A case of too little too late!

Ironically, both BN and PR leaders are happy with the Sarawak election results. The only exception is SUPP but  even their own leaders knew about their fate long before election was called..

BN leaders have expected something even worse. In fact, just  a few months ago some of them have privately expressed the fear that they may lose more than one third of seats. So to them, to be able to secure more than two third, despite losing more seats than 2006, is a good result. The fact that PM was there for the whole week was due to this fear of losing the two-third.

PR of course is happy since they double their representation, even though it has fallen short of their one third target.

The results reaffirms what we know all along: that the urban votes are now dead against BN, not just the urban Chinese, but urban Dayaks, and in West Malaysia, even some percentage of urban Malays and Indians too.

A reader whom I suspect is a BN member since he uses the BN sales pitch wrote the following  comment in my blog in the last post:

Just think rationally, if the rest of Malaysia is still with BN, won’t you think chinese will be sideline even more than before. All the remaining 5 chinese mayors and all the state ministers post – how many will remain?

As a former member of a component party, I have heard this sales pitch many many times before.

Let us not just argue but look back at recent history.

In 1999, the Malay votes turned against BN because of the Anwar factor, and what saved the day was the Chinese and Indians votes, which helped BN to pull through. In 2004, Chinese votes were generally  behind BN and Pak Lah, after he has uttered the famous (or infamous depends on which side you are on) phrase ” work with me, and not for me”. 2004 election was also the one election that BN won the highest percentage of popular votes ever.

So since 1999 till almost 2006, the Chinese sentiments were with the government of the day. They have a relatively high representation inside then.

What did the urban votes get in return? More racism even to the extent of keris raising, more extremist views ( and more double standard when it comes to uttering extremist views) , more marginalisation, more corruption, more so-called pirate-isation privatisation where billions were lost as leakages and wastage, more abuse of power by our various institution  to the extent that ISA was used to ‘protect’ a journalist. These were real happenings that occurred during the period when the government of the Day enjoyed relatively high  support of the urban people (eg. in KL Gerakan won 2 out of 3 urban seats in 1999 and 2004, seats where there were Chinese majority but with sizeable Malay and Indian voters, and nationally it won 10 of 12 Parliament seats contested).

AT that time, there were many elected Non-Malay Ministers inside the cabinet. The representations were there, but things worsened. The perception is that these people talked outside but dared not voice out inside.

The truth is there were actually 2 types of representations of these component parties inside. One was the quiet type, agreeing to whatever policies decided, and dared not object very strongly, since many of them put their self interest above all else. There was another type that  spoke out quite strongly inside too, but being a small voice, the voice was totally ignored. The latter was also the one that would not be allowed to rise up to a high position, since anyone who dared to speak out were chopped  and sidelined in  every component  party without fail.

Many a times members of these component parties were told not to ‘rock’ the boat. In one of the National Delegates’ conference, I actually argued that it was not the members who rocked the boat, it was the ‘ineffective’ leadership and the ‘dare-not-voice-out-too-strongly’ attitude of the top leaders of these component parties that not only rocked but also sank the boat. The voting patterns  of 308 and 416 show that what i have uttered is generally true.

So the perception among the urban people is  that even with these people  inside , their grouses had not been  heard.

As a consequence of getting huge support, the government of the day became  so arrogant that the some ministers could not even take fair  criticism in their stride and acted as if they could never be wrong, since they believed that most people, even the urban ones , were behind them.

It was only after 308, when many of the component parties suffered huge losses  and humiliation that the government of the day began to appear to want to seek change.  That is how the slogan of ‘1Malaysia’ came about. They are forced to seek change not because they wanted it, but because they knew that if they don’t, they would get booted out. It becomes a case of either change or be changed.

It is this fear of losing their power and  perks that makes them  soften their stand and,  and outsource the more extreme parts to their associates in certain NGO.

Ironically, only when the representation of the urban area was at its lowest, did the government of the day realise that there is a need to change. But given the warlord culture, it is a mammoth task.

So when the urban people all voted for the government, they were taken for granted. There were few scholarships, there were few opportunities to get government contracts etc etc. Members of some law enforcement agencies were more busy tending to their own ‘cari makan’ than to catch  criminals. Crime rates soared.

These all happened when urban people voted for the government. So i would not blame them if they got fed up and seek to change.

I will quote a true   example to show how timid these leaders were inside. When some of the BN chairmanship of parliamentary kawasan of some component parties were taken away by Big Brother last year, I raised the point that if the component parties cannot even fight to retain their own seat allocations, how are they going for fight for the interest of the people? The answer I got from the Top leader (and our representative to Supreme council) was that even CSL (the DVD actor) did not say anything, so he just kept quiet. He then  put the blame on his predecessor,  the adviser  ( note: I canceled the 2 words because the advisor resigned some time back).   When a representative who is supposed to represent a component party inside the ‘Supreme Meeting’  cannot even utter the word “No” , how can he effectively represent the people? CSL, as told by my own Top leader, was not vocal at all inside; but outside, he appears to be another man, vocal in quite a number of issues. A typical case of 2 face.

The comment of the our ‘wise’ reader above is actually  standard BN sales pitch, and people in the urban areas would not buy this sale pitch anymore. If the government is serious to win back urban votes, they need to do  more than sales pitch.

What the government needs to do is not to punish the people who voted against them by withholding development.  What they need to do is to find out WHY people voted against them, and tackle  the problems at its roots: Be more equal and fairer, be more transparent, be more people orientated, be less corrupt.  Adopt policies that are inclusive and will not marginalise any group.

Go direct to the people, even if the urban people have no more representations inside. Listen to the people. They have eyes and ears everywhere, so feel the pulse. .

The fate of the Indians was a good example. While they have voted time and again for BN and MIC, they became the most marginalised group. Only when the NGO Hindraff appeared on the Horizon, did their plight get  noticed . But sadly what was being done for them is still not enough, still very far from uplifting this community from poverty.

The Chinese community has asked that the UEC exam be recognised. They have been asking this for many many years. Only now, after the community has shifted their support against the government, did the government come out with some changes to let some of those who pass UEC be admitted into main stream universities. This could not even be achieved during the time when their representation was relatively high inside the government. I think this example speaks plenty for itself that ineffective representation is even worse than no representation.

Tan Sri George Chan has finally  hit the nail at its head when he attributed the cause of the routing of SUPP and his own defeat  to this :  whatever change that was being done was ‘too little and too late”. 

Unfortunately, He paid the price for realising this ‘too late’.


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  1. kplee
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 15:13:18

    The Chinese in Malaysia have to face the stark reality that to get a Fair deal in our country we have to throw away MCA,Gerakan,SUPP for these leaders are only serving their self-interest.I challenge all the bogus leaders of chinese based parties in the BN to QUIT BN and join other Indigeous party to fight for the Right of all Malaysians irrespective of race colour or religion and I am sure any Malaysians will give their wholehearted support.Accepting scraps from UMNO is a total betrayal of the the Trust of the people you claim to represent. Enough is enough the results of the elections CLEARLY demonstrate the frustrations of the chinese communities in East and West Malaysia of the Unfair practice existing in our country and the nons will unite with any party which will genuinely and sincerely fight for the rights of all Malaysians irrespective.
    On the recent election results one thing is clearly noticable:

    55% popular votes = 55 seats

    45% popular votes = 16 seats

    It doesnt need an expert to analyse the support the opposition garnered from the rakyat.
    UMNO/BN days are numbered.


    Apr 18, 2011 @ 16:39:15



  3. monsterball
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 18:16:59

    Personally I am disappointed with the result….especially from the performances of keDAILan and PAS.
    However….if you have head counts on voters…PR did score well with more than 44% votes..much better than 12th GE. result.
    This mean Sarawak does have a reasonably strong Opposition to voice out loudly on behalf of Sarawakians.
    15 voices better than 7 in the past…not counting one Independent.
    Slow and steady win the race..it seems…and no tsunami as expected to sweep away crooks.
    But DAP is trully the giants killers.
    MCA…Gerakan…MIC and now SUPP…all feel to DAP rockets…making
    UMNO B so call Barisan National .. a joke.
    But then….Najib is famous to revived the dead in the West.
    Lets see what he will do with SUPP?


  4. wisely
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 18:54:20


    I rest my case. Just that there are some irony of what u say. Just reflect on what u wrote above, ur stand and today’s situation. i hope u see them. Thanks for the insight story of KTK and CSL. Anyway, i am a little tired of all this. I was thinking of thanking u and then sign out for good but when i read what u wrote here, i just feel like i need to add a few extra words. Forgive me for saying this, my last word – u are a good doctor but you may not be a good lawyer. Thanks again.


  5. petestop
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 19:53:38

    Doc, nicely written article, could’nt have word it better.

    If only the “leaders” of so-called BN component parties have half your brain and half your gut, it would have been very different for the Opposition.

    But then again UMNO never gets it, their voice, aka Utusan, even call out for Sarawak govt to punish the majority Chinese urban voters in Sarawak for their lack of support.

    Anyway, UMNO and by their being the only party in BN with a voice, also means that BN is already beyond redemption.

    Only a full and complete Tsunami will sweep this country clean and reboots the country so that we can attain greater heights.


  6. klm
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 20:10:58

    Dr Hsu. Your former Top Leader is a bought man. His only job is to say ” yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”.


  7. chabalang
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 22:27:30

    So, BN is the coalition for the uninformed, “less educated”, rural voters – while the PR is the coalition for the informed, “more educated”, urban voters.

    Is it clear-cut with the Internet that more and more people are beginning to “see through” the real BN? I personally do not trust Anwar and PKR (still a number of ex-UMNO dropouts) – what other better choice do Malaysia have? What I want is more check and balance. Give Malaysia back the independence and counter-balance of executive, parliament and judiciary (which was dismantled by the Old Horse).


  8. mmc
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 22:34:21

    you expect the philanderer to speak out. hey, section 377 awaits him if he tries to bark too much. he is on a leash and behaves as told by UMNO. Who is to be blame afterall he was elected by MCA members.


  9. A true Malaysian
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 23:13:18

    In 1999, because of ‘hate Mahathir’ factor (or Anwar factor as pointed by you), Mahathir was aware Umno / BN cannot depend on Malay votes to win the GE. So he asked the Chinese to submit ‘Suqiu’ to him and promised to deliver what the Chinese were asking for. If we read carefully the content of ‘Suqiu’, the points are not all concerning the Chinese community only but encompass what a civilized society aspires for. But, after the 1999 GE, Mahathir branded the Chinese ‘Suqiu’ group as communist, and of course never deliver what he had promised for. For Chinese people, ‘TRUST’ is the most important element in all dealings, and once broken, that’s it, they will never trust that person again, who in this case, Mahathir.

    In 2004, Mahathir stepped down and handed over power to Pak Lah. Again, many people, especially the Chinese, thought Pak Lah can be trusted (not because he has Hainanese blood in him but due to his relatively clean image), gave him full support, and Umno / BN won the best ever GE. But, again, such ‘TRUST’ was broken during his reign.

    Therefore, true enough, in 2008 GE, Umno / BN suffered the most humiliating defeats, lost 2/3 majority in Parliament and 5 states to Pakatan Rakyat. But, instead of acknowledging they have broken such ‘TRUST’ of the people especially the Chinese Malaysians, Mahathir and Umno put all their blames on Pak Lah, accused the Chinese being ‘ungrateful’ but never blame themselves for the defeats.

    While maybe you can say that’s the ‘nature’ of Umno Malays (I stress here, ‘Umno Malays’ and not ‘Malays’) for taking people’s ‘TRUST’ for granted and therefore, can never be trusted anymore, the rest in BN, through their actions and inactions, are equally hopeless, if not worse than Umno people, for failure to voice up against their so-called ‘partner’.

    The rest are history. Such ‘TRUST’ can never be recovered by Umno / BN for a long long time to come. New fresh blood, with nothing to do with those during Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib era, are urgently needed by Umno / BN. I believe those in Umno / BN can do that if they have strong will, but such ‘pedigree’ is hard to find in them. It seems we have no other choice to do that but to vote them out in ‘revolutionary’ style this coming 13th GE.


  10. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 01:51:27

    Here Doc gave his opinions on the voting patterns in Sarawak…and the wise man said he is a good doctor but may not be a good lawyer.
    When have Doc Hsu said he wants to be a lawyer?
    I guess what our wise man is saying he is good at both…a doctor and a lawyer.
    I guess he is disappointed Doc is not as smart as him…..and sound off he is leaving this blog.
    I guess he thinks he is so important and all commentators including Doc will tell him….please stay on.
    Getting no respond from all….you can be sure…he will say on and try something else to attract attentions.
    The only attention he will ALWAYS get are hornbills and bees biting and stinking at him.
    DAP rockets strapped at hornbills are all fired up.
    But I am sure DAP will not waste any rockets firing at a NUT.
    Having said that…I think Doc Hsu can be an excellent Auditor or Accountant too…after reading his message.
    I am good at selling satay…….hahahahahaha
    Wise one is good for nothing.


  11. petestop
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 09:41:04


    Ever wonder why Malaysians, especially non-Malays are leaving the country by the drove ?

    Well, in other country non-Malays can be the Chief Prosecutor. And just last year a Malaysia-born non-Malays became the Finance Minister of Australia.

    In Malaysia, UMNO sapu all, leave the scraps for the other BeEnd component party. UMNO stays in main house, the rest stays in the jamban.


  12. petestop
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 10:08:27

    The thing is that the Chief Racist Extraordinaire, Dr M have the gall to call the Sarawakian Chinese being infected with racist politics and not willing to share.

    When it is UMNO who keeps sapu everything, even Malays and Bumiputera also no chance in life due to these UMNOputeras. Everything sapu, native land also sapu, Rakyat money sapu, position sapu, title sapu, everything… !!

    Enough is enough !! It is time to UBAH !!

    It is time we SAPU out all these garbage called BeEnd.


  13. Rhan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 10:24:44

    Hsu, I think wisely pertinent point on his raised question is what next for the Chinese if 100% are in the opposition? And Phua, what if PR Malay support reduces to 30% and less? And ATM, everyone agree it is justified for Chinese to vote opposition, we don’t need to stress that again and again but please remind ourselves politic is a compromise game, so what shall we do next from a Chinese perspective? FYI, Chinese and Chinese philosophy is about middle way and balance, what if we are no more balance?

    I am not saying wisely is right, but I don’t think you people answer his question.


  14. Li Li Fa
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 11:25:33

    Dr. Hsu,
    I hope I am not treading on racial ground. But, I thought the Chinese have always been wise voters- learned , predictive and shrewd. This trend could be applied to the Chinese voters in the Peninsula or East Malaysia.

    One really good factor for the Chinese to do such, in Sarawak, is the examplary model set by DAP, Penang and to some extent PKR , Selangor. Forget about what some ex-politician saying that the DAP is spreading its ‘racial virus’ into the Land of the Hornbills. I believe they voted on the conviction based on real pertinent and pressing issues of the land.

    So, if this trend is to persevere, then footholds will be gained in the outskirts and rural areas of Sarawak. There again, perception and education come into play.


  15. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 11:39:35

    I think in modern times…all good logical human beings are traveling the Middle Way…and not confined to Chinese only.
    There is no need to discuss …what… how or why …except to focus on the main reasons….why BN can still have so much support to win.
    To me…it has nothing to do with Middle Road….this or that…but a warfare applied by keDAILan and PAS ….not good enough….or maybe those two parties are proven to be unreliable and cannot be trusted?
    Lets get to the bottom of the main reasons why only DAP performed extremely well…while the other two… failed.
    Right now…….Mahathir have started the blame game…focusing on DAP to brain wash Malaysians.
    What can so call powerful Chinese philosophy do with this devilish country…that need to be fought tooth and nail by Freedom Fighters.
    How about talking about China’s Boxers period…or how Mao got rid of corruptions and paved the way for Teng to make what China is today.
    I hate racists and anyone trying to promote how great his forefathers are in this corrupted country that have ONE for decades trying to disunite….to divide and rule.
    All Malaysia Chinese better declare they are Malaysian First ..and Chinese Second….and if one wants to talk how great China is…I ask him to study deeper that China also stole alot of ideas from other countries..especially from India and from the old races in Middle East….all wiped out by racists.


  16. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 11:46:33

    Dear Rhan

    This is why PR must reassure the Malays that
    their special rights (as stated in the Constitution) will be respected;
    that affirmative action for the poor of all races will also benefit the
    poor Malays of Terengganu, Johor, Kedah etc; that a Govt that treats all Malaysians the same (with the exception of affirmative action for the poor of all races and special Constitutional rights for Malays and Orang Asli) is much better than a kleptocracy that enriches the UMNO/MCA/MIC/BN elite while playing irresponsible and divisive racial games.


  17. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:04:10

    China is no doubt a great country that contributed alot of good to mankind way of life.
    So does the Koran and the Bible.
    To me…right now…Chinese is the most disunited race on Earth..but the smartest and most hard working for their great love to fed the families.
    To me..the Malaysian Chinese have learned to think about the country and people more now than before.
    To me…they see the opportunity not to leave Malaysia and fight it out to claim their rights with their lives.
    To me…this augurs well with Malaysian futures…for in local powers ..needs and ways…the Malaysia Chinese are still the builders of Malaysia’s economy and the development of our country.
    To me….Najib is feeling sad so many Malaysian Chinese are self made millionaires…giving no credit to the government.
    To me…the Malaysian Chinese are getting smarter and smarter and have great influences over Muslims ..to be like them.
    To me..Malaysian Chinese is no more a selfish race in Malaysia…ever willing to teach others how to succeed..for their success means greater success for the teachers.
    To me…this frightens UMNO B race and religion dirty politics…and Najib is caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea …….how to find new ways to fool Malaysians….for UMNO B can never change.
    It is too corrupted and committed to corruptions to succeed…besides continuing..how to divide and rule.
    UMNO B can never change.
    It is Malaysians that …especially the Malaysian Chinese to change a wipe out racists…and to start off….I hope no one keep telling how great China is…when the truth and focus how to unite all Malalysians as one mighty race.


  18. Dr Hsu
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:22:13

    That is why we need to stress on giving afirmative action to the poor, regardless of race. The Ramly Burger sellers in Sea Park told me that they are also fed up with the corrupt ways of ex-MB, and that they would support opposition just to teach these scums a lesson. Go and talk to them, they are ordinary small traders working hard to earn a living, and talk to them they will tell you how it is getting more difficult to survive now..

    I see this more of an urban rural divide. Indians in estates have gone back to BN, but not the Indians in KL or PJ. Talk to them and you know how they feel. That is why the BIg Brother needs all the small Indian parties to split votes.

    The younger Malay Crowd, especially in KL PJ and Part of Selangor, are ery modern and liberal.

    Inside UMNO and PAS, there are factions which are extreme and there are factions which are moderate. If they really adopt policies similar to What South Africa had endured, be assured that there will be a realignemnt of forces, and extreme rules cannot last long.

    That is why the immediate danger is that there is a subtle move to indoctrinate the young. By making hsitory a compulsory subject, and by making history His-Story, a group of extremists is trying to systematically indoctrinate the young minds , and to divide them like what BTN did to the civil service. This is dangerous and I spoke on this inside the party as well as my radio interview in DurianFM.

    There are 4.6 millions young unregistered voters at the last count. Many of these are urban voters. Please spread the words and ask them to register.

    Globalisation will lead to more and more people turning to the internet. the internet crowd will be the ones that will be fairer and more liberal in thinking. So even if the government goes very extreme, and adopt exreme policies, this will only hasten their demise, looking at what is happening in Middle East.

    You cannot marginalise 30 over% (Chinese and Indian combined) of populations and not causing harm to the nation’s economy..if you do that, economy will suffer, and everyone suffers not just the Chinese and Indians..

    What is important is not to stress on race, but on social strata. Spread the word using my example of race A, B, C in one of my last post and which I spoke on radio.

    we must stress on the mertis of a 2 party system. With better check and balance. With 2 sides more or less equal, we will have less abuses; spread this message and not let the BN sales pitch distracts us.


  19. Rhan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:23:21

    Phua, your reply is fair, so who play a pivotal role in PR to do what you had narrated? Not rely on A Malay Anwar or a Muslim Tok Guru right? What DAP is going to do to make them appear to be more inclusive? If they fail to do so, what Chinese in this blog shall do?

    PS/ Sorry Hsu, i use nick ‘Rhan’ and not HY in your blog. Please delete the previous post if necessary.


  20. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:24:56

    What is happening in Malaysia is that the Chinese Schools do offer better education systems.
    And so many Malaysian Chinese are so well educated in Mandarin and China’s history by reading lots of Chinese history…found in book shops.
    They forgot…almost all are translated into English language too and so the once ignorant English educated are as good as Chinese educated in China’s history….but the English educated goes beyond in their researches and learn more..besides depending on Chinese books only.
    The pitiful part in Malaysia…the Malaysian Indians are so backwards…still struggling for daily bread for the families…they know their great history but cannot speak out…as low wage earners are supposed to take orders and shut up.


  21. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:39:16

    Malaysian Chinese in this blog will do as the have done in 12th GE…to have faith in a free Malaysia by not talking cock and bull….or be a smart ass to know how to talk and do not do anything good for Malaysia or teach Malaysians how to vote change of government and why.
    No doubt Anwar and Tok Guru need a lot of support from DAP…as these two are doing the most difficult job..to change mindsets and mentalities…to be Malaysians and not Malays.
    It seems DAP have done it well with Malaysian Chinese voters…as MCA and Gerakan have proven to be are puppets to UMNO B….no more…..no less.
    DAP is not a Malaysian Chinese party. Get that into your head!!
    And it will stick through thick and thin with keDAILan and PAS…for DAP wants to fulfilled their promises to Malaysians…for a Malaysian Malaysia.
    Stop trying to look at all the weaknesses of PR and forget totally of BN…corruptions and lots of nonsense. and dirty politics….applied.


  22. Rhan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:40:44


    Nobody is talking about China la. My point is you could be 100% right but still lose a perception war. English and Chinese educated is not the issue, merely read and know, but don’t understand history is the issue.


  23. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:53:01

    Rhan…You keep promoting how great Chinese philosophy is.
    Go read your 19th 10.244.44 comment. ..and almost all your past comments keep hero worshiping China this and that greatness.
    You stop bring China’s greatness into Malaysia and I will stop proving you are a dumbbell.


  24. Dr Hsu
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:04:27

    Pls read this analysis in malaysiakini. Not just Chinese votes swing, but a significant % of indigenous votes too


    By the way, malaysiakini is free to read these few days , so you dont need to log on.


  25. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:10:27

    It is easy to so many smart asses to teach PR politicians what to do….or so smart to pin point their weaknesses.
    Yes…smart assess talk cock after an election…or loose a perceived war…due to short sightedness?
    Rhan is a gas bag.. teaching PR what to do…yet he does nothing to help.
    Doc is right..concentrate on merits and 2 part system and forget race issues.
    But if Rhan keep talking about how great China is…I will keep F- ing him.
    To me…it is people like Rhan that do not contribute anything to unite all Malaysians….just keep finding faults …doing nothing.
    It is still FOR or AGAINST…until 13th GE.
    Meanwhile….to talk like Doc. Hsu …is another way to unite Malaysians..and indirectly…Doc is saying change the government to complete the mission of hope…as what he wrote….UMNO B will never support in wholeheartedly..but playing dirty politics…you may get Najib and DPM agree.
    So we know…the government cannot and will not change.
    What shall we do?
    Sit and talk cock with Rhan…to pass the time?


  26. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:16:59

    OK…Rhan….I quote you…
    “My point is you could be 100% right but still lose a perception war”…unquote.
    Give readers your great ideas how not to loose it…and not tell me this or that jargons.


  27. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:26:50

    After lunch time…I look forward to Rhan’s respond.


  28. Dr Hsu
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:36:16

    dear readers,
    Please do not attack each others, just argue over issues and exchange viewpoints, do not label and profile anyone..


  29. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:46:54

    OK… Doc noted and I apologized to Rhan labeling him.
    I am still waiting for his respond.


  30. A true Malaysian
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 15:43:33


    “everyone agree it is justified for Chinese to vote opposition”
    – I pleasantly surprised that you agree with me, thank you

    “we don’t need to stress that again and again”
    – We really need to do that again and again, especially to those ‘indoctrinated’ BN members, so that if we sim them next time into river, pull them out, they might say ‘Pakatan’ instead of ‘Big Brother’ or ‘BN’.

    “but please remind ourselves politic is a compromise game,”
    – compromise we can or we should, but not on principles and ‘TRUST’ matters. This is what MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SUPP never learned. But, on the other hand, why the nons need to compromise with Umno? Malaysia is not belongs to Umno but to Malay, Chinese, India, Iban, Kadazan, Penan, Orang Asli, Orang Ulu, Melanau, etc, etc.

    “so what shall we do next from a Chinese perspective?”
    – Keep voting for Pakatan, that’s all until Umno and BN acknowledge their breach of ‘TRUST’, reform themselves.

    “FYI, Chinese and Chinese philosophy is about middle way and balance, what if we are no more balance?”
    – Yes, agree, Chinese is still in ‘middle way’, not those in Umno / BN. They are the ones causing the imbalances. The grandfather is the main cause, yet he claimed otherwise. The BN dacing is no more balance, did your realise that?


  31. beh tahan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 17:06:46

    Good lesson in general view of Malaysia.Help the unfortunate poor,least informed and especially the indoctrinated society to Ubah.


  32. Rhan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 17:53:57


    Listen! I repeat again I am not talking about China. Middle way and balance are Chinese (Chinese Malaysian just in case you don’t know the difference between nationality and race) core values, ask Hsu if you don’t know or start doing some reading, it is not a bad habit to take on. And I never say middle way and balance is great, unless you have reading deficiency and needs me to explain this multiple times. Regrettably, I’m also not qualified to tell a freedom fighter like you any great idea as I am mediocre in concept of vulgarity and name calling, to do that, we may require professional with psychiatric training. Shall I apologies in advance for my comment so I can become ruder the next round? How many times you want to apologies before I can engage you in a proper manner? Now go learn from the kindergarten kid what civility is.


    “I pleasantly surprised that you agree with me, thank you”
    -Is okay, my brain did slow down once a while.

    “We really need to do that again and again, especially to those ‘indoctrinated’ BN members, so that if we sim them next time into river, pull them out, they might say ‘Pakatan’ instead of ‘Big Brother’ or ‘BN’.”
    -Fine with me.

    “compromise we can or we should, but not on principles and ‘TRUST’ matters. This is what …..”
    -Not that black and white, allow some shade of gray, sometimes you need doctor but sometimes you need lawyer.

    “Keep voting for Pakatan, that’s all until Umno and BN acknowledge their breach of ‘TRUST’, reform themselves.”
    -Fine with me as well.

    “Yes, agree, Chinese is still in ‘middle way’, not those in Umno / BN. They are the ones causing the imbalances……”
    -Balance and middle way in PR equally important. The indoctrination will be less effective if they do it right most of the time.


  33. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 22:19:50

    Out of respect to Doc….I apologised to you…and if you think I need to go back to kindergarten and you march forward with your life to success…you are making my toes laughing…but never mind…guys do love to show how wise they are with no solutions to the problems.
    Talk Middle Way to Mahathir and Najib?
    Najib declared war to all who does not support his leadership…and call YOU a traitor…yet you want to talk middle way to him?
    I wonder why some smart Malaysians are so cultures and refine to a band of robbers and thieves…calling him traitor….stealing with no fear.
    Anyway….this kindergarten student have spoken.
    Let the wise ones teach everyone their problems without solutions.


  34. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 22:33:16

    I know much more about “Middle Way” from the Chinese much more than you try to brag you know.
    I have seen thousands practicing “Middle Way”…but if you are selfish….it becomes….”kaki ku kaki” or “take care of your own benefits and self..and offend no one”…so bloody selfish.
    I study one from his writings….and you are far far apart from Doc. Hsu…although both love Chinese History.


  35. monsterball
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 22:50:04

    Doc cures all with no politics inside his heart to differentiate who he is curing.
    It does not matter if that sick person is an ultra or a crook or a honest person.
    His profession is to cure the sick coming to his clinic.
    A lawyer is to defend anyone….until proven guilty….but sometimes the lawyer can conclude his client is guilty…yet he will still defend him….as that is sworn oath to do it.
    A good doctor compared to a good lawyer…is like comparing apple to an orange…..totally different….yet some advise Doc. Hsu to be like a lawyer.
    Our good doctor cares the country and people…and he speaks like a doctor for a cure all medicine.
    Being above 50 years of age….his opinions counts.
    But if you read few others trying to agree and disagree with Doc..you know one or two are bragging.
    And that to me…is a problem to no solutions to the real problems.. we are facing.


  36. beh tahan
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 23:11:02

    The indoctrinated ones..mMm.. sounds funny,not right and scary to me especially the ones in bolehland.I will never prefer those indoctrinated ones.See how they address themselves as ketuanan FOC(without capital,effort n merit) to nation wide higher education aid and entry,government billions contracts,APs and lots of lucrative deals.No more indoctrinated or cultivated racist and corrupted buggers!


  37. Rhan
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 00:31:25


    See, even apology lack sincerity, what la you.

    No matter how logic is some contention, we must not forget the reality that Umno and PBB has been in power for a very long time, what is the psyche that could convince some people who live under extreme poverty to give their vote again and again to the same party? You may not like Mahathir but no one could deny his sharp mind that could grasp every opportunity to exert his fact manipulation. Ask around and see if Chinese is as excited as in 308 pertaining to Sarawak election result? We step forward and look around, both left and right is unexpectedly empty, you pal don’t move along at the same pace. And please read how hard our alternative media outlet trying to defend such discomfort.

    The middle way and balance I’m talking about is DAP should not lead, you get nowhere by doing this unless you are able to initiate a rebranding exercise. “棒打出头鸟” – the star performer often be the first that being whacked, however in our case, it is the pal that facing the daunting task ahead. You not only require to do things right, you must also do right things that could enhance your chance of winning, as a coalition and not on your own. So you are not totally wrong and still get it right on some occasion when you say …so bloody selfish.


  38. beh tahan
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 01:22:09

    So shameful for a pal to do the repeated daunting task as donkey(monkey see,monkey does) but yet to claim self-pride or ego and so much dignity to be reckoned with..hmmm.A man with no pride in him will always talk bull and cock but no substance.Always talk cock but when confronted by so called..sadist master,no balls and ever expandable cock to show but butt obviously.Ha..ha..ha..


  39. Dr Hsu
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 07:49:02

    hey, just to remind that this blog has a policy of no personal attack, no foul language, no name labelling. Discussion should be done by giving your side of views and let others make up their minds.


  40. monsterball
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 08:40:50

    Cool it “beh tahan”
    Let him talk through his nose.


  41. monsterball
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 08:53:35

    I was waiting for him to give me a sign…and that was it.. ….he admires Mahathir!!
    That doctor does not cure. He kills…..but then I am a kindergarten student. What do I know.


  42. beh tahan
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 10:25:40

    One should not only do right things to enhance one’s chance of winning favour from the coalition to enrich one and the coalition.The highest selfish being.Due to that selfish effect and worst of all Greed,rakyat in general is always rendered poor and subjected to abuse of rights and freedom.What do we have after all these over 5 decades;racial disharmony,undemocratic policies,wastage of resources,back ward pedalling nation(economy,education,competitiveness) and you name them(negative ones),you got them right under you nose.


  43. Rhan
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 11:13:08


    Hmmm….interesting. You continuously, unsurprisingly, persistently miss the point and fervently, incorrectly and unreasonably talk out of context. You lack capacity to relate issue on discussion and can’t rebut my thesis, you have to resort to personal attack and name calling to avoid embarrassment, and grasp beh taham ball to inflate your tiny one. Pity.


  44. monsterball
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 12:54:34

    hhhhmmmmm…Rhan writes thesis..in this blog.
    Somebody should write sonnets.
    “beh tahan” has a mind of his own.
    Rhan sounds like a self made Professor.
    There is one in LKS blog…now no more bragging.
    There was one in Susan Loone’s blog…way back when…now lost in the woods.
    Rhan was lost for months.
    Colleges completed their assignments.
    Rhan waiting for results.
    Sure fail..as only subject he is good at…not recognized to get a degree.
    Me?….no balls .no brain…so said Rhan…but I am glad Rhan thinks “beh tahan” brain is better than mine.
    Once I asked a smart one..how many shots of sperms have man got…before all used up.
    You think Rhan is smart enough to know the answer?
    And besides China history….what else does he know?…….NOTHING!!


  45. Dr Hsu
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 13:17:20

    Rhan and monsterball, let’s call it a day on this topic. No more attacking each other.

    Let us spend time on more fruitful things instead of name calling.


  46. Rhan
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 09:11:08

    Hsu, we are mature enough to know what is going on, a little bit of slur confined to personal basis is merely to entertain each other for the sake of fun. At a time when popularity of live circus show is shrinking, some of the circus performer need a new platform to continue entertains the crowd, you can’t be over parsimonious with your benevolence. As long as we restrain ourselves and not abuse the freedom by going overboard into insulting race, culture and religion, I hope you would spare us the space for some amusing and comical exchange. And to be fair, monsterball is pretty insightful with some of his comment, he is perfectly right when he said English educated horde have a broader view pertaining to China history due to their exposure to diverse reading material, though I don’t think he is one of them.

    The reason I wrote the above is because I am rather perplex why your blog don’t attract much dissenting view, I guess you lack inclusiveness to write issue from a wider perspective, this is of course not a matter of judgment with regards to right and wrong, however as you already choose to become less political by quitting Gerakan, I think you are in a better position to share your opinion in a non partisan manner for the goods of our nation. Divide faction at both ends needs continuous constructive criticism from intellectual that is sensible, astute and open minded, and this is more applicable to one that are with good and candid writing skill. 嚴以待己﹐寬以待人.

    An interesting piece from Malaysiakini reader’s letter http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/162047


  47. monsterball
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:11:30

    butaninama….anak si bukau.
    Who cares about China this…China that.
    Does it make one real smart…mastering China history alone?
    Anyway Doc..I am back here not to disturb other post to inform you…Romerz have closed his blog…due to his boss…his uncle’s objections.
    His uncle feels…he is endangering his family…his wife.
    Thought you like to know.
    To me…this is sad news as Romerz is doing great services to Penang folks.
    butaninama…Rhan ingaporinga…chetapok na…vamoos….get lost.
    Add few Mandarin words..out come more of my International rojak for him.
    Next one will be Javanese dialect.


  48. monsterball
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:22:12

    hi anaksibukau…go to main post and comment on Chua Soi Lek la.
    And don’t forget to note..I have been praised..which is not the first time really.
    Who is praising you?
    I mean next one in Javanese…when I am in the mood.
    And then…in one of the oldest language..Sangskrit…older language than Mandarin.
    “Minggat kowe”..You know what that mean in Java language?
    Later Nippongo also coming.


  49. beh tahan
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:44:37

    Leave him alone la..like anjing menyalak bukit..bark without facing the reality and consequences of his blindness and disturbing damages to the peacefulness of his community.Like Dr Hsu said “don’t waste time on unfruitful things instead of barking with siau kau.I agree with you doc but somehow someone love to be spanked hard by ‘tak tahan’ already individuals.I’ll like to retire earlier on this topic.God bless and straighten its creative soul and mind.


  50. Dr Hsu
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:45:18

    sad to hear romerz is closing his blog. But i can understand his predicament.


  51. Rhan
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 10:53:23


    “butaninama….anak si bukau.” – Name calling again, bad.

    “Who cares about China this…China that.” – Reread and pray tell who brought up China first?

    “Does it make one real smart…mastering China history alone?” – Of course no, but we are not on a test who is smarter.

    “Anyway Doc..I am back here not to disturb other post to inform you” – Your next post tell otherwise.

    “butaninama…Rhan ingaporinga…chetapok na…vamoos….get lost.” – Hehe, name calling again, and want me to get lost, sign of incapacity.

    “Add few Mandarin words” – In Malaysia, Mandarin is the mother language for the Chinese, I can add as much as I want to. I hope you have no problem with that.

    “hi anaksibukau…go to main post and comment on Chua Soi Lek la.” – Irrelevant to our ‘discussion’ here, if you do grasp what is the topic of our discussion in the first place. I don’t comment much on CSL since OTK is out, MCA and CSL is similar to much of what you had written here, irrelevant. Another reason is everyone knows your mother is woman so no point to comment.

    “And don’t forget to note..I have been praised..which is not the first time really.” – That is nice, but I hope you could differentiate literal and sarcastic.

    “Who is praising you?” – Hehe, I am comfortable with what I did, having fun, I don’t need praise.

    “I mean next one in Javanese…when I am in the mood.” – Well, please go ahead but for your information, I am using Hanzi, not in Romanize alphabetic okay? For instance, 为老不尊,该打屁股 not weilaobuzun gaidapiku.

    “And then…in one of the oldest language..Sangskrit…older language than Mandarin.” – It’s Sanskrit. Respect a bit to one of the oldest language la. To be exact, shall be Vedic Sanskrit. Sorry I don’t know Sanskrit.

    “Minggat kowe”..You know what that mean in Java language? Later Nippongo also coming.” – Sorry again I can’t help you on this. I know BM, English, Mandarin (Hanzi) and , that is all, btw, why I want to know Java language? I am in Malaysia not in Java.

    PS/ I am wondering if you verify the fact of what you had written here or get romerz consent with the reveal? I think this is much a personal matter and not ethically right to tell as such in a blog that open to public reading. Anyway, I could be wrong.

    PS// I respond to those that have brain, and have fun with one that have tiny brain but I don’t entertain one with no brain. However, I don’t mind if she wish to trail along like what my Shih Tzu name Bear Bear did. Bear Bear, Bear Bear, sit and don’t bark, good gal. Of course I hope she keep her words to retire from this thread, but don’t hold your breath.


  52. beh tahan
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 15:36:14

    //“Who is praising you?” – Hehe, I am comfortable with what I did, having fun, I don’t need praise.//
    Having what own fun?Kaki Io lam phah?Pervert!Deserved no praise anyway.Ha ha.The other fact is,someone got monsterly huge praises and well respected in LKS and other blogs.Seeing is believing!
    What.. Shih Tzu with Bear Bear?Oh my..thought i’ve been talking to a gentleman all this while instead of queer with cute Bear Bear.My Doberman Big Big should be able to give Bear Bear some stimulation.It doesn’t mind if the owner of Bear Bear will join too.You’ll be out of breath with Big Big.


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