A worrying trend

A few headlines in the past couple of days reported in the media really worry me.

First, a young man who is working in a bank was allegedly detained for 3 days for failing to wear safety belts. This is a traffic offence which does not warrant detention. What the police officer should do was to issue a summon and this young man can either pay a fine or he can choose to go to court to fight his case. But he was detained for 3 days for obstructing civil servants for carrying out duty. The latter charge is of course serious, but a thorough investigation must e done to ascertain whether there was really any obstruction.

The fact that the young man was not charged and released after three days gives the benefit of doubt to the young man,  as to whether such obstruction has taken place. The police must do a thorough investigation in this case. If the young man was detained for three days just because someone wanted to teach him a lesson, then it is a really serious case of power abuse.

Another case was reported in Singapore newsapaper about 2 Singaporean women being detained and made to do nude squat. They have of course erred by going through the immigration without letting their passoports inspected. But in modern society, no one is empowered to strip a person nude and makes him/her do nude squat. If this is true, it is another case of power abuse.

It was in 2004 that a IPCMC was proposed. 7 years have passed and  it has not even been instituted.

Then there  were the 2 cases of death in MACC’s premises which have not been resolved.

I am actually getting a bit pessimistic about any real reform in these enforcements agencies.

Unless and until there is political wills to weed out the black sheep in these forces, things will not improve and will only get worse.

But when there are forces within the Big Brother ready to pounce on the very Top, I doubt whether he would risk his position and push for a really big clean up of these agencies.



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  1. monsterball
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 11:23:40

    If these incidents worries Doc….all he need is to ask himself…why these things are happening?
    The answer is simple.
    Najib is powerless or know next to nothing how to govern a country.
    If Najib have the guts or power..all he need is to behave like a real Commander and get those idiots punished….or demoted or transfered.
    He will never do that…because he is powerless or afraid to offend the guys with guns to protect him from millions of traitors.
    It is clear…a corrupted crook that can lie to Allah…simply cannot offend any UMNO B voters.
    There is nothing to be surprised about….under Najib leadership.
    Just watch Donkey Kong performing now.
    First declare war against Christains. Now against BERSEH walk…threatening war like clashes….yet Nazri said….Ibrahim Ali has his rights to freedom of speech.
    As one can clearly see…double standards getting worst and worst.
    So why worry?
    Najib have made up his mind to win 13th GE…or no 13th GE at all.
    Will Malaysians allow him to do as he likes?
    Not in a million years.
    We need to be calm and firm……not to worry nor be afraid.
    I hope my health allows me to particpate in the 6th July BERSEH walk.
    This walk is more important than the first one.
    Malaysians are ready to shame the devils with loving kindness and no violence….like Mahatma Gandhi shamed the mighty British and freed India.


  2. Kenny
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:28:33

    As in all corrupt regimes, the enforcement bodies and the ruling elite holds each other in mutual fear and mutual protection. The corrupt regime knows it needs corrupt enforcement bodies to keep it in power so it has no political will to clean up. The enforcement bodies like the police and MACC know they can abuse their powers with impunity. The only way to have more professional enforcement bodies is a political change.


  3. Jong
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:43:11

    Sigh! Feeling too sick to add to the long list. We must change this government, 54 years is too damn long for this arrogant UMNO-led BN government!


  4. Jong
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:51:59

    They are still dragging their feet, unwilling to get to the bottom of things to expose who was responsible in the erase of Immigration records of Mongolian lass Altantuya Shaariibuu who was gruesomely murdered.

    Everyone knows it had to be a Very Very Important Person(VVIP) with power of Home Minister. Was it him? Malaysians never got an answer. Silence on this was and still is deafening, but need someone’s beloved mother, daughter, sister and cousin deserve to be blasted off with C4 explosives after being shot?


  5. Li Li Fa
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 20:48:22

    Clearly, this shows that the empty rhetorics from the Big Brother result in inaction in the above two agencies. He is in a precarious position now; waiting to be check-mated by forces from within and without his party.

    This is an opportune time for the opposition to be united, focused, purposeful to break this 54 years spell, along side with light-minded NGOs and the thinking populace who want justice, true change and transformation


  6. KeyStone
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 04:54:57

    There seems to be some holes in the entry point immigration control. How comes these two Singaporean can drive throw the entry point into Malaysia without having to go through immigration and customer check point !!!!! If what they described is true that they are entering through the course ways and not swimming across the channel, then this incident is a cery scary one. There was another incident a year ago; A Vietnamese US citizen went to Malaysia business assignment, on a weekend, she took a flight on Air Asia to visit her relatives in Vietnam, she walk right to the boarding gate in KLIA not noticing any immigration counter and she board the flight to Vietnam; on her way back, she landed in Singapore and enter through Johor and was detained for illegal entry as there was not departure stamp. Fortunately, the immigration officer was supportive to work on her case. She was give some kind of warning and released, a happy ending. I was in Amsterdam airport one time on my way to Finland, firs time landed in Amsterdam on transit to Finland, and follow the sign to the connecting flight, then I notice there was no immigration gate but I know that for non European entering Europe, we need to go through immigration. I ended up spending more than 30minutes looking for the immigration counter which is not a gate, and get my passport stamped for entry into Europe. So, travelers need to be careful about entry point, immigration and custom points, any of these can get one in deep shit as their do not need any warrant to arrest and detain anyone. Of course, stripping naked and make to squat is something unheard off except for Malaysia. Is that the only way to conduct body search or scan?


  7. genesispassion
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 13:01:08

    this is totally abuse of power by small farts..perhaps these farts were trying to cari duit kopi..blantanly the victioms stood and refused


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