Arrogant and extreme

In most cultures, when a person dies, whatever he has done in his life time should be buried with him. Whatever things evils or bad that has happened from his action should be buried together with the passing of that person. whatever good that he has done should be remembered and emulated.

That is the respect we pay to the dead.

In the august house of Parliament yesterday, members of both divides stood up for a minute of silence on the passing of Batu Sapi MP. This is of course the traditional way of showing a person respect and showing the sadness that members feel with the passing of that person.

However, it was reported that while everyone else was observing the silence, one person was sitting down and chatting LOUDLy on his mobile.

If that was not arrogance, i don’t know what it is..

If that was not extremist, I don’t know what it is..

A person who would not even care to show respect to a dead person, some more a fellow member of Parliament, has no business to claim to be a leader. His action confirms my belief that he is merely a front for some puppet masters behind him.

I don’t want to write anymore. This type of people does not deserve to be even mentioned in my blog…


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  1. james loh
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 13:48:25

    a person like that as his name dont deserved to mentioned…we are judge by the friends we have , the action we thing for sure, he can lied that he didnt outright


  2. chanjoe1
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 13:56:24

    What is there to say about a moron who is not even better than an animal? A dog (editor: I took the liberty to correct the word as i tink this is what the reader really meant) will whine when its owner dies but this bloody morornic katak shows such disrespect that all Malays should disassociate themselves from him. So now Najib should say something more positive against this frog? People say we forget all advesaries when the one we hate dies…as all hatred goes down when he dies and here we have someone with no respect for an elected MP. Time to rise up and show BN n people associated with BN we Rakyat calss the shot.


  3. disgusted
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 14:03:53

    Ha, ha, ha Dr,

    (quote): …this type of person…”

    “Scum or poltergeist” is a more appropriate word.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 14:28:12

    Dont do unto others what you dont want others to do unto you.

    To earn respect from others, you need to show respect to others first.

    A standard 6 student knows about this..

    This is the standard of our politicians and so called leaders…


  5. William
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 14:44:15

    hi all,
    Pls never put him under ‘dog’ catergories,dog are man best friend,he does not fits in,maybe under’goat’ similar to DrM


  6. mf
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 15:13:59

    It is sufficient to say this, or that, person is arrogant, extermist, haughty, etc. Those words exist to express our disgust.

    It is not necessary to compare to any animal.

    Thank you


  7. CYC
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 15:46:34

    Politicians are the chief culprit that destroy the world more than building it. They keep telling people such and such system or policy is best for you. Until you realise it is not such they switch to another system or policy with another convincing story.

    Folks, judging on the current international scenario I will not be surprised if communism or socialism make a come back in 30 to 50 years. Globalisation will simply accelerate the widening of gap between the have and have not, power distance index will shoot up and hollow democracy is dead soon. Democracy will mute the poor without any recourse and it is taking place now even in our own turf. BBC demanded a thorough probe on the fatal accident resulted to the demise of MP Edmund Chong. But why no similar demand made on the crash in NS-Melaka border that killed 12 peoples ? The live of an MP is so much more valuable compare 12 ordinary lives ? It is disgusting, you stupid politicians !


  8. klm
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:37:30

    There are 4 categories of people:

    1. Saint
    2. Man (means both genders)
    3. Scum
    4. Unmentionable (lowest of the lowest)

    Well, that fella is unmentionable.


  9. disgusted
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 22:06:26


    You hit the nail on the head. Though not all politicians are bad but the good ones are rare. And you are right, politicians generally screwed up this earth.

    That is why in higher dimensions like the one I read on Billy Meier, describing the Plejarens (from Pleiades consternation) they have no politicians and no government. They have a council (with equal status, no PM or chieftains) of spiritual masters who take charge of their planet. Every critical decision is made by the millions of citizens (advanced computer polls and telepathy) to arrive at a decision.

    Put it this way, our earthling politicians, many are scums. But not our Dr here, of course.


  10. arlin
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 15:55:55

    Some people believe that the things we do, good or bad, eventually come back to settle on us. Another way of saying it is that people reap what they sow.

    Well, someone obviously has obtained a couple of appropriate harvests – namely, a title that he values greatly has been taken away from him, and then he has to be hospitalised with a broken heart!


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