Speed vs speed

I am posting 2 pictures here.

the first one taken from Asiaone website ( click here . )

It is about Singapore broadband service: 100Mbps at Singapore$49.80 (equals roughly to RM118)

Second one is our unifi service advertisement . 20Mbps at RM249.

There is a cheaper VIP 5 for RM149, for a speed of 5Mbps. You get seomthing like a free phone, TV on demand service .

I am not making any comparison. Just figure it out yourself.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. petestop
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 17:47:29

    Doc… this is my favorite pet peeve.

    I raised this noise everytime I could, especially amongst industry leaders in Penang.

    When one of my classmate, who went on to do PhD and then worked in UK wants to come back to Penang. The first thing he asked me is the Internet connect speed, so that he can continue his data intensive numerical analysis work.

    Not only that, our company uses Skype for conference call frequently.
    Many times, it is our Malaysia office that has the worst quality and disrupting our technical and business discussion.

    Yet, our company pays 25% company tax to Fed Govt.
    But in return we get nothing, not even a decent broadband connection.

    Wonder why we relocate our profit center to Hong Kong ?


  2. KK
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 09:55:11

    If you compare wireless broadband in Malaysia and Singapore , Malaysian wireless broadband service should be called ” Wireless Brokeband “.
    Its hopeless !


  3. iamyuanwu
    Feb 21, 2011 @ 00:13:24

    What comparison? There’s no comparison at all!

    MSC Status kononnya. Pffffttt!


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