lesson from a fracture

When a doctor treats a leg fracture, he would first adjust the alignment of the fractured bone and then put a plaster cast around the leg to keep the bone in position. For the patient, he would not be able to bear weight, meaning that he can not put his weight on his fractured leg, otherwise the alignment would be affected and the fracture will not heal.

In order to help him to move, he would be given a pair of crutches to put under his armpits and together with his healthy leg, he would be able to move around like the figure below.

(courtesy of kansasbob.com)

The fracture will heal, if there is no complication, in about 12 weeks.

One effect of using the crutches and resting the fractured leg will be that the muscles of that leg would become weaker and weaker as time goes on. This is a process we call atrophy, and this comes as a result of not using the muscles of that leg to support our weight.

So after the fracture heals, the patient must undergo a period called rehabilitation, whereby, the healed leg wold be subjected to certain physio exercises. The more often this is done, the faster the patient would regain his strength of the leg muscles in about 4 to 6 weeks time, in most cases.

There are a few lessons to learn from this treatment:

1. Anything left unused will be atrophic, and become weaker. A person who seldom does calculation will not be as fast as a person who always do calculation. A badminton player who does not train for a long time would not be as good as when he plays everyday. A runner who has not run for a long period would not have the same stamina and speed as before.

2. Use of crutches is only for those who need it. It would be insane for someone who is perfectly healthy to use crutches to support his weight. It would make his muscles weaker as well as slow him down, because the use of crutches is  actually very cumbersome.

It should only be used by those who need it: those with fractures and those handicapped person with deformed and weak limbs.

In life, we should not expect everything to come easy for us. In order to succeed , we need to horn our skills. A Sushi chef’s knife needs frequent grinding to keep it in tip top condition is order to cut thin slices of tuna, salmon etc. A police officer needs frequent shooting practices for him to be remain as sharpshooter.

Using this analogy, perhaps we should rethink our strategy to help the weak. we should re-strategise our approach towards affirmative policies.

In every ethnic group, there are weak and poor people, who are not as good as those who are more fortunate to have better environment or better home background. This group  needs help and help must be given to them in order for them to keep up and not be left far behind.

But apart from this group of weak and poor, those who are born with able-body and sound mind should be encouraged to use them in order not to become weak, in order for them to become even stronger.

So by giving crutches to the able bodied is actually denying these people a chance to learn to walk properly and become competent and efficient.  The world is fast changing, and the more competent and efficient, the better we will be able to meet the challenges of globalisation as a nation.

We donate to help the needy; not to the rich and mighty.

By re-developing a policy that helps those needy ones based on social strata, the weak and poor in every group and race wold get the help they need,  while more fortunate ones would be given a chance to improve their skills and that will ensure that no one race would become an atrophic one, just like those weak muscles of a resting fractured leg.



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  1. SunGod
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 14:04:21



  2. ong
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 15:04:49

    Mahathir clearly does not possess any knowledge of this simple basic aspect of physiology. His medical degree should be revoked.


  3. asiseesit
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 17:54:38

    when one is on crutches, sympathies and assistances are assured. no one will strike down a helpless person with a fracture leg. over time, when this feel good factor becomes a norm, and the very basic of accomplishment prove to be less of a strain, it is apparent that to continue with this aid even when one feels it will subside soon once the healing process completes, the urge to renew another fracture will soon set in place to ensure the aid continues and justified.

    they will come a time, when such fake are slowly noticeable thru common sense and intelligence. education is also the contributing factor to realise that wounds and fracture do heal overtime if the right remedies are applied. so in order to remain in crutches, all one have to do is to severe the flow of information thus having the privilege to enjoy and even to the extend of deceit thru rhetorics and histronics.

    it is all a trademark of sustaining one’s standings and the privilege to obtain a free flow of charitable transfers with almost frenzy justifications to channel a common belief that the handicaps will continue to be handicaped under any circumstances and it must go on. even more so once this becomes a trend with the majority seeking to confirm and maintain such fashion, in many variable forms thru years of manifestations.


  4. A matter of perspective
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 01:43:07

    Dr. Hsu, your argument is solid. How about a case of addiction and not a case of fracture/handicap. Just like a smoker got hook on tobacco, or worse still in the case of heroin addiction. Greed is not a weakness but a case of extreme addiction. Greed is universal human traits, and it is world wide, the difference lies with how it is being satisfied. Greed offers shortcut solution to many problems until the end of time. It does not mean greed is good, just a nature of humanity.


  5. monsterball
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 03:04:57

    UMNO B love to weakened their own race ..to depend on help from UMNO B only.
    Having converted millions to be weak and meek and with that as an excuse….these rouges and thieves.. steal national wealth and from tax payers by the billions yearly…..passing small amount and crumpts to those they have weakened …to project how noble and righteous they are towards the weak and meek Malaysians.
    Not for weeks. Not for months..but for more than 30 years….a new generation is created …to the delight of their successful mission to rule forever.
    It is the dirtiest politcal game plan originated by Mahathir to buy up the whole country.
    No matter how much wisdom and explainations given by Dr.Hsu and others….Najib is appointed to protect all corrupted UMNO B king pins being arrested for corruptions…and the only way is to win the 13th GE by any ways and means he think of.
    All other parties joined up to call themselves as “Barisan National” is just a dressed up show. All have no power and clear puppets on the strings.
    There is only one road for all Malaysians to travel and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    They must vote for a change in government.
    Since after 12th GE…Najib is applying race and relgion dirty politics…trying so hard to fool all Malatsians with slogans…and encouraging corruptions….much more than previous PMs.
    He has no choice…and all know why.


  6. A Single Vote
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 12:35:17

    One can understand when an individual championing his own people steal from other races to pamper his people. That crutch is his perogative to give whether it is spoiling them or not is up to him to decide.
    However, the greater joke is that of the self proclaimed champions of the other peoples stealing from their very own, to assist those parasites. But of course helping themselves to part of the loot as well. Wonder how much they would sell their mothers for, 30 sen? I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Then again they would be able to come out with great excuses for their actions or lack of it.
    Did you know that the reason they have not done anything to get the UEM exams to be recognised although other countries are waiting with open arms to accept these brilliant students, is because they are aware how poor the public universities are and how these people would be trampled by the superior race if they remain in the country. Why waste our talents, lets give them a chance by making sure they have to go away for their education and hopefully stay in that country. Why you think we are assisting those parasites for, think we are stupid?!! Now that’s a smart move, I’d say. The real champions!! Lets vote for them too.
    Now you know the real reason for their not doing anything about that exam. LGE in Penang should employ these people and let him be cursed by them if he thinks he is so smart.
    Why blame the crutch provider, its the real champions who should be booted out for selling out their own race.


  7. monsterball
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 12:47:57

    Without the providers…there will be no champions.
    Without the givers….there will be no corruptions.
    It takes two hands to make a clapping sound.
    The providers are the roots of all evils.


  8. monsterball
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 13:03:05

    And the champions of evils are created by the providers by the millions after 3 decades.
    It is not easy to wake all up to realities in life…but by faithfully believing…nothing stay permanent…champions can change sides …as the said providers are finding great difficulties to provide all…after 12th GE…and we need to stay focus and vote for a strong PR Opposition..if not a PR Govt. in 13th GE.
    Sooner or later..the evil providers will fall like a ton of bricks…once their champions realize they have been used and made fools..for the providers.


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