1Malaysia, 2Sets of law?

Bersih will have a march on July 9th. Apparently UMNO youth is doing the same. Both are out to ask for a more transparent and clean election machinery.

As the demand of these groups are in line with the aspiration of the people, the authority should perhaps seriously consider allowing these 2 groups to march . In a democratic society, the more force you use to suppress, the more will be the reaction, as we have all seen from many examples overseas.

Then there is the Perkasa group going on march, too.  But since the head of this organisation had already uttered a veil threat against a certain community, openly saying that a riot may result and openly asking people to stock up food,  the intention of this group is in question.

What I Ali has uttered is clearly seditious, under the present law. Even the UMNO Youth chief has called for action to be taken against him.

The government should take action against I Ali, otherwise whatever little credibility left  of our law enforcement  authority will be gone.. In a country, a law is a law, and no one should be above the law. That is the basic principle of a country ruled by law. If nothing is done against IA, then we cannot pretend that we are  still a country ruled by law anymore.

Why have lawyers,  courts and so on, if laws are applied differently against diffferent persons? We might as well do away with all the pretense and call ourselves a feudal state.

What IA has uttered is not only clearly against the law, it is against the basic values of humanity . Lives are sacred. No one can threaten to cause trouble that may lead to loss of lives and property.

The power that be must exert his authority now, otherwise it would become: 1Malaysia, 2Sets of law.