The Malaysian Syndrome

The Puduraya Bus station, hardly a month old, was reported to have leaking problems. Photos were posted on facebook about the wet floors and  tongs used to contain water from the leaking ceilings.

(courtesy of

Had this thing happened in the 70s, or 60s, there would be a big media play and there would be an investigation as to how this could happen with tax-payers money.

But Malaysia has come such a long way down the slope that it was only reported in the metro section of Sinchew, not even in National news.

People have got so used to and become numb to reports of such kinds. It would indeed be a miracle if any new government buildings can function without a hitch.

All these leaking ceilings, raining Parliament, collapsing stadiums and nonfunctioning monorails   and so on are  symptoms of a disease which has become ubiquitous in our every day lives.

Things built with public money are expected to go wrong because of:

1. lack of proper supervision in building

2. Low grad materials being used at perhaps high grade prices

3. leakages along the way  at every level

4. tidak apa attitude at every level of construction.

5. loss of pride in doing jobs resulting in failure of going the extra mile/extra step

Just like the Japanese who have developed a culture of helping each others and be orderly even in the worst of circumstances, we Malaysians have also developed a culture of ‘mesti silap’ attitude, taking the ‘tidak apa’ attitude a level higher.

I really admire Malaysians’ tolerance of all these sorts of nonsense.

As a result of attaining this culture,  even with all these flaws  there would be no official investigations of why these things happened.

For those Malaysians who are more prudent like me, it would actually be wise to wait for a few weeks before using anything that is built with public money, for it would be the rare ones that can actually function without any flaws..

I used to call this  the man-hole syndrome, and I have written an article on this in MI ( readers who have not read  the article can read it here). Now I think it deserves a bigger and grander name — The  Malaysian Syndrome.


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  1. klm
    May 13, 2011 @ 12:04:04

    Imagine if this were a nuclear plant? Brrr! I just cannot start to imagine.
    What about the Bakun Dam? It cannot be better than this Pudu Raya Bus Station. No way, not with this Malaysian Syndrome.


  2. Dr Hsu
    May 13, 2011 @ 12:27:20

    This Malaysian Syndrome has also affected the private sectors as well–even the international fast food chains in Malaysia are not immune.

    I have not eaten M fast-food locally for some time, but because I wanted to see how the free Coke glass looks like (there is a promotion now), I went twice recently to buy 2 set of Coke-glass meals on each occasion. On both occasions, there were missing items.

    On the first occasion, only one sundae was given for the 2 sets I purchased. On the second occasions, no spoons were given for the sundae, and fries were missing when the plastic bags were handed to me.

    On both occasions, I have to point out the mistakes before the missing items were given to me.

    This must be the only M chain in the world with this type of ‘tidak apa’ or rather “mesti silap” attitude, since i have eaten M in almost every country i visited , and I have so far never encountered this sort of mistake before.

    Even just few years ago, this chain in Malaysia would not make this type of mistake. See how far we have gone down the slope? Soon we will reach the center of the Earth.


  3. observant
    May 13, 2011 @ 13:28:58

    ‘In search of excellence’ replaced by ‘Maintain our mediocrity’ and hopefully we wont end up being ‘Not worser than worst’


  4. Kenny
    May 13, 2011 @ 14:40:42

    Economic conditions are challenging, the economy is uncompetitive, real incomes are declining, education standards are low, skilled people are leaving, corruption is devastating the country but instead of tackling these challenges our leaders seem to be fixated with sex, sodomy and unnecessary race and religious issues like who can use the word ‘Allah’. All these are poverty causing acts. We have a good chance of becoming a maid exporting country in 10 years time. One day we will hear of Malaysian maids abused in Jakarta or Singapore.


  5. CYC
    May 13, 2011 @ 14:51:22

    Read the recent world bank report on Malaysia’s economy syndrome, you will be amazed how on earth our thick face politicians still perceived we are on right track to achieve vision 2020. We are allowing a few thieves SAPU all the nation’s wealth under broad daylight and tolerated with agony. How stupid are we!

    CSL & KTK, wtf u r doing and denying , go and jump down from twin towers lah. Disgraceful and disgusted bastards.


  6. Msian
    May 13, 2011 @ 16:59:39

    And we are supposed to be convince and reassured that the rare earth plant will be safe and there won’t be any accidents, no cracks, no leaks, etc. God save Malaysia and Kuantan especially.


  7. petestop
    May 13, 2011 @ 17:16:34

    Those Coke glasses really nice, wish I had bought more 😉

    Culture of mediocrity. As a employer, I really shake my head at the
    quality of most of the graduates that applied for position in our companies.

    Even worse in the recession years, when you get hundreds of resumes,
    of which 75% you can immediately throw into the bin.

    What is the point of churning out graduates who is unemployable ?

    That is why you see Engineering graduates working as Technician,
    even that already consider give face liao.


  8. CYC
    May 13, 2011 @ 17:21:30

    Malaysia is 1st world by the cover and 3rd world in substance, with 9th grade ministers and f grade civil servants and wtf grade judiciary.

    While the roads are full of pot holes, we are talking about new highways and MRT that beat any other similar structures in cost but not quality. WE like to shout BOLEH but inside we are BODOH.

    Gelakan is one stupid and useless party where the chief still searching for the causes of it being abandoned during 308 after 3 years. But he holds a PhD, conferred by university from USA. Its either the university is low standard or he cheated his way out. Another self proclaimed Chinese party still shamefully thought they actually representing the Chinese community when the Chinese already dumped them long ago. They represents only those moral decayed naked men and our dogs who barked for foods.


  9. monsterball
    May 13, 2011 @ 17:45:46

    Never in the history of Malaysia have become so low and rotten under any past PMs….until Najib took over..
    The rot started 30 yeas ago under the banner of UMNO B…when Mahathir encourged corruptions…race and religion dirty politics.
    Najib have brought the rotten sickening leadership to a new height.
    Leaks like that..should be headline news in all papers.
    Doing a broad hint…..corruptions more important that responsibilities….and that will make BN looses more votes.
    That woun’t do….and the rot extended to all medias…making our country…a rotten country…ten times over.
    But our UMNO B Ministers are specialists to find faults with others and ignore all the real faults commited by them.
    To them…elections have always been a show …as they are so used to winning…..until the 12th GE..changed the whole show.
    Now they are living in fool’s dreams….false dreams….fake dreams….fantasy dreams…that the own Malaysia and continue to do as they like.
    The only problem for them is….their dreams are no more gathering more suckers and fools they expected.
    Multi million building…leaked at first month?
    Does Najib have any decency to be a responsible leader and act accordingly…or is he..a Show vast majority Malaysians suspect he is.
    If he is a Show Dog….than you cannot expect any decency from him…or be responsible like leader.
    If he is a Show Dog…then….expect only political shows from him….day in day out only.


  10. monsterball
    May 13, 2011 @ 17:59:58

    As long as any project worth billions…all must be approved by Najib.
    Fortunately….they do not have the 2/3 majority and therefore he dares not bring all projects to Parliament for approval…to practice true democracy.
    It is now..bulldozzing all be approved.
    Najib is so desperate to raise billions to buy and bribe voters.
    Without that….his 13th GE will be a failure….”no money no talk ” from his supporters.
    Yes….his Govt. have no money all have been stolen through huge over priced projects….yet UMNO B needs more to buy votes.
    Since Najib took over from Dollah…this country is heading to the gutters.
    And Najib is the biggest liar..hypocrite and flip flopper PM in the history of all PMs.
    I pray Tunku will help to end his “RAHMAN” legacy with the end of Najib at 13th GE.


  11. monsterball
    May 13, 2011 @ 22:45:18

    He was never an elected PM.
    He was norminated PM by his party.
    UMNO B king pins are real hypocrites and crooks.
    All know Najib is not qualified to be a PM at all.
    All kept quiet. All are corrupted….dare not oppose or reject…..all are multi millionaires….all shut up…depending on the ideas of the biggest crook.
    First..get rid of Tunku and his UMNO.
    That is the most unkindest act of ungratefulness towards the Father of Malaysia.
    If they can do that to Tunku…who are we to this band of robbers and thieves.


  12. Mike
    May 13, 2011 @ 23:43:01

    This is inevitable.
    Consider a 10 million ringgit project which was sub-sub-sub…contracted out to so many “contractors” and finally the actual contractor who did the work finally gotten RM 1 million to finish up the job.
    I guess we all have to thank the Mamak for this .


  13. beh tahan
    May 13, 2011 @ 23:44:46

    We have to replace this ‘no more-comment’ government to change the mindset of these ‘tidak apa’ ‘tak peduli’ ‘sama-sama ma-tak pa la’ ‘whatever la’ kind of mentality.Time wait for no this kind of man.Umno’ way is due passsed all the way behind.


  14. iamyuanwu
    May 14, 2011 @ 01:08:04

    Old Horse planted the rotten seed. During his time, through his sheer OCD-ness… he managed to keep the rot from public view.

    Now, with less capable leaders… the rot is at full glory. Everyone can see it.
    It’s like Proton’s windows. It’s became a ‘feature’ of the car… probably even a unique selling point.


  15. KeyStone
    May 14, 2011 @ 05:28:19

    Dr Hsu, you worry many things about goodness of Malaysia, this is true patriotism. The problems you have highlited are all caused by lack of accountability in the governance of the governmental, civil, and social systems. Malaysia is ruled by power, not ruled by law. Power is the attribute of evilness as power corrupts. Although Malaysia has a democratic system, the ruling process is actually feudalism which is based on individual power, group power without regards to ethics. All the events unfolding as reported in Malaysian newspapers is the outcome of power in the play. It is imaginable if ordinary people like us show a porn video on any BN politician, we will be beaten to death in a hold up, even in our own home. History shows that it is always tough to change from ruled by power to ruled by law. Look at the Arab region now, very chaotic. Then we have to ask ourselves, how and when did we changed from ruled by law to ruled by power? The next general election is not about BN or PKR, it is about voting for this change from ruled by power to ruled by law, even if it is Sharia law.


  16. disgusted
    May 14, 2011 @ 14:06:40

    Monster ball is correct. I totally agree with him Never in our history has politics ben so filthy and mud-raking, an understatement. No maturity, now wisdom but a bankrupt leadership governing on stupidity and hard fist. Power desperate and greed.


  17. Li Li Fa
    May 14, 2011 @ 19:36:57

    Dr. Hsu,
    Very true indeed! Leakages have had occured in many government buildings, including the new court house, government hospitals, ministries and even the Parliament.

    Perhaps a bureau of leakages should be set up too, to plug these leakages. Hopefully all’s well that ends well!


  18. manaman
    May 14, 2011 @ 20:20:39

    Good idea, set up a govt bureau to deal w leakages, cracks, other defects of govt buildings (new n old)


  19. Aming
    May 14, 2011 @ 21:00:24


    The reasons postulated by your goodself have one major under-lying cause, i.e., cronyism. The main contractor for such a job is invariably one well-linked to the powers that be, and the hands-on sub-sub-sub… contractor is normally an Ah Beng who is given the rock-bottom price to do the job after the lion shares are sheared off by the sub and sub-sub… in between. What is even worse is that progress payments to Ah Beng are always delayed to suit the lavish spendings of the main and sub sub.

    But Ah Beng is a very clever man. He would cut corners everywhere, from pilings to roofs, in both workmanship and material, which eventually add up to some decent profits.

    That is the sad truth of why there so many sand castles are built to the peril of whoever happens to find themselves inside.



  20. monsterball
    May 14, 2011 @ 22:48:23

    The main problem for the roof leakage like the past few multi million building leakages has always been…poor quality control and substandard material used.
    And the reason why it keep repeating…are crooks focussing on kickbacks…commission..what price to mark up to share the millions amongst satisfied crooks…with end results…building grossly overpriced to build….OK…”willing buyer…willing seller”…applied..where got corruptions?
    And this logic is applicable to Malaysia only….with laws set up to protect all ripped off by them… into lawful and honest deals. They do not mind you call them idiots…for buying things grossly overpriced.
    I said in the past…UMNO B engineers do not know tensile strength and tropicalised materials to be used…especially sealants and the said materials?
    Sure they do….but what is their share of the kickbacks is most important to them.
    That’s why….UMNO B is corrupted to the core.
    All they look for is cheap stuffs to complete the job…..OR….these UMNO B crooks squeezed all the profits away from the poor unknown subcontrators..who are the real builders..forcing these said builders to use substandard materials.
    In China…the laws are very strict.
    Anyone found to cheat the buyer…will be prosecuted…charged and jailed..even hanged.
    Here…our buyer…the Government are real nice fellas..anyone can cheat them…no problem.
    That seems to be the picture Malaysians are getting at the back of their heads.
    But Malaysians are getting smarter and smarter.
    The old styles how to fool Malaysians will not work anymore.
    Now is bulldozzing…to continue their usual corrupted acts.
    It is a third stage incurabe disease.
    Only way…is to throw them out in 13th GE.


  21. monsterball
    May 15, 2011 @ 12:11:07

    Now Perkasa ….Ibrahim Ali..want to have a crusade with the Christains.
    Go and read his speech at Malaysakini.
    It is so provoking…and uncalled for…yet police does not act nor is Najib too. Don’t forget…Mahathir is the Chairman or Patron?
    Day in day out…Najib proven useless but under his PMship…we witness politics at the dirtiest and low class.


  22. mmc
    May 15, 2011 @ 16:35:59

    any project that is within budget and timeline is not a BN project.

    a simple upgrading furnicular train upgrading cost RM73m now, almost double of the original cost. And it stopped working after one week.

    This is small change compared to PKfz SCANDAL OF RM12B!

    The only way to have a complete change in behaviour and mindset is to kick out BN in the next election. And we must completely send UMNO’s partner in crime, MCA to oblivion. Nothing less. So what, if there is no chinese representation as threaten by the bankrupt and corrupt politicans from MCA. If representations mean more corrupt projects, take a hike MCA.


  23. klm
    May 15, 2011 @ 17:14:54

    My youngest daughter, a newly minted master in industrial engineering (13th May), is joining the brain drain. She had been planning this since secondary school. In those day, her Malay classmates were plucked from school and sent to matriculation class and then to universities overseas. In those days, it was almost impossible for non-Malay to get any scholarships. With the impression of this discrimination, she and many of her classmates were already planning to move away one day. She and her generation are now graduating with the Masters and PhD in overseas university. And this is how many of them feel about Malaysia.

    I wonder what the Talent Corp can do to revert this deep rooted feeling. Probably nothing.


  24. monsterball
    May 16, 2011 @ 02:03:20

    Congratulation to klm for a talented daughter.
    Lets hope many feel there is no place like day.
    Right now…even Doc’s talented sons prefer to stay overseas.
    I hope some of the reasons are getting employmentship with no discrimantions and salary is good enough to be self supporting…or work few years overseas to get more experiences..then come home later.
    Many children do that too…including mine and do return home finding huge non political companies …like finance institutions….manufacturing sectors do employ with no discrimantions. They want the best for paying best salaries too.
    I think many do miss Malaysia good living…ignoring politics and keep voting for a change of government…with hopes that one day it will come true.
    And the hope is there…seen at 12th GE.
    Upfront…is getting a job…that matters most and many parents are finding their children not like the chidren they themselves used to be.
    They do become rebelous and argumentative children.
    One young commentator said he/she will work overseas exactly like what klm said…and added he/she will return when we fight and get freedom.
    That is the most selfish well educated young commentator to have the cheek to tell others do the dirty job for him/her.
    One day…I hope all will come home to fight for their rights and stop making all sorts of excuses to work overseas.
    While many DO enjoy good life and salaries being treated well and respected by their adopted countries like Australia and Britain…with citizenship thrown in..not all are that happy living overseas too.
    They do come home sweet home.. to vote at GE.. faithfully.
    I am proud that my 4 children with degrees stayed put in Malaysia..and my youngest 18 year old daughter told me she will complete her Universitry studies for a Finance Degree locally.
    She just completed her matriculation locally…and passed.
    She is giving tutions to wild away her time for U next year.
    I guess that daughter love her parents too much and understands her future obligations as a voter..which makes me very proud.
    She did get worried over her very old father walking in rallies under torrid rain or hot sun…experincing water cannons and tear gas..firing at me.
    She is trained to fight for her freedom without depending on others..but be united as Malaysians doing the same thing with pride and joy…as a silent powerful voter for a democratics uncorrupted country.
    That does not mean..PR is the solution forever.
    It is up to her to judge ….in every GE…what is best for country and people…and not what is best for herself only.


  25. klm
    May 16, 2011 @ 09:04:01

    What I am trying to say is that there is at least a good 10 years between correcting the situation to a satisfactory reversal of the brain drain. The reasons for not coming home after graduation were created during secondary school. Reversing the brain drain must start young. Until it is done, there will be no change.


  26. Kenny
    May 16, 2011 @ 11:44:33

    klm, the Talent Corp has 2 main strategies to attract back skilled Malaysians working overseas.

    1. Offer a flat tax rate of 15%.
    2. Offer a duty free car

    As you can see, both strategies are laughable. Even if the tax rate is 0% they will still be taking home less. As for a duty free car, they are already enjoying nice cars at real market prices overseas.

    Money is not the only consideration although it is a pull factor. There’s also a push factor in the unbridled racism of BN’s racial policies. Put the pull-push factors together and you have a powerful force for emigration for those disadvantaged by race.

    The Talent Corp should not even think of attracting back overseas Malaysians. Just focus on persuading Malaysians to stay. However their efforts are only half-hearted. Umno does not see the loss as a brain drain, they see it as a trouble drain. Their infantile brains can only see what is directly in front of them. Any indirect or long term effects are beyond their comprehension.


  27. Kenny
    May 16, 2011 @ 12:08:29

    monsterball, I admire your patriotism but as parents you want the best for your children. Stagnant income and rising inflation means that even graduates are struggling nowadays. Just to compare with Australia the minimum wage there like a McDonald waiter is more than what a 3 year experienced graduate can earn in Malaysia even if you make whatever adjustments you want.

    The other factor is the racism. Do you want them to grow up in a country where economic opportunities depend on race, where laws are not applied evenly and racial threats are tolerated?

    Of course your tolerance will depend on what hope you have of changing things. I have seen the structure, the determination and the ruthlessness of the ruling party and I am sorry to say that it is almost impossible to kick them out by democratic elections. It will take a ‘Malaysian Spring’ much like the ‘Arab Spring”.


  28. mmc
    May 16, 2011 @ 13:59:42


    there is no more law here except the law of UMNO.

    UMNO decides everything. If UMNO decides, Perkasa and Ibrahim to continue their tirade against the non-malays, then its perfectly alrite. You try uttering anything sensitive against Ibrahim, the keris-waving minister will come after you within no time. Thats the kind of law you have in this country. Just like many, I am preparing my children to call it quits and look for a new home thats more welcoming.


  29. monsterball
    May 16, 2011 @ 15:54:39

    Then the more so we must stand firm and fight them…and not run away.
    I am not going to argue with anyone who thinks what is best for them..and their families.
    I think UMNO B is making suckers of minorities…and keep bullying..and many are confronting Najib and his Govt. now..with no fear.
    Jusy don’t fall into his traps to create race tensions.
    He is no that powerful as one thinks he vast majority Malaysians want change of Govt.
    So as this time…I think every vote counts….but sad to read and note…all sorts of reasons to stay away.
    50 years of tolorance and sufferings…few simply cannot can take any more.
    But vast majority minorities are poor and when they are poor…they have no choices.
    I am not poor and I admire the poor and helpless.. and tell my children to think of the country and people…as UMNO B have made it a political warfare…not the best man win in elections.
    If we middle class and rich fellas do not fight for the poor and helpless….shall we leave them rot and be worst than now?
    UMNO B do not own Malaysia.
    Why should we give up our beautiful country where the Constitution said all are long as one is a citizen and allow UMNO B to twist and play race and religion politics?
    Like I said…after 12th GE..there are moreso many reasons why we must stay put and fight it out with no fear.
    With this I mean….fight with your opinions and promote and support democracy….which starts with FREEDOM of speeches leading to all sorts of FREEDOMS we are entitled to.


  30. monsterball
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:08:41

    Frankly speaking….those who are so selfish and can give up their homeland to robbers and thieves..are not worth talking to.
    The have made up their minds based on all the reasons to do what they want to do.
    They have the roots the are “Oversea Chinese” and so contibue to be one….be a sort of goblal citizen…like their great grandfathers did…going all over the world.
    So much so…”China Town” established in so many developed countries..makes so many proud….WITHOUT THINKING… is ONLY in Malaysia…the call overseas chinese are recognised and respeced from day one on Independence.
    Soooooooo…..thieves and robbers can chase them out?
    OK la…your life..your calls…but so sad…to read that…hiding the real truth…TOTALLY SELFISH and UNGRATEFUL leave their own race and relations…to fight it out…since they are rich enough to start being “Global citizen” again.
    Anyway…my race…the Malaysian Chinese are wellknown to be very very selfish…end of story.
    To me…that selfishness have made so many idiots too.


  31. TooMuch
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:13:52

    Indeed a very sad state of affair, this Malaysian Syndrome. 50 plus years on nationhood and the cronic disease of corruption, cronism and discrimination continues. Now even latent problems of racialism and religious intolerance gets stirred up when there is a hint of dissatisfaction among the rakyat.
    The people are not really tolerant but perhaps are too numbed and being hampered at all corners to react to all those nonsense because of biased controls that the crooks have put in place. Enforcement agencies are not independent and follows the tune of the wayang kulit masters. The brain drain continues and the answers to why this happens is so obvious. The puppet masters thinks that setting up the so call Talent Corp will attract back the brains? The brains may return when there is real change to the cronic landscape in Malaysia.
    Doc, you can play a bigger role to surgically remove the cronic disease by enlightening more like minded decent Malaysians to stop being indifferent and start the change.


  32. manaman
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:21:31

    Another mishap, seems electric generators at KLIA are all useless when there was a power black out yesterday!


  33. monsterball
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:46:28

    Is this some kind of MCA or Gerakan members trying s hard to fighten all and say no hope..this and that?
    Is this another …to agree and disagree tactics?
    I repeat…Malaysian Chinese was very disunited and selfish.
    Not anymore ….after 12th GE and the inspiring results at Sarawak.
    Leave..go and don’t come back.
    These to me…are the better than UMNO B racists…but UMNO B racists stick together and fight it out.
    My race?…most intelligent…..most hard working…most selfish…..and this apllies to all MCA and Gerakan supporters.
    Their influences have spread to others?
    No sweat….go and be gone forever.
    I and my children dare to lay down our lives to protect our rights..inspired by Mahatma Gandhi to fight for our freedom and rights…those who leave..goodluck..get lost!!


  34. Jong
    May 16, 2011 @ 17:27:52

    This ‘tidak apa’ is a pathological disorder, the result of Blunderland’s two decades of deplorable education system we have Dr M to thank for his ‘Malaysia Boleh’ with emphasis on “ketuanan melayu”, yeah semua pun boleh and that’s what this country is today!

    Look at the secrecy that’s done in allowing Australia’s – Lynas Corpn Ltd to build a plant for storing radio-active wastes on Malaysian soil – Gebeng, while the other a Hong Kong’s – CVM Minerals Ltd to mine rare earth in Ipoh. How could our elected umno MPs and ADUNs be so ‘tidak apa’ and irresponsible, to even defend the setting up of these two plants?

    So economic reasons comes first before Rakyat’s health? – this is shocking! What’s their kickback?
    Is MACC taking steps to investigate Pahang and Perak elected reps? Who cares if the Prime Minister or Menteri Besar-Besar are among them! No one should be above the law!


  35. monsterball
    May 16, 2011 @ 18:02:08

    Yes..keep exposing them with no fear and stay put in Malaysia.
    Right now…Najib is a flip flopper…liar and gas bag.
    Say that 20 years ago about Mahathir….within hours….you are arrested.
    Today… one is frightened to speak their minds 12th GE…is leading our country to a real 2-system government.
    Why leave now…when the going is good?
    I have seen and know all sorts of tactics applied by BN supporters to scare voters.
    Imagine Sarawakians responded to our calls…especially Malaysian Chinese…and here we have Malaysian Chinese planning to migrate…run it whatever term you like.
    What do these people think Sarawak Malaysian Chinese are….FOOLS????
    I was so shameful to be a Malaysian Chinese for decades…not anymore.
    There are always some bad apples.. in every basket.
    Perhaps no balls is the right word..letting others do the dirty job for them.
    Smart asses they are. We are soooooo stupid.
    What religion teaches anyone to be that selfish?
    What do they want?….all devils die off….and enough to stay?
    12th GE is the gateway..the sign to FREEDOM!!
    Are you so blind?
    Greed is UMNO B.
    Selfishness was Malaysian Chinese trademark…no more but for those that are still so…get lost!!


  36. Jong
    May 16, 2011 @ 18:57:06

    The Lhasa-Qinghai Rail – 1956 km long, dubbed an “engineering marvel” – rumbled across the ‘roof of the world’ in July 2006 took 5 years to complete, apparently 3 years ahead of schedule!
    It was no easy feat to build this Lhasa-Qinghai line in a country with 4 seasons, often plagued by extreme cold temperature in high altitude of average 5068 meters above sea-level.

    A friend recently remarked – it makes one wonder how a simple double-tracking KTM ets project took(still on-going!!) so long to complete the 1,500 km north to south of peninisular Malaysia, climatically ‘a tropical paradise’, where no one will die for lack of oxygen unlike extreme working condition on some 550 km track run of frozen earth in Tibet!

    For Blunderland, KTM ets only managed to complete the Ipoh-Seremban sector line that went into service in August 2010 after 8 long years!
    Even before they could fine-tune their service, effective 1 May 2011 the ets fare has already been increased. I was on it last week and it took them 43 mins to deliver the nasi lemak breakfast while the nescafe was practically cold!

    Then they start collecting .20sen for use of KTM Ipoh toilet. Not that I’m complaining but isn’t that part of KTM’s responsibility and service to its passengers for their convenience? Not that it’s toilet is in the best of condition with flies all over!

    Tidak Apa, KTM?


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