Black sheep

I applaud the authority to charge the five policemen involved in assaulting and trying to ‘frame’ a businessman who was detained in a road block some time back. Charging these men may send a signal that others should not attempt what these few men have done, but this may not be enough to change  the rot that has set in.

For those of us living in PJ, this incident is so near us that it can actually happen to anyone of us. The fact that this  businessman has gone through hell and this hell can actually happen to anyone of us makes me feel so helpless and i shudder to think what will happen if we are the ones.

I must say that this case has strengthened my belief that the much touted IPCMC must be constituted and allowed to overhaul the force that is supposed to protect and ensure our safety, not the other way round!


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  1. CYC
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 16:31:13

    There will be NFA (no further action) upon the completion of the said investigation. Politicians, PDRM, AG, MACC …and etc are each others throats. So, they checkmate at each other. Who wants to be the first to break up the status quo and bear the consequences ? Furthermore Jibby is not a tough guy like the old horse and also much much less brainy to execute a “sure kill” strategy to finish off all others in the equation of power play. Gelakan n MCA will also happy to live happily as nothing had happened. So, lets “manufacture’ a peaceful scenario together and at the same time help to reduce crime rate as per NKRA requirement.


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