer the 3 items.
    PAS : Tok Guru has slammed Bumiputera as APARTHEID, and does things on moderate Islamic principles (i.e. will not demand non-Muslims to live a Muslim lifestyle, he also has prevented NEPOTISM before.
    PKR : Zaid looks good.
    DAP : Kula Segaran looks good. Independent minded.
    MCA : OTK and his faction.
    Frog Independents : If they can agree with the proposed mission statement they can also immediately join in and advise of discussions, nominally heading the 3rd Force.

    A Generalized Proposal for a Formative Mission Statement for 3rd Force :

    (1) Third force members MUST declare all assets.

    (2) Third Force MUST be willing to implement these selection criteria, and denounce Conflict of Interest practices. :

    (3) Third Force MUST be willing to and extrapolate on these and implement these NEPOTISM prohibitions :

    (4) Third Force MUST be willing to implement and extrapolate on these SEPARATION OF POWERS prohibitions / Ethical protections :


    (5) Third force must be willing to amend offending laws and people parasiting by-laws like :

    a) Compensation for Rep’s Kin – by Sunday Star – 18th APR 2010 (People Parasiting Law)

    b) The Gambier Threat – Mid 2010



    d) Be willing to dismantle Toll Concessions, Closed Tenders, redistribute monopolies on gambling operations licences.

    e) remove Vehicular APs or similar parasite laws.

    6) Implement the below :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.


  23. disgusted
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 13:29:13

    After two years of this testing, we can see the two-party system will not ensure a peaceful period. Because the political scums will orchestrate all types and kinds of dirty methods to derail the alternate system of government. The goons are many ready to be running dogs.

    Unless Pakatan is ready to strengthen but look at PKR, with old mindsets and tribal warfare, not much different from the tyranny of the 53 year old regime.

    Nevertheless, the 3rd force can be experimental. Better than nothing. But the idiotic segments can also set up their 4th and 5th forces too. So the problem will perpetuate.


  24. CYC
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 12:15:26

    Looks like before we could have a 3rd force, Gelakan already a spent force or simply no more force with an ostrich as No. 1.

    Come to think about it, Parti Socialis Malaysia (PSM) is a kind of 3rd force before it becomes an alliance of PR. But it is too weak a force to have any significant impact on our society. Our education system simply does not lay any foundation for our youth to think independently and have a basic of structural formation of a society with diverse ideologies coexist peacefully. We can’t differentiate left, right and central. We merely identify social movement by its name or logo but not its ideology. Similarly, many Gelakan members don’t understand what the party fights for but only wish to winning seats in parliament and state assembly. Its objectives stop there.

    Reformation will not address our country’s present problems. We need a revolution in mental shift. Reformation deals with a change of methodology to do things but revolution deals with change in mindset or culture towards an issue. The difference in impact of these two is vast.


  25. A true Malaysian
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 12:25:32

    Get rid of the root causes of the situation we are in is a ‘must’ before anything goes.

    2/3 majority must be given to Pakatan Rakyat to put back the important ‘pillars’ destroyed by the root causes. Less than 2/3 majority is acceptable but still not good enough to put back the ‘pillars’ in shape.

    To me, ‘A social movement as a third force’ is already there in the form of :-

    Malaysia Today
    Socio political blogs like this “Dr. Hsu’s Forum”

    The only thing is that the root causes refused to budge, refuse to take good suggestion and criticism in good faith to reform, to change for the good of all like what commented by ‘disgusted’. Tell me, Dr. Hsu, out of so many hundred of articles that you wrote, how many of them were adopted by the root causes.

    Like what ‘disgusted’ commented, the root causes do not want a 2-party to be formed. They want the power all for their own.

    If you see into the background of Pakatan politicians, many of them were social activists before the join PKR, DAP & PAS. They can’t form a ‘third force’ then but to join politics.

    I believe in this kind of politicians in Pakatan, and 2/3 majority, if materialised, they will not abuse it simply such kind of politicians will not allowed it.

    If can make the ‘root causes’ as a minority, that’s the best, so to teach them the lesson, and reform, get rid of their own evils.

    Then, only we can see a meaningful 2-party system where ‘social movement as a third force’ can take shape in the form of Liberal Party in UK.

    The above is my humble opinion that I wish Umno can accept them in good faith. As in a Chinese saying, so long as there is green mountain is there, there is no worry of no fire woods.


  26. klm
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 12:50:33

    Dr. Hsu. What is your insider view of this LKY and KTK break off?


  27. Dr Hsu
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 14:58:54

  28. klm
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 15:26:39

    How come there is no vote of confidence on Koh Tsu Koon yet? Any time, soon?


  29. disgusted
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 18:00:59

    True Malaysian

    Right. For a start, the “friendly” NGOs, news portal, commentators, color blind Malaysians, victims of the suppressed, ISA etc….

    Collect email addresses by the thousands (assignment of 3rd force if organised). Just get together, no committees, no election of leaders again)…just get together as equals, activists, keep communicating with each other, keep updates, compile “sins” etc.

    This is a start….


  30. A true Malaysian
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 22:14:21


    Islam & ‘Melayu’ have been abused to the core by Umno & its agents and machinery, to the extent of even Muslim & ‘Melayu’ are pissed with them.

    Umno may not realise this is actually happening but keep doing their antics like recent cases of ‘haram’ money being used to pay the elderly in Penang, mata sepet, kaki botol,….etc, etc.

    So, keep doing that will mean they dig their graves even deeper and deeper.

    To be honest, Pakatan Rakyat is not perfect (this is why the idea of ‘third force’ cropped up), but we don’t really have a better choice other than to give our votes to them. Get rid of the root causes is a must to put all system in order.

    ‘Third force’ if interested in participating the next General Election, should contest under the banner of Pakatan Rakyat. The awareness of social activists is still very minimal in rural constituency due to their problems are more of ‘bread and butter’ nature, lower education level, lesser internet penetration, etc, etc.

    Third force is not the solution, but it is a force to make Pakatan Rakyat a more perfect.


  31. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 15:31:39

    hi true malaysian :

    ” but we don’t really have a better choice other than to give our votes to them. Get rid of the root causes is a must to put all system in order.”

    Yes we do have a choice. We must as @disgusted said, get together to discuss the b.s. even though we are not interested in politics. Then determine which RACISTS, NEPOTISTS and CLIQUES need running against, then stand for election on those very constituenciesin GE13. Then we will have a choice and keep our information updated perhaps via a formal forum or something. There must be no leaders but EQUALS. No VIPs and Supremos but CIVIL-SERVANTS.

    Third Force is the solution, as we do not believe in political parties and yjeir selfish ehrd mentality anymore. Welcome to the new Millenium, it’s time to take out the dinosaurs.


  32. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 15:40:39

    hi amywyon :

    – 3rd Force gets corrupted and abuse it power.
    – 3rd Force decides to become a political party. (as they say: power corrupts).

    Try some of the pics on my nick/site. These must be implemented to prevent the power based corruption.


  33. disgusted
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 16:33:40

    In fact, the 3rd Force has started a movement for the Sarawak state elections. Many may not be aware of Sarawakians (no matter where they are) are getting together iformally in cooperation.


  34. mycuntree
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 20:49:42

    I too think that Dr. Adrian Wong’s position on a 3rd Force is more practical and achievable in the short term. Malaysians must not lose sight of the fact that we need to achieve the 1 thing first i.e Remove BN from the seats of political power. Any effort to achieve that must not be diluted by a 3rd force that is neither here nor there.

    It would be easy for BN to make empty promises; as they have done for decades; to hold on to power. The current opportunity to rein in BN or to see a more permanent change to the decades old political landscape must not be wasted on this whim. Focus on this “1st thing to do” first before we move on to the next.


  35. A true Malaysian
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 23:20:32

    A fantastic inspiring speech by RPK at a function held in London. A must watch youtube for all,

    Please don’t miss watching and listening.


  36. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 03:41:49

    Any effort to achieve that must not be diluted by a 3rd force that is neither here nor there.

    As mentioned before 3rd Force will only target oligarch nepotists/patronage cliques/corrupt persons from all parties in both Coalitions.

    Stop painting 3rd Force as neither here not there. 3rd Force is PR friendly, but also friendly to NON APARTHEID/NON LAPDOGS in BN.

    We will not focus on this “1st thing to do” first before we move on to the next because the OLIGARCH NEPOTISTS/PATRONAGE CLIQUES in Pakatan would have entrenched themselves too deep by then.

    Who are you working for anyway??? The Rakyat or monopoly of a single coalition or some clique?


  37. cilipadi
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 13:41:21

    someone is here to confuse people to ‘AgreeToDisagree’.

    Agree with Pakatan but Disagree with Pakatan

    Agree disagree don’t matter, agree disagree ended up with U—O.

    Malaysians may not able to see this, not cilipadi, an outsider.

    Agree makan cili, Disagree rasa pedas


  38. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 19:19:58

    hi cilipadi :

    ” someone is here to confuse people to ‘AgreeToDisagree’. ”

    Whats so confusing about :

    1) Agree with these aspects of Pakatan :

    ending corruption
    increasing transparency
    people who engage and are accessible to the public and not close off KOMTAR

    2) Disagree with these aspects of Pakatan :

    declaring assets to the CM instead of the Rakyat
    apply by-laws in malicious compliance
    advocate 750K funeral laws
    advocate nepotists and Oligarchies
    culture of clique style patronage politics

    1) Compensation for Rep’s Kin – by Sunday Star – 18th APR 2010

    2) The Gambier Threat – Mid 2010

    The good parts must be agreed with. The bad parts must be disagreed with. Don’t tell me you can’t separate the 2? Understand that politics is nuanced with better and worse members all in the same party and exercise your citizen’s right to address things that will UMNO-fy Pakatan Rakyat and the nation. Don’t be a blind supporter, be a THINKING citizen and run for election when bad people (nepotists for example) are afoot. So about 5 MPs have to leave to end conflict of interest via Oligarchy. Does that mean Pakatan must fall?

    I support every other Pakatan MP though I would advocate challenging these 5 MPs who should know who they are. Why can’t they advise and guide from the background instead? Its our country and their non-presence as parliamentarians would not hurt Pakatan and empower their second liner leaders and wipe out nepotism and oligarchy instead. No harm right?

    See Tok Guru and PAS Youth ask (PMBK) chief executive officer Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman (Tok Guru’s son-in-law) to quit. Why can’t the rest of Pakatan emulate this protective feature of democracy, adhere to ethical restrictions on nepotism and oligarchy?

    The 3rd Force as I also mentioned should be Pakatan friendly. Not BN friendly. Whats wrong so makan cili or rasa padas about this method to protect all citizens? Come on, think abit harder, this is something very good for the Rakyat no?

    And all this as well :

    It’s a first world Malaysia we want right? This is the way to fight for it. By being strict and ethical in a way that protects the citizens in these less obvious but terribly critical areas that can creep up and harm us all. See below for a detailed look at the nepotism/oligarchy issue :

    The column that wasn’t – Marina Mahathir – 3rd March 2010


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  40. cilipadi
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 21:14:21

    What about Disagree to Agree?

    Disagree is Disagree
    Agree is Agree

    Bad is Bad
    Good is Good

    Why confuse? Make your stand, be a man. Malaysian, your choice is crystal clear.

    Disagree makan cili, Agree rasa pedas


  41. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 05:30:55

    hi cilipadi :

    It’s nuanced but heres a summary.

    DisagreeToAgree is equally circular but implies a negative form of polarisation. Ok, not confused, but trying to accommodate. No political party is Malaysian, as no faith or race truly represents Man regardless of numbers.

    My stand is made, sustainability for everything and everyone, diversity in it’s entireity, because the more original, the more different, the better preserved, the more interesting, even as evolution must be supported, so must primitive forms remain as points of reference.

    Let the preferences reflect the size of unique cultures an subcultures, even while the original forms must be kept alive no matter how unpopular, yet in a manner that does not impact anyone else! There is space for everyone to be anything! Just don’t overpopulate or overbear! And to act to ensure sustainability!

    Diversity is sustainability! Like a multipolar world is a safe world! It’s not impossible to maintain equilibrium, don’t take sides or have preferences, it’s unfair and immature, transcend bias and preserve EVERYTHING from extinction . . .

    Tell me if you still think this is confusion on my part! Thanks for the thoughtful questions in any case too, quite appreciate it.


  42. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 21:47:02

    Hence the case for preservation of multiple schooling methods from religious madrasah, to vernacular mother tongue, to that one size fits all government one.

    The sheer diversity of different systems is very positive because it ensures pockets of differences that breed creativity when interacting. A microcosmos rather than a monoculture is more sustainable. This homogeneity is something some authoritarian Malaysians wish to impose on other Malaysians and disrespect their right to a free world.

    Well we must respond and remove the autocratic minded from among us. It is a human right to have freedom of choice simply because the WORLD is a free place and belongs to all and not a few, who have no right to decide in absolute terms ANYTHING at all, much less education methods.

    United Nations Human Rights Charter – Article 26(3) – Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

    Hear that dr.Evil or any idiot proponent of single stream schools? IT’S A HUMAN RIGHT AND CHOICE OF PARENT NOT YOUR APARTHEID BN IDIOT POLITICIANS who will be voted out VERY SOON.


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