2 fumbling acts

I am used to Malaysian high officials’ fumbling acts (my definition of official is anyone associated with the Big Brother), but I am shocked by 2 incidents after the recent Japanese Quake cum tsunami.

While the whole world is now worried about the safety of nuclear plants, after an explosion in one and a possible meltdown in 2 other, I thought it would be wise for anyone, even those eager to see a nuclear plant in Malaysia, to think twice. Or at least wait till further development to see whether the Japanese can contain the nuclear problemsand how serious this would turn out to be before commenting.

But our minister in charge of our planned nuclear plant has immediately announced that Malaysia would continue with our planned project, without even wanting to wait out  further development in Japan. I thought this is really unfair  to the people of Malaysia. Not only that, this is also politically unwise to announced this when the whole world is worried about possible nuclear fallouts. I thought a more sensible approach would be to suspend and review any nuclear project that is being planned. We should also take another look at the planned rare earth factory in Pahang.. No planning by man is foolproof. Mother nature has shown it clearly in this case. A country as advanced as Japan is facing potential nucelar meltdown, and we really do not know how bad is the situation, or whether the government there is really transparent in its disclosure..

Perhaps we should all ask this gentleman minister to build  a house and stay next to the nuclear plant that he said will be carried on.  I am sure he wold have second thought then. I can this fumbling act number one.

Then not to be outdone, a cartoonist drew a cartoon in one of our mainstream media, showing ultraman running away from a tsunami wave. This is really insensitive to the sufferings suffered by the Japanese people. What does he want to prove? To laugh at Japan at an hour when the whole world is offering condolence and trying to help to alleviate sufferings? This sort of disaster killed many innocent people and created suffferings for hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of homes are destroyed. Millions are without water and electricity. And here, this person tried to rub salt into the wound.. If this is not fumbling, I do not know what to call it. By his action, he not only disgraces himself but  whole Malaysia , since this has already become headline news in CNN ireport.

ALthough the management of the paper has apologised, Malaysians must learn to be more humane, and more compassionate. This is what happens when life is too easy and people do not take things seriously enough.




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  1. rocketscienceinmotion
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 18:50:03

    not everyone has the perceptive skill to provide an insightful commentary on public and current affairs that is also a major disaster and horrendous human tragedy. There is only one Lat around, the others have to try harder, maybe eat more “humble pies”.


  2. rocketscienceinmotion
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 18:51:02

    …using cartoon or caricature as the vehicle.


  3. klm
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 20:21:27

    These 4letters word people lives in different world.


  4. Juxtapose
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 23:16:08

    Let’s compare this incident with the Danish Cartoonist- Prophet Incident.
    Oh well. People in Glass houses..


  5. monsterball
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 02:26:33

    It is a multi billion project calculated to rip off billions Malaysians money.
    Where money can be legally taken away by these rouges and thieves …no one can stop such projects…as they know vast majority Malaysians do not understand how they can steal billions.
    Vast majority Malaysians only know how beautiful Twin Tower..Putra Jaya are….fantastic port in Klang..and hundreds of projects to beautify Malaysia….all completed….especially in Malacca and Johore.
    They do not care the huge overpriced tenders..to finish each project…stealing billions away from them too.
    No money saved to run the country? Why so easy…just make sure all Malaysians pay more…where even RM I more from each working Malaysian…..government can earn millions more each month.
    Our Oil is best example.
    Where are the billions profit per year … gone to?
    Yet petrol prices gone up three times last year….saying we are still cheaper than S’pore or Korea.
    They dare not compare our oil prices with oil producing countries.
    But soon all will learn…as living conditions is getting worst…and their love ones stomachs half full …and all their sloggings cannot make ends meet.
    They read and know….MCA politicians are big crooks.
    Two are arrested for stealing billions….deceiving Dollah and Mahathir.
    And Mahathir said he is as clean as a whistle in his book..accusing Diam and Tunku Razaleigh..in his book.
    That is the mastermind of all things evil…using his usual trademark to blame others.
    So you see……UMNO B can do all the want…and all bad news are due to God’s will…not their faults.
    UMNO B is drunk with the idea of making billions with the nuclear plants and you want teach them to think of Malaysians?
    They are out to enriched themselves ..where nothing is enough…and out to but up the whole country…with bribes and goodies…thrown back to those they stole from.
    They can do this successfully…as the race and religion politics for decades…is deeply rooted with millions youngsters and middle age Malaysians minds and souls all under control..by the “Provider”…the ever great UMNO B party.
    When …real bad news come…all these rouges and thieves have money and properties elsewhere…can run away with no fear…unless police is fast enough to act.
    Most of them are feeling safe…except Najib where he and few are having nightmares…which we do not see…except read what they say or do….to their utmost best..to win 13th GE…or else
    “TRAITORS” will take over the government ..and Najib will defend with his life.
    Why does a great clean government talk like that?
    It is clear sign of a guilty conscience man talking.
    That is his threat to create the worst fear to all Malaysians to vote him and UMNO B in at 13th GE.. or else trouble will come…for all Malaysians.
    Bottom line…are Malaysians that stupid and selfish….as the government hope we are?


  6. A Single Vote
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 10:17:07

    Look, we are nearly there now and you are asking us to drop that nuclear plant project, do you know how much it is for us? Radioactivity disaster?, who cares I am not going to be around its you guys only what.
    Didn’t you know, that there is this ego thing going around, like a competition to see which of us can make the most from the stupid rakyat. I’ve got the big one here, the nuclear plant, give up, you silly ah?, another the MRT and another the 100 storey building. Some build non existent bridges, no he doesn’t get a price, there are too many of that nowadays. Some build arches then tear them down, going for holidays on the public don’t count anymore, even maids get to go with their CM bosses. Even wives of dept heads get driven by rakyat sponsored chauffeurs to the markets every morning so whats a full dept, no big deal ok?
    For crying out loud, do you know how many people are with us? Even your kind man, did you not see that dewanful of raised hands supporting everything we do? Not everyone gets a slice of the cake, the higher up the bigger, some cheapskates get a couple of ringgit thrown, yes thrown at them while some don’t even get anything, they only need to be told that they are the champions of their race, and they happily go get all the work done.

    It is up to us to assist the people see the evils of these parasites. They are desensitizing the rakyat, even the young to corruption, its ok here take this can of Milo and here’s a hundred bucks to help you. And the seniors will be so happy they even proudly tell their grandchildren and there goes all the core values that Confucius and our ancestors had so painstakingly taught us.
    All given up for 30sens, lets all raise our hands too, to get rid of them!!!


  7. petestop
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 13:27:21

    They will need “consultants” and “maintenance and service” company set up to maintain these nuclear power plants.

    Thus a perpetual money-making machine for them. Do you think they will cancel the project just because of an inconvenient earthquake and multiple explosion at a Japanese nuclear plant ?

    The local MSM so used to spewing toxic political and racial pieces, I would believe they already immune to any concern for their fellow human kind and more likely to continue with their bullying ways.

    Only with our vote as stakeholder we can put this country right.
    However, if the majority continued to still vote for such stupidity, then they ask for it themselves. Until the next Nuclear explosion !


  8. monsterball
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 13:45:22

    And now Telecom is daily phoning Internet users to upgrade their streamyx system by paying more that 35% from its original package deal….when upgrading should be their responsibilities and fee stays as it is…or just a fraction increase like all great companies are doing.
    No..it is from RM62 to RM102 per month.
    When you monopolized a product that is needed and wanted….there are huge profits made . Where have all the billions made gone to?
    All their profits used up..and when billions needed to upgrade their system…users are asked to pay more. I have refused the offer few times…yet they keep on phoning.
    I told my daughter if they call again to say..I am on a long long holiday.
    Imagine low income group educated Malaysians forced to give up using Internet with an impossible budget. Does the Govt really care to see young Malaysians get smarter by using the Internet system?
    And the Govt keep using tax payers money to keep few companies they own and are loosing money.
    New Straits Times loosing millions every month.
    No problem…it is priceless propaganda mouthpiece for UMNO B…and so keep going. Malay Mail is dead …yet still printing out free news for selected distributions. They want to copy “SUN” ….but “SUN” is very profitable as seem by so many companies using that FOC paper to advertise.
    Go look at NST adverts…and compare to “STAR”..and know NST is loosing money for decades.
    PerJaya Steel….Proton….Smart Tunnel..and the famous Port Klang Free Zone and many more loosing money…including Twin Tower…costing millions of tax payers money to pay salaries for no good reasons..and why UMNO B Govt. ..keep ignoring?
    To bring all for discussions will make the loose thousands of votes…as at the end of each project..is lined up with so much evidences …proving massive corruptions encouraged by the Govt.
    Take a simple swivel chair costing around RM35 and tenders are shown with the cost…10 times more than usual..as if all clerks are sitting on high priced swivel chairs…like executives.
    Take a school desk top computer costing RM1200 and check out the tender cost.
    Police bought hundreds of thousand computers…all costing not less than RM3500 per unit..and go to police depots and see hundreds upon hundreds are thrown to one side….after three years…completely useless.
    Notice the hundreds of thousands parking coin meters for cars are replaced after 3 to 5 years?
    Thousands of second hand buses bought by Govt to start of “Rapid Bus” to so call ease off traffics…and seen to be real good idea.
    But Malaysians do not know they bought beat up useless buses for few thousands per unit and build up the cost to make hundreds of millions.
    All one needs to be convinced ..is to visit the graveyard for Rapid buses.
    And if you see them running around..they are not less 15 years old models..that is being repaired to function at the risk of all passengers riding faulty dangerous public vehicle.
    They are experts to find faults with lorries…vans..buses privately owned..and “coffee money” given…inspections so easy. If no kick backs given….you need to correct this correct that…making life difficult for owners.
    Go to “NIAMAH” blog and Patrick Teoh is very good to expose all with this trademark comical ways of writing…and Pat is a true patriotic Malaysian all his life.


  9. Mike
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 17:22:08

    And the PM’s wife was saying the Japanese did not plan proplerly to avoid the earthquake and consequential tsunami , can you believe this ?


  10. Brian Fong
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 17:59:38

    the minister concern do not only do not know what he is talking about he is also insensitive to the citizen of Malaysia to make the announcement at this moment. It is a defiant act targeted at the public – so what if i spit on you type akin to the senile old man of kerala origin.


  11. Dr Hsu
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 19:29:38

    the minister said that Malaysia has no earthquake and safe to set up nuclear plant. But did he not know that human error can lead to disaster consequence in a nuclear plant as in the case of Chernobyl disaster. Are we Malaysians so perfect that we will not made any human error that wll lead to a nuclear meltdown? malaysians are known for their tidak apa attitude, just ask those victims of recent cases of bus accidents…..


  12. David Ng
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 01:45:58

    So unless we vote them out on the next election this is the government we have to live with, anyway we have living with them for the past 50 years or maybe the next 50 years to come. They are arrogant and iresponssible when passing statements.


  13. vic71bc
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 11:45:51

    Attention all you voters. Watch this, and please circulate widely. TK.
    RPK in Canberra. This is definitely must watch-a rather long talk with questions and answers. So download and watch at your leisure time.


  14. vic71bc
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 11:50:06

  15. monsterball
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 13:10:24

    They are crazy for ideas that cost billions…to make huge commission..as can be seen with so many projects costing billions for so call defensive weapons and ideas…created by N…knowing Malaysians can be fooled when ideas to buy weapons to defend them from enemies invading Malaysia ..to protect all..will get all to agree..as if Malaysia is daily threatened enemies around us.
    Now this nuclear plants idea will cost billions..and commissions are huge.
    All purchases will be grossly overpriced for at least 10% commission or more to buyers.
    They are desperate to accumulate billions for 13th GE..to keep their loyal voters happy with no work done…to prepare to make more deals…..like “You help me. I help you”..and throw FOC dinner parties and give out presents…to make sure voters are comfortable with these con men governing forever.
    There are like con men collecting protection money from residential areas under the disguises to fight crimes…and N support that….as long as lousy jobs done by the government are taken over by some smart gangsters…. passing the buck of weak police jobs to a group out to squeezed money from every household..with no capital needed …by creating fear and hope all will support.
    See the similarities?
    You see…rouges and crooks like M and his band of robbers and thieves..are all drunk and greedy for money …for party and keep some.. themselves….on going for decades..that you see a PM earning around RM25K per month have sons and relatives become multi billionaires…as if all PMs off springs have the smartest brains in Malaysian like Bill Gates…or Donald Trumph.
    Compare the history of two US greats billionaires to ours..and all can see billions are earned through overpriced tenders….and if those guys looses money in speculations or gambling…no problem…Mahathir have shown how to save his on and all with our oil money and tax payer’s money with no fear.
    You can never teach these rouges and thieves..how to save lives..or sincerely value and respect Malaysians.
    We are nothing to them..compared to money.
    It is always money that matters most…and they are in control.
    Nothing will happen to them…as they got all hooked up crazy for money too.
    It will be puppets like Ling and Chan to take the blame first…for all agree to be corrupted with terms and conditions…set up by UMNO B king pins..like the Devil’s Advocate. They follow the rules.. or else.
    Gangsters have rules too.
    They provoke and start everything…and then saying…”We will fight terror with terror”….exactly like what you view in the “AVATAR” movie..which pricked the guilty conscience of Mahathir so deeply….getting nightmares watching it….while clear conscience Malaysians watched it as an entertaining movie with a great message…to warn all crooks.
    And Najib is getting nightmares too calling all against the Govt..as traitors …and he will defend his PMship with his life.
    Watch and observe all the signals….and you will know…UMNO B will do anything to steal and rob Malaysians every sen they can grab..for only with money stolen from Malaysians….can they hope to govern forever..or face corruptions charges…under a new govt.

    Pls refrain from naming names. TQ.


  16. Dr Hsu
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 14:50:39

    I have to delete your comment as it infringes on this blog basic policy of not attacking any religion, and no race profiling too. I would also remind commentators not to adopt any personal attacks against anybody..


  17. CYC
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 16:48:36

    When u have elected this blind and dumb ministers, what can expect ? For thos econtinue to vote them in, u dig your own graveyard.


  18. looes74
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 21:10:08

    Dr Hsu,
    It’s time to spread the news….Movies such as The China Syndrome. Documentaries…..Before we are on the NOOSE



  19. Phua Kai Lit
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 14:39:05

    Dear Dr Hsu

    As noted by the psychiatrists, inability to show empathy for the suffering
    of others is a sign of possible personality disorder (of a particular type).


  20. kosinga
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 17:42:41

    how a 51 km MRT system can cost RM36 billion or more??
    must be the most costly in the world??


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