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I have a refreshing few days in Singapore, spending my New Year with my sister and her family. Visited Universal Studio, where there were so many people that all the attractions had long queues. It was not as big as the one in LA nor as nice as the Disneyland, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Shreks 4D’ show. By 4 D it means that the chair can rock when the Donkey is running, and when Donkey sneezes , the audience will all feel water splashes on their faces, and when spiders dropped down, we really felt like something was crawling up our legs. Such was the advance of technology and creativeness.

One thing that struck me was the number of mainland Chinese tourists. They were so many of them. It was like the 80s, wherever one travelled, one would meet hordes of Japanese. Only difference is that this time , there were really so many of the mainland Chinese that I as a Malaysian, feel overwhelmed. My sister told me that many Singaporeans have started to write to their papers , complaining of the policies of having too many of these Mainland Chinese there. But this is perhaps the trend that will dominate the future. You want their money, you have to accept them.

After coming home, WE started visiting relatives yesterday. Met one relative (by marriage) who  informed me that his brother, a well known psychologist with a doctorate degree, has decided to throw in the towel, and is going to emigrate to Australia. He has already accepted a job offer in Australia, and will be leaving soon.

I asked the reason why he is leaving since he is doing very well here, and the answer is that he has given up not just the ruling coalition, but the opposition parties as well.

This is perhaps the sentiments of many professionals in their 30s and early 40s. Many of them are now applying to leave this country. They are earning good money here, and what makes them go away is the sense of hopelessness to see any real change in this country.  Unlike just after 308, when many people have become optimistic of change, now the same people are becoming pessimistic, mainly because of the happenings within PKR  as well as the racist rhetoric of some of the BN politicians.  It would perhaps take much longer for any real change to happen , to realise the dream of having a fair and equal society.

Met another relative last night and his son has got PR in Australia, and won’t be back in Malaysia. 2 such stories in a day would be a shocker, but now, so many of the people I know have gone overseas, that I am quite numb to this type of news anymore..

The Tenang by election has shown that Malay  votes, especially in the rural areas, where commodity prices are good and they are enjoying good living,  have definitely gone back to the Big Brother.  I see a scenerio where the Big Brother will do better than in 2008 in the next election, but the same cannot be said of component parties. Many will probably become mosquito parties after the next GE,  with the Big Brother winning and these parties losing. Political realities will result in many of their traditional seats being taken away from them after the next GE, just like what  happened to PPP before.






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  1. klm
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 15:15:15

    The people movement is turning into a tsunami. Let’s be honest. Amongst us, the middle class urban class, how many of our children are living in this country. For me, it is none.

    It is no longer a shock to hear about friends and relatives leaving.


  2. Tpg2Sg
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 17:19:39

    My Mum has 5 children & 7 grandchildren, only 3 children & 2 grandchildren are still M’sian. And only 1 of her grandchildren still living/working in M’sia.

    My Mother-in-law has 7 children & 4 grandchildren. Only 3 children & 1 granchild are still M’sian. And only 1 of her grandchildren still studying/living in M’sia.

    We do not have much choice in M’sia


  3. wisely
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 06:37:52

    Totally agree with u about Universal Studio, visited last year. Agree also about the possible result in next GE that BN should fare better and the possible scenario that follow but depending on result. Definately agree that PR has fail the rakyat or not up to people’s expectation or where comes the third force.


  4. DG
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 12:06:25

    It’s so easy for those with the means (money and skills) to just walk out.
    If they were asked to make sacrifices, they get scared. Why rely on PKR to fight their battles. Stand in as a candidate. With the money and brains, these people are the ones that can do something but instead they RUN like cowards. Brain drain or selfish ? In numbers, there is strength, alas, it’s like everyone for themselves. Why be be disappointed with PR or PKR, when those that migrate are not doing their part ? Stay and Vote.


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