Laughing Stock

I was brought up in a family where girl and boys were treated the same. I had a brother and a sister, myself being the youngest of the three siblings. My sister was treated in fact more special than the 2 boys; she was the only one who was sent for piano lessons perhaps because my dad could only afford one kid learning piano.

In all other aspects, my sister was treated no differently. She went to MU , graduated with a first class honours in Maths, and obtained a scholarship to do master in the renowned East West center in Hawaii. She went on to become an actuary and worked in both private and public sectors in Singapore, and now retiring in Singapore because her children are all Singaporeans.

In those days, the 60s, some families did not send their girls to universities even when the girls had good results. One example was a cousin of mine. She had been accepted by a unversity but her father had refused to send her there. i remember my father made a special trip to Teluk Intan ( I tagged alone and that was my only visit to that town with the leaning tower) and tried to persuade his cousin to allow the daughter to go to university. In the end, after 3 days of talks, the father finally agreed to let the daughter go to MTC (Malaysian Teachers’ College) as a compromise. Her brother was more fortunate; being the son he was sent to Nanyang University to study and is a prominent businessman now.

In the old days, even in government service, men were paid more than women for similar  positions held and for similar jobs done. It was  in the 60s that finally, women were given the same pay and leave as their male counterparts, after many women leaders fought hard to get the same recognition.

Women today are recognised as equal to men, although each may have different roles to play,  thanks to the efforts of some of their pioneers in fighting for their rights.  As more and more people are educated overseas, where women emancipation movement has long taken roots, we are seeing equal status for women in more and more fields.

I myself treated my children equally regardless of their sex, like thousands of other Malaysians.

Emancipation of women is here to stay.

Alas, wait a minute! In Malaysia, even though I know that anything is possible, I have never envisaged that an “Obedient wives Club’  would be set up by certain women themselves.

In this age and time, wives are equal to husbands and how some  women can come out with this idea just baffles me. The aim of this club apparently wants to make wives more obedient/subservient, and it also plans to teach women be more sexually attractive so that husbands do not stray to the arms of the whores… As a husband, I wish to register my strongest protest here; the actions of these women is not only  demeaning to wives, but to most husbands as well!

These women have also missed an important point.

In matrimony, sexual prowess is not what holds a marriage together. It is mutual trust, respect, understanding and love that are the keys to a lasting marriage, not by asking either the wife or the husband to be obedient or subservient, or train them to be good in bed..

I just don’t know how obedient or subservient  these founder-members are , but one thing i know, they have already make Malaysia the laughing stock of the world again.

Malaysia Boleh!