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The Old Horse has expressed regret over the arrest of 106 people in 1987.

As is his usual style, there is always something to justify his action, and this time, he blamed it on the police’s advice to arrest these people.

The police  has a duty to look after the security of the nation, and it is up to them to make recommendation and it is their right to make any such recommendation.  However, having said that, the ultimate decision and thus the ultimate responsibility is with the person who issued the order to arrest these people.  In doing so, he must take into consideration other factors ;  whether such action was right in a democratic society, and the reasons for  the tension at that time. In fact, as a shrewd politician, there were many ways for him to nip the tension in the bud.

Then there is the question of why not all who fanned racial tension arrested? Was that too recommended by police or was the list amended to keep his supporters off it?

He must now understand why so many in the civil society has asked for the abolition of detention without trial. It is like allowing someone to keep a gun at hand. The chances of that person using that gun to shoot someone who provoke him is definitetly higher than another person who has no gun at all. So to prevent abuse of arresting political opponents, such repressive detention law must be done away. There is no 2 ways about it. Reviewing it would not be enough; it is like replacing the gun with  a smaller calibre one   — the small calibre gun can still kill, and the chances of using it in anger would be similar to that of using a bigger calibre gun.


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  1. Nick
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 15:23:51

    Msia was still in a depression, economically from 1983 – 1986. The pie was shrinking. Our opposition was also not behaving maturely. I remembered the DAP tried to organize a strike at the toll booths when the NS highway was launched round about 1986. Our mainstream media was all controlled by the ruling parties. The first desktop PC was introduced roundabout 1985-86. I was a young accountant working in Klang. The days leading to Ops Lalang, I vividly recalled my dad phoning me and asking me to go home and stay at home and not come to work as he feared a racial outbreak anytime. Ops Lalang was effective but it was draconian and the net spread wide and many innocent opposition members were hauled up. Mahathir is the one fully responsible. No need to waste time looking for other culprits. Malaysia was a one-man show in 1986. There is nothing that can happen without Dr. M’s tacit approval. The SB was very strong and as far as I know, people like me, young professionals had better stay away from politics.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 16:00:34

    I too was a 30ish young men working in KL then. I remember the tension even till today. When a soldier armed with rifle ran amok then, rumours were everywhere, and even my nurses were afraid to come to work.

    The perception among many people is that the whole thing actually resulted from the fight for power within the Big Brother, coming just after the Kelatan Prince lost narrowly to the old horse. Anwar was then the education minister overseeing the ministry that sent those who did not know Chinese to be principals and Senior assistants to certain Chinese schools.

    I don’t know whose great idea was that, but subsequent happenings indicated that those who wished to move up in political hierachy, including the then YOuth Chief of the Big Brother, fanned tension by having rallies and threatneing to have a mammoth gatherings of a hundred thousand people.

    The whole episode could have been nipped in the bud . As you have so correctly pointed out that The Old Horse was in full charge of power then, and he could have advised( his advice would have the same effects as ordering) his youth chief not to fan emotion further, or advised his protege Anwar to withdraw the ridiculous act of sending those with no Mandarin Background to head Mandarin schools. It is like sending someone with no knowledge of English to head a English school. What more vernacular education is supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution.

    The incident led to a further loss of liberty. It is a direct result of people wanting to move up, following the divisive fight within the Big Party, and that fight also marked the beginning of the erosion of judicial independence. Even the Lord President was not spared.

    The period too marked the beginning of decline in many areas, in my opinion, since once you have judiciary under your thumb, you can do wahtever you like.


  3. KK
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 16:37:55

    My goodness, there exist such a shameless and despicable person.
    The least this mamak can do is to apologise for his shameful act .
    This mamak thinks we all are fools and he is the only smart guy.


  4. CYC
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 16:45:25

    But we have our Chinese Hero Lee Kim Sai escaped to to Australia “coincidentally” during Operasi Lalang. And whole bunch of Chinese saviours including the current KPI minister quiet like a mouse. Now, the whole bunch of left over “Chinese leaders” still shouting in thunderous voice that they represent and protected the interest of the community without any sense of shame. You decide if u still habour hope on this bunch of hypocrites.


  5. Jong
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 19:26:39

    Just ignore that sick Mamakfler! He just needs some cheap publicity that the mainstream media is willing to give, that’s about all.

    Never change even at his age! He’s either into to divide the people, create friction or spat at our neighbour Singapore and superpower United States of America that he envies.


  6. hanprem
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 22:32:04

    If one can believe the words uttered by this senile geriatric, one can also believe pigs can fly.


  7. petestop
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 09:36:48

    First rule of leadership, it is always your fault !

    As the Home Minister and the Prime Minister at that time, it is
    utterly disgraceful for him to pass the buck to his subordinate.


  8. changewemust
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 10:13:58

    At one hand we hav one tat talks about 1Msia,and another retired doing the opposite…both intending to create tension be it wat race u are…both are equally fanatics drivin one’s thots nowhere…can u trust any tis days????are tey the once so called respectable n honorable????fikir fikir…no wonder ppl got frus n ship out of the land tey once loved….


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