Harmony brings prosperity!

A house divided against itself cannot stand..Abraham Lincoln

Many people  often wonder why there is such a discrepancy in growth rates between  ourselves and the little red dot (and for that matter, with those nations which were once called little dragons), since basically we started on the same footing, and Malaysia actually has more resources at its disposal for development and growth.

Basically, it all boils down to one reason. While others are busy expanding their cakes, we are still in the midst of deciding who gets what and how to divide our cake, which is actually not expanding much as a result of not letting the best people  bake it, and at the same time, letting too many rats eat it.

The little red dot’s founding father, MM Lee, attributed the success of the little red dot as this:   ” Singapore has been able to move forward ahead of its peers in the region despite being a tiny nation because it focused on building interracial and interreligious harmony early on, which  is crucial to create internal stability to attract investors.”

Whether you are his friends, admirers or foes, no one can doubt about his vision and his contribution to nation building of his country. Like all human, he may have his  mistakes, but no one can doubt his foresight and his analytical mind.

What he  said above hits the nail right on its head. While all the little dragons can concentrate solely on building their own industries and human resource, we are fighting to see who came first and who was last to board our own ship.

It is like a family which has half a dozen children. These children do not unite to run the family business but rather try to sabotage each other. In the end, the family business, despite started by their parents on a sound footing, can no longer compete with some of the other companies concentrating on innovation and growth. With all the back stabbing and quarrelling, everyone from the eldest to the youngest suffer.

The simple truth is ” harmony does bring prosperity”, like what the Chinese wisdom teaches us.

According to Lee, the red dot’s success is because of its interethnic and interreligious harmony.

Ask ourselves, are we now better than 53 years ago, in term of racial harmony and religious tolerance? The answer is obvious, we are now even more divided. And the more divided we are, the slower we are going to grow.

DO we still want to continue on the same path which has not allowed us to achieve our true potential?


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  1. klm
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 13:13:43

    It is nice to think we can switch path now. This nation has gone too far to change path. The parameters to build interracial and interreligious harmony in the time LKY is different from the parameters facing us today. Just like the economic opportunities that were squandered away, the govt had also squandered the opportunity to build interracial and interreligious harmony.
    Can this be changed? I am not optimistic.


  2. CYC
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 15:01:57

    We have bought a ONE WAY ticket and on board of the train for 50 odd years. There is little chance of returning to the era where parameters to build interracial and interreligious still abundant as klm rightly pointed out. A huge effort needed to revolutionise the diverse cultures between different ethnics before we can think of any real progress and development. Another important requirement prior to thsi shall be the dismantling of BN that perpetuates racism due to its structural fallacy.


  3. clearwater
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 16:13:58

    We have missed the boat. There may not be a next one. The thing one must do now is to learn how to swim.


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