Failings, failings and failings

Many parts of the Klang Valley, including almost whole of PJ, Bandar Utama, Tropicana and part of Kuala Lumpur etc etc will have no supply of water for the next 48 hours because of some maintenance work to be carried out in a dam.

The notice of pending water disruption was made only yesterday, and many people were caught off guard and many knew only in the evening and there was of course a mad rush to stock up some water in containers.

If this cut in water supply is due to a sudden mechanical failure, then I can understand why the notice was sent out so late.

Apparently, this is only for maintenance, and so it must have been decided many weeks ago, or at least days ahead. Why the last minute notice really baffles me.

I think this is another case of Tidak Apa attitude in play. The water authority must have taken all its customers for granted. “You-need-me-and-I-don’t-need-you’ type of culture must have taken roots. Customers no longer comes first.

They, of all the people in the world should have understood how a sudden disruption in supply is causing difficulties not only to households, but to businesses and factories as well.

They have forgotten that the customers are the paymasters, and that they owe it to the customers and water users for their livelihood.  That is the same problem with many in the civil service. They are supposed to serve the people, but instead, they think they are the ‘hands-and feet’ of the top leaders.

In the 60s , when I was a small boy and staying in Reservoir Garden Penang, we were always given a notice through distribution of a flyer from the water authority, days ahead of a water cut. So most families were well prepared for any water disruptions, at least the planned ones i mean. For the unplanned disruption due to mechanical failure, that was understandable, since all things made by human would fail eventually.

This disruption makes me think of the recent failings of the government or government linked services.

Just a few weeks ago, in the welcoming ceremony for Chinese Premier, the Backdrop contained certain Chinese words that sounded like Japanese; you can guess the meaning but the phrase was grammatically very wrong. This was from the Protocol Division that was supposed to be the elite of service.

Then the nude squat case of 2 Singaporean girls. According to their account, they went through a channel with green lights on top of the board, but there was no one manning the counter. After they went through, there was no alarm sounding, like what would happen when cars go through toll booth without paying.

Immigration counters are supposed to be the  doors to the country. A immigration booth must be manned if the light is green, and there must be alarm system if anyone try to get across illegally. There must also be backup soldiers or armed enforcement officers from immigration, in case a car try to rump through the checkpoint.

Alas, two girls could just drive through, and no system there to check them.This is called “failing’, and the authority must bear some of the blame for the incident.

The girls did commit mistakes of  not getting their passport chopped , but I am sure they did it out of ignorance  more than anything else.

I have mentioned that the ‘manhole’ syndrome that i talked about has evolved to a Malaysian Syndrome. The above incidents are all examples of this syndrome. If this is not checked, we will have more failings, and eventually, we may end up along the sides of countries like Zimbabwe and Sudan. No wonder we have invited them for dialogue…..

Postscript: As a Malaysian, I do not like to point out our failings. I would have proudly written good things for the country,like the ones I did on the improved LRT service, and the improved passport issuing system, but unfortunately, there are really more and more failings which are making the people more and more  disappointed.


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  1. Phua Kai Lit
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 09:43:46

    A classic case of privatisation gone awry.


  2. klm
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 11:37:21

    Dr. Hsu. To be fair, Syabas actually posted the advertisement in all the newspapers last week. But it did not take far enough to run a campaign to make sure people are aware. Also the information was not complete and prominent in its website. All in all, it did a pretty bad job, I wonder if politics has something to do with it. Is BN trying to make lives miserable for 1 million people? I am seeing BN devils everywhere nowadays.


  3. Kenny
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 13:55:12

    When corruption takes hold the country goes to the dogs. Now Najib has another crazy plan to open 1Malaysia shops to sell good at 30%-50% lower than retail price. This type of stop gap measure does not serve the rakyat. It’s like using a band aid plaster to stop a gaping wound.

    Zimbabwe has tried this before by selling groceries below cost at special shops during hyperinflation. It does not work. What will happen is that the low priced items will be perpetually out of stock because buyers will grab and deplete them whenever they come in. The supply is limited and only a few lucky customers will manage to buy them.

    What we really need are policies to revive the economy and increase income so that people are able to face inflation. Malaysians are unable to pay real world prices for goods because income has been stagnant for the past 15 years.


  4. Msian
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 14:25:54

    At least KL folk ultimately knew of the water cut. Here where I am, when there was a recent water cut for two days, only the newspaper of one language [you can guess what] had the advert, so the other two main races [apart from those who were informed by friends] didn’t have an inkling of the impending water cut until the taps ran dry!!


  5. monsterball
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 16:16:11

    This is the total sum of results that for decades…the ministers are good for nothing.
    Name sake minister for this ….minister for that…doing nothing…knowing nothing…except non stop defending themselves being exposed this and that….wasting tax payers money by the millions each month.
    A good and noble honest government need not keep on defending.
    They should ignore and prove themselves with good governance….and let voters decide on the final day…the GE elections.
    These are proven rouges and thieves by their actions…WITHOUT anyone proving them to be so.
    Conscience of vast maority Malaysians will make the vote for a change and that makes Najib scared stiff to be the first UMNO B PM..voted out.
    “N” is the end of “RAHMAN”….so it is written…so let it be done.


  6. CYC
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 17:12:47

    There were perpetual plans to tarnish Selangor state govt from all angles. The chief culprits were those top ranking state officials whose secret account were stopped filling up. Of course, PR state govt also have their short comings such as EXCOs who learn too slowly and some publicity seeking one like “Touch n Go Ronnie Liu”.


  7. mmc
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 23:21:02

    its ok for UMNO cronies.

    we as common people paying our taxes have to tolerate coz UMNO cronies. hey, else ketuanan melayu may not be happy.

    MCA, tks.


  8. Li Li Fa
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 15:05:08

    Water is an important and neccessary item in our daily life. Same goes to electricity and food.
    The level of civility of a country can be measured by how water is managed adequately and efficiently. The management of water, as it appears is way below the ‘water margin’, Then what do we expect the management of electricty and good items in our nation?

    Does privatization result in the mismanagement that inconvenient the people, businesses, industries, and livelihood?

    The authorities must examine, probe and investigate why, how could this hiccup happen, and have checks in place to prevent future reoccurances, all for the sake of the people of the country.


  9. disgusted
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 18:40:04

    There was no water for more than 24 hours two weeks ago and as usual caught unprepared. It started at 8am one morning and the water did not come back until the following day at around 10am. This is “prirate-zation”. Promising lower costs and efficiency. Txs to the old horse perpetually with an open mouth.


  10. CYC
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 20:28:48

    Privatisation is not holy gospel but just a tool for the elites to control the prized asset that make them richer. The people who runs the operation remained the same except ownership changed. Only material changes is higher rate and higher profit accrued to the new owner who spent nothing to effect the ownership transferred. Economists are all liars.


  11. mmc
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 23:10:41

    Truly UMNO Boleh. urgh!


  12. monsterball
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 02:44:32

    If economist are all liars..the whole world are in trouble.
    This is mad dog advising the so call smart dog to think before lumping all into one basket.


  13. CYC
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 11:05:12

    Ha ha .. exactly. The whole world are in trouble now because of the greedy and cheating economists and financial analysts. This dog may be mad but honest. Have a nice day, smart dog.


  14. monsterball
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 11:18:14

    Whole world in trouble?
    All huge corperates in the world must also be in trouble too?
    So9n there will be WW3 then.
    That self proclaimed smart dog is no better than our smart tunnel…with a big mouth blowing hot air.
    hi doggy…you have a nice day too.
    You remind me of Lim Kum Put…which I do misses his bragging….who talk like a professor with no degree….professor from Tong Sampah School.


  15. monsterball
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 11:22:51

    I woner any Economist reading or posting here.
    I have seen many who majored in Finance and Ecomony are CEOs of huge manufacturing plants…..growing and growing…honest blokes they are.
    Our doggy needs to stop reading and thinking too much.
    Pracitical experices…NIL!!


  16. klm
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 11:29:19

    I just watched the latest video of my grand daughter who is 4, helping a tap dancer who was doing a show in the public library. She seemed so happy growing up. I am happy she is not living in this country with the kind of sh*t going on everyday. She would develop a poor mental attitude growing up in Malaysia. No wonder we have high percentage of nut cases here,


  17. Kenny
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 12:03:11

    The latest news is that Idris Jala is trying to sell GST to Malaysians. He says GST is a way for the govt to help the poor by widening the tax base. I don’t know if Idris is pulling a fast one or has dumbed himself down since joining the Cabinet. GST has the effect of shifting the tax burden to the poor. Those who do not pay income tax now will be taxed via GST. So Idris is going to make the poor pay more tax which will be (presumably) used to help them. May as well not tax them in the first place. Me thinks the extra tax collected is not going to be used to help the poor, it will be used to subsidize BN cronies like the IPPs.

    If BN introduce GST before the G.E. they will be walloped in the polls. If not the election becomes a referendum on GST. Either way BN is going to get it. Idris should have kept his mouth shut.


  18. Kenny
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 12:18:23

    klm, too bad you can’t watch your grand daughter grow up in person. With Perkasa allowed to spew racist hate with impunity many more will head for the exit than allow their children to grow up in this environment. My sister’s only daughter has applied for PR in Australia encouraged by her parents. They are willing to face loneliness in old age for the sake of a better life for their daughter.


  19. mmc
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 15:08:26

    this happens when you gave the sweetheart deal to a crony lawyer who knows next to nothing on water management and distribution.
    only way to rectify this is to kick out the corrupt BN.


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