Symptom of a deeper divide

Updated at 12 noon.

Malaysia often makes headline news in the world for the wrong reason.

Well, if you cannot be famous, you can be infamous!

All these headlines our country can actually do without. Instead of spending millions of dollars getting foreign consultants to try to portray a good image of the country, we could have done  better to avoid creating these headlines. The millions spent will just be negated by this sort of negative news.

BBC  which has a world wide audience posted this:

Malaysia’s 8TV pulls ‘racist’ Ramadan adverts

An ethnic Chinese family prays in front of a giant paper-made statue of Chinese deity in Malaysia's Bukit Mertajam on August 25, 2010 About a quarter of Malaysia’s population are ethnic Chinese

A Malaysian TV channel has withdrawn a series of public-service messages about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, after viewers complained they were racist.

One of the adverts showed an ethnic Chinese girl acting in a rude manner towards Muslims, followed by a message saying: “Do not be loud or obnoxious.”

In another of the adverts the girl is wearing a vest-top and is told: “Do not wear tight and revealing clothes.”

The station, 8TV, apologised for any “inconvenience or uneasiness” caused.

“It is with much regret that there were misinterpretations in the PSA [public service announcement] that were meant to serve only as a message of respect for the Ramadan month,” the channel said in a message on its Facebook page.

“The message was not meant to offend anyone, race or creed in any way. This is an honest mistake involving a very small amount of humour that was misinterpreted which led to concerns.”

The station, which aims largely at Malaysia’s sizeable Chinese minority, pulled the messages from its schedules and also moved quickly to delete them from video-sharing websites.

Its Facebook page was inundated with critical messages.

One web user, Jules Yap, said the channel had shown “disgusting, arrogant behaviour”.

“Can’t believe how arrogant the higher-ups in 8TV are, coming out with a defensive, insincere ‘apology’ which at the same time blames the viewers for misinterpreting the offensive PSA ads, when the ads are clearly in poor taste,” he said.

Boon Hun said: “Gosh, you keep using the word misinterpretations, like it’s our fault!”

Ethnic Chinese make up about one quarter of Malaysia’s population.

They often complain of being discriminated against by the country’s laws, which give ethnic Malays preferential treatment.

I suppose when you need to show people how superior you are, you do not really need to make other people look inferior. In every group, there will be good and bad! There must not be any stereo-typing.

How far our country has been drawn apart by the divisive policies can be seen from this seemingly goodwill commercial.  This is just a symptom of a deeper divide facing us.



Speaking of divide, there is another one, which cut across race and religion.

One friend told me that he was trying to book for a buffet for some of his business clients in a leading hotel in the city, but was told that it was fully booked for next few days.. He told me that this is not the usual case, since in most other time, he can book it one or 2 days in advance.

The buffet is not cheap. It costs more than a RM100++ per person , and I believe it can easily go beyond RM160 per pax.

This phenomenon is usual in the fasting month, as many rich Muslims break fast in leading hotels.

There are many others who break fast in small gerai, mamak stores and so on.

Those who dine in hotels can spend in one meal what others can spend for the whole month. Many in the former group can afford millions worth of diamonds as gifts for wives, while those in the second group can only look with envy.

This is a glaring divide between the rich and the poor.

This economic divide shows that poverty cuts across ethnic groups. In every race, there are the very poor, and the very rich.. What the rich spends in one meals, the poor can support their family for a whole week or month..

That is why I have always advocated an affirmative policy, based not on ethnic group, but on social strata and class.

Those who can afford lavish dinners and spend a few thousands dollars for one meal do not need the so-called crutches. It is those who cannot even afford to eat in gerai or stalls that should be given help.


24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 11:17:16

    Another symptom of the brain drain, Dr. Hsu. When the decision makers are not sitting there by reason of meritocracy but kulitocracy and connection, you get these sort of basic mistakes made. Actually the ads are completely pointless. In the first place is there any issue about other races not respecting Ramadan?


  2. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 11:28:23

    A gerakan member, Goh Hin San, who is also Media Prima’s chinese advisor ( and a good friend of KTK), is now the political sec of the PM (is it due to the lobby by KTK?).

    I wonder how this can slip past him, as he is quite an efficient person. Perhaps because of his new post, he has to quit being the advisor to the group.

    I hope he can advise the PM well on things related to the Chinese affairs, which he is tasked to do, replacing Dr Oh before him.

    Our country can really do without this sort of negative news.


  3. petestop
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 12:41:01

    Are we in Afghanistan now ? Below is a news report on MalaysiaKini today:

    Multi-racial dinner at church disrupted by Jais
    Aug 4, 11 10:40am

    The Selangor state religious department (Jais) last night disrupted a multi-racial thanksgiving dinner held in a church at Petaling Jaya without a warrant.

    Dozens of Jais officers and policemen entered the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) at 10pm and questioned people attending the dinner.

    DUMC senior pastor Daniel Ho was reported as saying that the dinner was held in the spirit of 1Malaysia by Harapan Komuniti, an NGO that provides assistance to underprivileged groups.

    The enforcement officers only left the premise after two hours.

    Last Friday, DUMC hosted an electoral reform forum organised by the Association for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) at its activity complex Dream Centre, featuring Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan and Election Commission deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

    According to DUMC members who posted about the incident on micro-blogging website Twitter, Jais officers ransacked the garbage bins of the church.

    DUMC said a statement will be issued today on the incident


    It seems that BeEnd is bent on creating a bigger Racial and Religious divide than ever before. 1Malaysia is but one BIG FAT LIE by Najib, even his deputy does not believe it.

    All this to continue to maintain the WEALTH divide that separates the UMNOPutras and their cohorts in MCA, Gerakan and MIC, from the rest of the common Rakyat.

    How to explain Rosmah RM20+ million diamond bracelet, that she even get a TAX EXEMPTION on !! while the rest of us Rakyat has to pay tax to the hilt !!


  4. klm
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 12:52:53

    Jais, cops raid church over multi-racial dinner. Here comes another one. Seemed all these bad scenes are done on purpose.


  5. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 13:19:55

    The 1malaysia concept is being sabotaged left and right…For the benefits of those who do not subscribe to Malaysaikini, here is a piece of news on PM being pushed out:

    PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali claimed today the existence of a movement within Umno seeking the ouster of Najib Abdul Razak as prime minister.

    The movement, he claimed, seeks to achieve their aim before the 13th general election takes place.

    NONE”There is a serious movement that wants Najib out as prime minister.

    “Najib and (his wife) Rosmah (Mansor) are seen as a liability to the BN, as at this time, they are impacting negatively on (BN’s chances) in the coming polls,” Mustafa (right) told a press conference at PAS headquarters this morning.

    The “movement” to ouster Najib is a “strong” one, he added. Mustafa declined, however, to disclose details about the purported movement.

    “Wait another week or two, things will become clearer.”

    rosmah mansor najib 250609 02He alleged that senior leaders were involved in the said movement.

    “Whether this is by (Umno deputy president) Muhyiddin (Yassin), I don’t know. At this time, I do not want to say,” Mustafa added.

    His remarks come on the heels of allegations in mainstream media that implicated PAS leaders in alleged moves to promote Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as Anwar Ibrahim’s replacement as Pakatan Rakyat leader.

    Mustafa said the claims are part of efforts to divert attention from the anti-Najib movement within Umno.

    A recent report purported PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat as having secretly met Razaleigh over the matter.


  6. Richard Loh
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 14:10:18

    For those trying to pin the blame of Jais & cop raid on the Pakatan state government pls refer to MAIS website.JAIS is under MAIS purview.the website states clearly tht JAIS is a govt dept wif a duty to enforce policies tht have been decided by MAIS.MAIS is answerable directly to Sultan and not MB or excos.


  7. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 14:23:59

    Yes, the in-fighting in Umno is now out in the open. The statement by Penawar, an association of ex-Umno MPs linked to Mahathir for Najib to resign is the first public salvo. You can read it in freemalaysiatoday. (not my blog, ok?)

    Can they force Najib out before the 13th G.E.? If Najib refuses to go there will be a bitter fight. This is where PR may get a chance.

    If Najib agrees to go the chance for PR is much slimmer. The cheating by EC in collusion with NRD will escalate and may be impossible to overcome.

    Which faction controls NRD and EC? Not sure, I only know that the police is not controlled by Najib. But whoever controls NRD and EC, full scale cheating cannot be implemented if Najib refuses to go.

    If controlled by the anti-Najib faction they cannot help Najib get 2/3 majority or he will be safe. If controlled by Najib the cheating will be opposed by the other faction.

    How sad, PR’s chance to oust BN depends not on popularity but on the extent of cheating.


  8. chanjoe1
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 14:25:26

    Looks like the PAS trojan horse in Dr Hassan Ali has not learned his lesson. Anyway, with the new PAS leadership, its a foregone conclusion that Dr Hssan Ali is already a goner come GE 13.
    I have been to many countries including Indonesia and the Muslims there are not as zealous as Muslims in Malaysia. Even in Sabah, you find Muslims sitting together with non Muslims eating or having a cuppa of tea at a Chinese coffee shop but can you see such scenes now in KL Chinese coffeeshops? The polarisation between races have grown so wide that Chinese are treated like dirt by most Muslims and even if Chinese tried to show an olive hand to them, they will not accept as they have been so blinded by the kind of Islam that Mahathir, Abdullah badawi and now Najib has shown them….which can NEVER bring about a 1 Malaysia except thru the Bersih 2.0 rally and also thru limited mass participation sports where racial lines are also drawn very cleary.
    Whats gonna happen to our beloved Malaysia?


  9. monsterball
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 15:30:49

    At Subang Jaya…whenever fasting month begins…at 5pm see the road sides are filed with cars..and you need to walk through two rolls of stalls…one mile snail pace as Malaysians love buying food…drinks..cakes…deserts….that they can never see them being sold….except fasting month.
    But this year….the crowd is so much lesser….a clear sign…Malaysians cannot afford even such cheap out-side food.
    Back in politics…it seems UMNO B is split like hell and majority wants Najib to step down…before 13th GE..
    PAS man said…wait for 1-2 weeks for clear news.
    Asking Najib to step down has be said few times in the past months…yet he is still the party leader.
    Step down or not…damages are done and frauds been proven.
    Change of government is a must…no if…..but and why about that.


  10. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 15:41:29

    I just hope Najib doesn’t resign before 13th G.E. or BN will be unbeatable with the new PM factor. I hope Rosmah won’t let him. This is where she can do some service for her country, heh heh. I hope there’s a bitter fight which weakens Umno like hell.


  11. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:00:48


    If No 1 is out, the Big Brother will become more racist and they would only want to depend on Malay votes to win…The few moderate change in economic policies would be gone, and we would be back to the days of the Old Horse..

    I agree with you that it would be better for the country if No 1 continues to become PM until the next GE.. He would probably propose that ..He has no real support now , with most senior figures all either supporting No 2 or watching from the sides…

    Even his cousin may jump ship before the ship sinks.

    Now he may understand the term What goes round comes around… I simply call it Karma.

    In fact , looking back now, and recalling what he said when a group of us met him, No 1 s days were doomed as early as when he puts forward his 1Malaysia concept. Now it is much clearer why he could not move against IA and Perkasa because it would have force the hands of the ultras earlier..

    He was not helped by the fat lady … When you want everything yourself, the Warlords will never allow it, and the Biggest one is the Old Horse..


  12. monsterball
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:33:20

    Personally I like Najib to stay on and declare 13th GE and let Malaysians decide.
    His Fat lady is chock and cheese compared to Anwar’s wife.
    Azziah helps to strengthen Anwar. .very well educated.a doctor..and a great mother.
    Rosmah help to kill for the love a gangster. Her education…no where to compare to Puan Azziah.
    There is nothing to choose between UMNO B and PR.
    It’s plain racists against Malaysians.


  13. monsterball
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 20:11:03

    Lim Guan Eng has revealed that Penang has a increased of 32000 voters in recent months.
    Why can’t the Govt. reveal to the public….how many new young voters have signed up and the details from each State…to avoid misunderstandings….if any.
    Right now….you can never blame the Oppositions are suspicious of more and more phantom voters created.
    However…PAS not only revealed….but backed up with facts that cheating is clearly going on by the government.


  14. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 20:12:24

    Racial divide and rule does not work anymore. Malaysians are now educated and matured enough to reject racism. That’s why Najib has to depend on foreign workers given instant citizenship to vote for BN now.

    Without a Bersih 3.0 rally attended by huge crowds to pressure for electoral reforms, PR’s chances of winning the 13th G.E. is slim. The scale of cheating is just too much.

    There will be great social problems if BN wins with the help of masses of naturalized foreigners. They will compete with the local Malays for jobs, schools, retailing, govt contracts, licenses, permits and govt assistance. They are also instant bumiputras.

    Meanwhile the govt will be at odds with the educated middle class who regard the govt as illegitimate, corrupt and unable to fulfill their needs for social justice and democratic rights. Squeezed by the middle class on one side and angry poor Malays on the other, Malaysia may become ungovernable.

    To maintain order, oppression will have to be ramped up. This will instill greater hate for the regime. Economic pain will increase. We will become like Arab countries with high oppression, masses of struggling poor and a corrupt govt which cannot be voted out.

    What happens next depends on the tolerance of Malaysians. A street revolution to end the BN regime is not impossible.


  15. monsterball
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 21:21:15

    Remember how Mahatma Gandhi won freedom for India…which are….
    1..Disobedience with no violence.
    2..An eye for an eye make the whole world blind..
    3..They can jail me…..torture me .beat me to death…but they cannot make me to surrender my rights to be a free man.
    And many more.
    The BERSIH 2 rally showed Mahatma Gandhi’s methods worked in Malaysia.


  16. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 22:16:16

    The only way PR can counter this deceit by EC/NRD is to spread the news to the Malays that they are going to be swamped by Najib’s instant foreign bumiputras and hope for a strong Malay swing. Remember, Malays will be the biggest losers in this instant citizenship exercise because their bumiputra rights and privileges are being diluted. A 10% Malay swing will overwhelm the foreign cheats and kick BN out of power. Turn the enemy’s weapon against him.


  17. monsterball
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 02:05:54

    Phantom votes are churning out by the thousands each month.
    If they are new registered voters…then put it out for all to see.
    Without i that…the government always have something to hide.
    It can mean hundreds of thousands new voters Najib is afraid of…and therefore his crooks need to work fast and churn out as much phantom balance things up..
    The benefit of doubt must always favor PR suspicions.
    For PR to win 13th GE based on frauds …phantom votes and bribes…PR need at least 75% of votes to win…or a majority of 25%
    That was what Anwar said.
    10% swing…..not good enough.
    In 12th GE…it was calculated PR won by 15%..yet they lost to UMNO B who actually had not more than 35% support.
    In 13th GE…all must come out to vote…and then….we can see the great differences and phantom votes will not mean much…against People Power.


  18. Kenny
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 08:53:00

    monsterball, 10% swing among the Malays is more than enough to wipe out BN even with their illegal voters. A 5% swing is enough to put PR into power based on 2008 level of cheating. This is based on 75% Chinese support and 50% Indian support.

    PR doesn’t need 75% of the popular vote to win. First past the post works either way. A small win in any seat is still a win. But marginal seats are susceptible to cheating by BN.

    Some Chinese who registered through DAP say their names haven’t appeared on the rolls even after 1 year. See how dirty the EC is?


  19. klm
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 10:03:36

    It is sad that Najib married that fat lady. She will bring him down, for sure. Have you heard how she operates? According to people in the know, there is a suite in Mandarin Hotel permanently booked for her. Every time there is a govt project to be awarded, all the DGs would be summoned for a meeting there. They would be given fat angpows and then a pep talk by the fat lady which would tell them the fat mama truth . After the Mongolian Girl episode, her reputation is enough to scare the sh*t out of these people.


  20. monsterball
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:31:28

    Kenny I am quoting Anwar.
    You should go to his blog and write what you said.
    After all…Dr.Hsu’s blog is mainly Chinese opinions.
    Your smartness should spread to allow Muslims read more than Chinese readers.
    After all…..we are minorities.
    I think Anwar is right which has the backings of LKS too.
    You should join DAP and help Tony Pua to be better that what he is now…when he is already known to be excellent in his economics and he too sound off winning in a big way…not by a mere 10% swing that may fall short of winning PutraJaya and stays as a strong opposition again.


  21. monsterball
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:49:12

    Kenny no use to be right at a right blog.
    Go to the WRONG blog like Rockybru and say what you have to say for thousands of pro UMNO B members to read and try to convert few to vote against UMNO B.
    Go there and debate and not sound me off… only.
    It serves no purpose…I am a die hard voter for PR…and so it seems… you are too.
    The most important mission for all Malaysians is to seek out the blind and make them see the path to real freedom.,,,by voting BN out.
    For many years.. ….that has been by reasons to comment and walk the talks…whenever I can.
    You put out a comment…I give my opinion ….we disagree.
    You are a moderate like Dr. Hsu..very well educated people.
    I am an ordinary Kopitiam fella.
    Which group do you think will carry PR to PutraJaya?


  22. Kenny
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:57:50

    monsterball, both Anwar and LKS have said publicly that a 5% swing is all that is required to put PR into Putrajaya. By swing we mean from the 2008 vote share.

    Getting 75% of the popular vote is an almost impossible task. Not even BN can get it with all their cheating. I have no time to search in Anwar’s blog so if you have the link I’ll appreciate. As a seasoned politician I doubt he said PR needs 75% of the popular vote to win.

    If you don’t agree with my comments then refute them with your own. There is no need to be snide and sarcastic. What is the point of saying this?

    “Your smartness should spread to allow Muslims read more than Chinese readers.”

    “You should join DAP and help Tony Pua to be better that what he is now…when he is already known to be excellent in his economics”

    A forum is a place for discussion and debate, not to waste time in flame wars.


  23. monsterball
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 13:50:31

    All blogs are for discussions and debates..regardless what the blog owner wishes to call his blog.
    Flame wars are on and if one runs away from the flames put out by the government bullies…..then one is not doing being smart here only.
    It is not waste of time to confront flame wars.
    It it the very necessary essence of all things…to put out the flames…with discussions or debates with the devil’s followers.
    No use to keep on proving how smart one is…where visitors here are 101% for change of government
    Like I said…go to Rockybru blog and put out your ever smart comments to shame all devils there…..and engage in discussions or debates with the right people….the UMNO B members.
    By the way….5% swing was said by Anwar and LKS long long ago…after 12th GE.
    Go and view Anwar’s latest speech on how to take over PutraJaya…which have LKS’s agreement too.


  24. alice cc ang
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 12:06:54

    There are those who are bent on pitting race against race and religion against religion. Even if there are some who evangelise, that does not mean that Christians as a whole show no respect for Islam or that there is a Christian conspiracy to Christianise Malaysia.

    We must decide as Malaysians the direction we must go as a nation. We can choose to bleed the nation dry with internecine strife. Or we can resolve as we did before, respecting one another without interfering with the way each of us practices our faith.

    Christians believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books just as Muslims believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books. Similarly with the others. All religions emphasise good conduct. All religions reject evil. Killing is wrong as is stealing and adultery and rape. These are values that are common to all religions.

    So we can take a positive view of all religions and move on. The problem with organisations like Jais is that they have to justify their existence.

    On another note, what is our so called “efficient and fair” PDRM doing all this while??. Many months have passed: what’s the outcome of the investigation of the alleged Christian plot in Penang to take over Islam as the official religion?

    If it is not true then charge the bloggers, Utusan Malaysia and one ex-DAP member for making false accusations to incite unrest in the country. We are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation. Don’t think that we have forgotten about it.


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