An important choice

Malaysians in Sarawak State will be making a very important choice in the coming month.

The fixed deposit is now up for grab. Whether Bn or the opposition will be allowed to manage the fixed deposit will depend on how the people cast their votes.

From all indications, BN is going to win the state again, but it will probably lose many seats and its 2/3 majority. The 33% of Chinese votes were as good as gone, given the prevailing Chinese sentiments. On top of that, the bible issue would probably cost BN many votes, but it can still depend on the more rural areas where most of the long house  and tribal chiefs will probably be supporting BN. Another reason was the past practice of gerrymandering which has given rural seats more weight-age than the urban ones.

Losing the 2/3 majority will have a significant impact as a GE  will probably be called later this year. It will probably help to revive the sagging fortunes of the opposition, for one thing.

In the unlikely event that BN loses the State, then a GE will probably be postponed and we can see more politicking in Malaysia– politicking that hits below the belt, politicking that hits at the front and back.. etc etc etc.

One of the main issues is  White Hair himself–Chinese Sarawakians call him “Bek Mou” . He has overstayed and there are so many stories even among BN people about him…

One of the things the Top leader is trying to do is to persuade him to retire before the Next Big One. He is perceived to be the problem, like Samy of MIC.

After Samy retired, there is a significant swing of Indian voters back to the fold of BN. So the logic for BN strategists is to persuade whoever seen to be the burden to retire…And of course there will be trade off– if you retire, i will not prosecute you , and maybe make you an ambassador with minister rank.

So whether Bek Mou gets to be booted out will depend on how his coalition does in this state election. If he wins big, which is a very unlikely event, he may get to stay for a few more years; but if he does not do well, he will probably be given a Samy treatment.. Either way, he would probably not be treated like how the former Selangor MB  was treated, even though that MB was like a dwarf when compared to Bek Mou in terms of you-know-what  ( the Chinese has a saying: when  drawing a figure, you don’t have to draw the intestines).


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  1. Mohamad Abidin
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 13:03:49



  2. chanjoe1
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 14:09:08

    Its indeed a trying time for the Opposition to try wrest control of the Govt given the vast disadvantge the ruling parties have but the hope that the majority Christians can give the votes to unseat BN is hopefully taking place and we can only sit and pray with much hope.

    Just look at the double standards handled by the Home Ministry on the Datuk T sex case……no actuions taken and no arrest done on people who openly show XXX movies and no arrest also on those who were knowingly watched the movie……all a very sinister plot to get Anwar and trying to demoralise the spirits of PR facing the Sarawak Elections. This is the Malaysia we are hopelessly facing and its only thru the ballot that we can tell out our messages.


  3. Taikohtai
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 15:15:10

    I think the majority of Sarawakians still think that Taib is a living God, Tuhan, Allah, Almighty, Choy San all rolled into One. It will be very hard to dislodge him from his throne, given all the backing from UMNO. The Allah controversy may stir up more emotions but to expect it to be translated into votes is another matter. Pakatan is deemed West Malaysian and SNAP is too froggie to be trusted. Please prove me wrong, I beg you Sarawak!


  4. Li Li Fa
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 16:47:16

    Dr. Hsu,
    The time has come once again for our Sarawakian brothers and sisters to make their decision in choosing the next State government. I believe all eyes will be on this State election, which is most crucial not only to Sarawak but also to the entire nation.

    Like you have mentioned, all forms of politicking will take place, in whatever forms and manners to wrestle, wrangle, and claim the controlling power in the said State. As such, many characters , side shows and distractions will be staged and much to the amusement of the people of Sarawak and the nation as a whole, and even to the world audience.

    It is also the time to wonder whether all predictions will come true – that a new dawn will arise after the RAHMAN era and the people to sing a new song.


  5. Khlow
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 16:54:45

    I personally think we should not blame Sarawakian. Their cultures, thinking and exposure of rapid exchange of information through internet development are not likely the same with those who are staying in peninsula Malaysia. Basically their composition consist of a large number of different tribes and spread throughout the whole state with their probably below average standard of living as well as standard of education if comparing to peninsula Malaysia.

    To the ruler, this is the best and easiest way to assert their political controls and influences since the ruled do not demand much on the ‘justices’ or ‘fairness’. Their concern are more towards the availability of their basic livelihood than who to become the next ruler. So long as the present ruler is capable to satisfy their basic needs, and so long as the ruler painted them an appropriate ‘threatening’ and ‘negative pictures’ if the present ruler should have lost controlled in this state, and so long as the present ruler could have fed with a little bit of ‘goodies’ to their tribesmen, votes should have been rest assured.


  6. petestop
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 19:03:27

    Unfortunately many location in Sarawak still have limited access to information.

    These people are under the grips of the ruling party.

    But we those who have access to information, it is our responsibility to ensure that we kick out BeEnd comes the next GE.

    It has happend to the most developed states in Malaysia.

    So, ironically, it is “development” that will eventually bring the downfall of BeEnd, although they alway tout it as if it is their god-given ability to do so.

    I would say that BeEnd is holding back Malaysia’s development due to all these wastages and siphoning of the state wealth’s into their own pocket, as very much typified by Taib and his family.

    The Middle East have awoken, what about Malaysia ??


  7. wisely
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 21:32:02


    Most Chinese esp christians will definitely not vote for BN but that was almost already the case in 2006 and again in shown in Sibu by election but now let’s see how non muslim bumi in Sarawak will vote!


  8. wisely
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 21:33:08


    Can you clarify with me here that are you still a fellow with SEDAR?


  9. wisely
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 21:37:34


    I hav another view to what happen in Arab world today. Those are all islamic states, which PAS try to establish here in Malaysia. Do u support? The struggle in all those states are mainly for basic human right and equality. They are trying to get out of the system but here many are supporting PAS islamic states, by many i means chinese. So are we heading the right direction?


  10. Dr Hsu
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 21:40:50

    when i resign, i quit all positions, period.


  11. monsterball
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 23:20:52

    The recent sex movie supposedly was Anwar performing have now few UMNO B members show the tape and confirmed it is no Anwar.
    Regardless if it is Anwar or not…Malaysians are sick of UMNO B plan to get rid of Anwar with sex shows. It is the lowest kind of political character assassination you can find.
    If sex really means he must give up politic…then ALL UMNO B Ministers should resign…especially Najib.
    And this is about Sarawak State election.
    What great timing to reveal sex movie.
    Najib knows…2/3 majority is difficult. He is very afraid to loose the State to Opposition….with so much massive corruptions exposed…accusing Taib and his family….by locals and foreigners..with so much details…yet Najib ignored all.
    Voters can get all facts from mouth to mouth…even many do not read or write…but they will know the truths.
    For that….Anwar is again being targeted to win votes…and the joke is now on the so call 3 Datuks and UMNO B.


  12. Phua Kai Lit
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 08:36:46

    Dear Dr Hsu and blog readers,

    Back to more important things:

    The Jasmine Revolution spreads to Syria

    “When ordinary people wake up, elites begin to tremble in their boots.” – Cornel West (African-American intellectual and social critic)

    We are the many, they are the few. When we say
    “Enough is enough!”, change will surely come.


  13. chanjoe1
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 10:46:24

    Even if PR gets to Putrajaya and forms the Govt in the next election, PAS can never make the country into a country like what they like cuz there are always DAP, PKR and others in the Govt and PAS can never have the majority. Even if PAS is to win all their Parlimentary seat contested, they can not form the next Govt alone and then without 2/3 majority, then can never change the form of Govt to the Islamic Govt they wanted.
    So be comforted that PAS can nveer succeed in their aim. Just keep PAS togetehr in PR and we can have a good and well coordinated Malaysia as against BN or rather UMNO.


  14. will.he.coy
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 12:09:28

    Warning: Extreme weather, imminent earthquake danger

    fyi…lets see if there is such happening at such period, the guy was not taken seriously by conventional weatherman previously.


  15. monsterball
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 14:44:19

    I wish to inform Dr.Hsu…that I never forget his box of expensive white chocolate given to me at my birthday invitation to him..years ago.
    May he and his lovely wife…enjoy a better life… with him..totally out of politics….free as a bird..answering to no one…and keep developing his already good heart personality to better heights…as always..never too old to learn anything.


  16. Dr Hsu
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 15:52:21

    seat allocation negotiation fails between DAP and PKR.. It will be in BN’s advantage to have 3 cornered fights. In fact, the more corners, the better..

    In the interest of the people, perhaps politicians should cast their personal and party interest aside, and put PEOPLE”S INTEREST above for once.

    In 2008, people chose PKR not because of PKR itself, but it was a case of anything but UMNO.

    Malaysiakini reported that MCLM’s claim that SNap is receiving money from BN..

    I will not be surprised if that is true, and given the divide and rule tactic, snap’s role may be just that..stand against PR and so most seats will be 3 cornered… reducing the chance of a opposition victories.

    Similarly, in the next GE, there will be mosquito parties like PCM and KIta satnding against PR’s candidates to provide 3 corner fights.


  17. wisely
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 19:20:33


    This is what I gather from inside UMNO news,

    During Abdullah time, when PR was at it strongest, negotiation was done to unify malay by offering PM post to Anwar and Abdullah DPM but other UMNO top leaders would not agree. Then come UMNO PAS talk to unified Malay and to quit an extend this is not over yet. The main person who against this as we all know is Nik Aziz as he is most influentilal figure. I gather that DPM post was offer to HUSAM to buy him over from Nik Aziz side. It is also commonly known to many that if BN were to fall in next GE, and PAS will to push for islamic states, is not PKR or DAP that we are worried, is UMNO that will work together with PAS to achieved that goal. Islamic states and hudud law is something PAS and its members will fight for and die for. I just hope all those who will vote for PR esp PAS realise this and aware of this ‘agreement between UMNO and PAS’. Nik Aziz is old and Hadi, Nasaruddin, Salehhudin, Mustapha Ali, Muffuz and Hasan Ali were all known to support this idea. Each has their own goal and purpose – PAS – islamic state and UMNO – to stay in power. Just study Nik aziz speech before and after 1982 and you will understand why he changes his stand regarding so many things. I won’t be surprise to see this happen one day. Please keep this in mind.


  18. Anon
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 19:48:25

    Sarawak’s Iban are purposedly kept poor so that when election time comes they would be told, “If BN wins, come and collect money”.
    And it is only $50!!!!
    But then, they feel it is bettet than none!
    You have not been poor enough to feel what $30-$50 is like. This is why they are purposedly kept poor.
    They need leaders to teach them to think laterally! Some are in the horizon now but can they make a dent on the BN now?
    Let’s wait and see.


  19. Dr Hsu
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 20:49:22

    as i have told dr Koh Tsu Koon when he asked me why Chinese are not afraid to vote for PAS, the perception amng many Chinese is that Malysia is already an Islamic state, just look at the civil service and the national schools. Of course this is arguable but talk to some of the Chinese, as I have done as I meet many people a day in my clinic, they really believe that nothing can be worse than now…


  20. wisely
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 22:23:54


    Thanks for the view and info. Much appreciated. Because I study law and I also did a little study on islamic state, I can say that this general perception about Malaysia today being already an islamic state is wrong and many don’t understand what an islamic state is. Karpal singh, I believe can agree with me.

    What we have in Malaysia today is syariah law which is islamic family law. Our criminal law is still a secular law based on british law. If malaysia become islamic state one day, all of us, malaysia citizen, whether muslim or non muslim will have to follow hudud law(criminal law) where one of the law which many know today is that to prove rape we will need 4 credible witness or else there’s no rape.

    What we have today is bias toward Islam. UMNO since the awakening of Islam try to implement many Islamic policies and many of these we have to follow today which many non muslims are not happy including me. Details and examples we all know and that’s why it is understandable that many already thought we are an islamic state which in fact we are not. Many western countries says we practise moderate islam and are good example to other islamic countries.

    Today, it is already scary but if PAS were to rule or this country were to become a real islamic state then we are doom. Many believe PAS is fair. Don’t believe everything you see today. That’s why I said study what NIK aziz say before 1982 and study PAS party constitution about their stand on islamic state. You will discover what I say here is true.

    This is my view: We need to see 2 things. First the leaders, then the constitution. PAS indeed is clean but why. Due to its islamic teaching. Nik aziz is already old. Nizar is popular but how about the rest? Their constitution says they want to made this country Allah kingdom and all its citizen his people. Allah rules! I am scare and worried about this. If you can understand this you can understand why Karpal singh is so much against islamic state and he never change but how about the rest of DAP leaders? Anwar has a strong islamic background. So, can we trust him totally?

    Another thing I want to point out is, look at PAS action rather than Its word. Lotery issue, beer issue, concert issue etc. Why they dare to enforce this islamic value on non muslim despite we are protected by our country constitution the right to choose. They dare to bypass the law to enforce their islamic right on us. Isn’t this more scary? What next? I believe slowly and gradually we were force to accept all their values as our values and without much realization we can be easy persuade to embrace islam at the end.

    Guys, I am not trying to pursuade you to vote for BN because you guy won’t but I don’t want you to be caught one day and be cheated. At least, when you vote for PAS, vote with this realization in you mind. PAS will never change and believe me I was once a very religious person and I know what religion can do to a person when you are fully into it!


    The fact you didn’t question my earlier statement because I believe you know or at least heard that when you were Gerekan CC because some of those facts above I heard recently from some Gerakan leaders which rank were lower than you were.

    That’s why I rather hope in Najib reform and having a strong opposition to check and balance and activist like you doc, to continue plant seeds, the right and correct seeds into people! I believe changes takes time and already a lot of improvement in a lot of areas now taking place and still more can and need to be done to improve!


  21. looes74
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:04:41

    DAP & PKR have come to agreement. However, I doubt Pakatan can take over the government. Perhaps, 1/3 of the seats with DAP being the leader


  22. monsterball
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 01:29:52

    I have a strange feeling that the Sibu Miracle will spread throughout Sarawak.
    However…one giant step to deny BN2/3 majority will do for time being.
    After all…our hopes and aspirations started three years ago..after 12th GE.
    And look at all the events after day one from 12th GE.
    Non stop provocations..insults….wheeling dealing…nonsensical slogans….medias controlled to the limit to poison minds….murders..and above all these….Sodomy and Sex scandals.. focusing on Anwar Ibrahim.
    All done by Najib…which clearly shows he is not confident to win 13th GE at all.
    Malaysians are already sick of Sodomy 1 by Mahathir and Sodomy 2 by Najib…and now…Sex with a prostitute..pointing fingers at Anwar…..making it sickest and lowest kind of idiots bringing down an opponent.
    CORRUPTIONS are so great in ..Sarawak by Tiab…with Mahathir and Najib performances wearing the same labels…most corrupted PMs ..and for CORRUPTIONS and keep trying to …fool Malaysians..with all sorts of stunts…Najib is finished.
    And if he is finished…it will start with a Sarawak Miracle…spreading all over Malaysia….no matter how long Najib plans to delay 13th GE.
    If there is no miracle….then Malaysians have spoke..making their decisions known..and so be it.
    After all…no one will be serious or learn to be more responsible…until sufferings come to them for no reasons…yet the reasons are so clear..yet they still cannot see.
    These sadly are Malaysian Malays…being brainwashed for 30 years by Mahathir and Najib…hanging to the rich the are owning Malaysia…to fight to the death to defend ownership.
    That is the BUNKUM logic…from UMNO B famous race and religion dirtiest politics…with MCA and MIC puppets supporting.
    It is like promoting a product..saying no competition at all..they are the best..where as better products all available in Malaysia.. are all be kept away to be known from buyers…so much so…consumers are not having the choice to choose the best…and as such…consumers…money to buy the best is getting less and less values.
    But in true sense…these rouges and thieves think they own Malaysia having enjoying more than 30 years stealing with no fear to be arrested at all….as Mahathir for 22 years make sure all laws are protecting them..with so many cronies to do the dirty jobs.


  23. wisely
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 09:21:02


    I understand u hope and aspiration but some of what u says are facts and some are speculations yet to be proven.

    I just want to say a feeling based of what I heard of a kelantan chinese women comment on ‘What say You’ two weeks ago about the charitable lotery issue in kelantan.

    I say charitable bec I was help to understand that particular lotery was meant to help the poor Chinese esp the new villages since its inception and it cost RM3 per lotery.

    I believe we can all agree that gambling is wrong and harmful but whether buying that type of lotery is gambling is up to one’s belief. I leave that to each individu to decide.

    We also can agree that banning all sort of gambling doesn’t help to prevent gambling as the activity can go underground and that will cause more harm than good.

    Now the testimony of this lady give me a lot of feeling. She laugh at all the panellists and say that this is a non issue for them all in Kelantan. I believe she refers to all the chinese in Kelantan as 4 ekor were ban since 1990 after PAS took back kelantan fron BN but to us all it seem like a very big issue.

    The question is why? 20 year of islamic ruling has indeed assimilate these kelantan chinese to accept islamic value about gambling and giving up their right to gamble as we still can enjoy here and the worse it they have no feeling anymore. However, strange enough as she add that when she goes to Kuala Lumpur and she sees the 4 digits shop she will still go in to buy as to try her luck! This tell us that she still has the desire and maybe the need but in Kelantan she cannot exercise her right as enshine in our constitution at all totally and only outside of kelantan she can do that.

    I was there during this chinese new year as to see for myself what and how kelantan is as an islamic state as i wrote a lot against it. Surprisingly i found out the mat rempits among the kelantan youth is even worse. No number plate, wear black T-shirt and no light and happen everywhere but just not in huge group. No policeman to enforce the traffic, maybe due to not able to collect bride, I can’t buy pork in 5 chinese restaurants I went to – wantan noodles were serve with beef soup or chicken soup, Chinese restaurants selling economy rice actually sold malay food and the chinese owner just sold drink. No beer were allowed to be sold in hypermart like Pasific and tesco and worse still backward- very very backward except for KB. But if you like Malay food, then it is ok, it is really tasty! That’s the only good memory i had until today. I will go back there again for the food! Then, I finally realise this will be the country or the place I will live in if the whole country rule by PAS and I compare what I have now, here and I am thankful for what I have even though is far from perfect…


  24. wisely
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 19:49:10

    I think yesterday Star report extensively on the lottery issue. I was shock to read Karpal ask the state legal adviser to refer to AG since we all know karpal hate that fellow!

    Another shocker is the rape of a 4 years old kindy student by the operator husband and I wonder whether justice can be measure to the rapist if needs 4 witnesses!


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