Penang leads again!

The attacks on LGE’s son was indeed ‘gutter” politics. This is indeed like the proverbial ‘hitting below the belts”.

The headmaster of the school involved has come out to deny the whole incident, and I think the person who had fabricated all these must at least come out to apologise. He or she must realise that to apologise takes more courage than just attacking people without any foundations.

I have always been against these sort of gutter politics. I have condemned the DVD incident involving CSL. I had also condemned the incident involved Eli Wong.

Politics need not be dirty. In fact, any hitting below the belt would have counter effects. I am sure LGE will get lots of sympathy support now, even from the fence sitters.

What anti-Lim people should do is to list and argue on his policies. SO far, it has been seen to be setting a good example to other staes, going by the Economist article not too long ago. Even Tun Tan SIew Sin’s daughter has openly praised LGE’s policies in a radio interview some time back. She mentioned that even though LKS and Tun Tan had often been at logger head with each other, she must pay credit when credit is due, and she mentioned that the open tender thing is a example of some of  LGE’s good policies.

Today, another international medium, Bloomberg, has come out to highlight Lim’s success.

You can view the article here:

I have said many times that the best way for a political party to canvass for votes would be to show its track record. The best thing for PR to show is to govern the stated under them well, and then let people decide. Likewise, BN should do the same. Showcase the achievements and let people decide. That should be the way for a 2 party system.

If all sides can be civil, I do not see why politicians need to resort to dirty gutter tricks. That is not the civilised way. People are not stupid, and they can think for themselves, so much so that dirty tricks tend to hit back at those who resorted to them.


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  1. CYC
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 14:35:13

    I dislike LGE’s leadership style in DAP but I undoubtedly acknowledge his leadership in steering the state towards better governance and economic prosperity. Don’t listen to the “experts” but the people in the street. That is the most accurate information. It comes without distortion.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 14:56:26

    I have been in Penang many times since 2008, when I was still in CC in Gerakan. I have heard praises for LGE from hawkers, taxi drivers, and even those manning the water sports in Batu Ferringhi. The latter told me that Penang beach is much cleaner now.

    Any visitor who has been to Penang 4 years ago and now would have noticed that the city is now much cleaner..

    To be fair, Gerakan has done a lot of work too for Penang before, and laid down a good foundation, but for the last few years, it has been too complacent and too timid when it comes to the Big Brother. It has not been very effective in the last few years, and in politics, it is suicidal not being effective.

    That is the cause of downfall, and it has only itself to blame, like I used to tell the leadership.


  3. klm
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 15:04:29

    “To be fair, Gerakan has done a lot of work too for Penang before, …” That was in Lim CHong Eu’s time. But not during Koh Tsu Koon’s time. After Lm Chong Eu, it was downhill from there.


  4. OM Leong
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 21:07:30

    I have been following your blog for quite a while. You are indeed an inspiration to other Malaysians because your views are fair and constructive.
    LGE, our beloved CM has done so much for Penang in such a short period of time.I am certain Penangites will fully support him. If there are people who don’t like him, vote him out. Why drag his poor innocent son in? People can be so cruel! Their imagination is so wild that they can cook up such nonsense. Blatant lies yet so difficult for them to apologise. Real shameless cowards.Let’s pray that this boy gets over it and become stronger. Who knows one day he may become a good politician like his dad and grandpa.
    Doc, please continue your great contribution to our society by giving your honest views. Keep up the good work!


  5. petestop
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 23:38:07

    Imagine what Penang would have been if Lim Chong Eu were to be given a free hand and a fair deal (from the Federal govt, in terms of investment ploughed back as a percentage of the tax contributed by the state).

    Likewise, LGE is just continuing where LCE left off, unfortunately, it will still be slow going as the BIG money (from our tax payers) are controlled by Federal govt.

    I’ve no doubt Penang would be as good, if not better than Singapore if we have such kind of leaders.

    Koh Tsu Koon unfortunately is a nice “Yes” man. Like his neither here nor there statement on the Himpun gathering. Really, what has he done as the back-door Unity Minister. Even the KPI thing have to sub out to contractors like Idris Jala and his Pemandu team.

    Unfortunately, such “leader” is really not needed, you came off as a career politician, looking to keep your job. To the man in the street, Koh Tsu Koon is just “bo hoot”. Everybody knows about the joke about KTK “liu lien”.

    Just go over to the Low Yat forum, every Tom Dick and Harry is cutting-n-past KTK bicycle riding picture to every possible scenario, since it emerges in Kwong Wah that his bicycle riding picture is added in to one advertisement, but the front page shows he is not there, in the same paper, on the same day !!

    The circulating email is that he is such a Desperado !!

    Do you think he stand a chance in Penang ever again ?


  6. klm
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 08:39:59

    If a man can lie about his bicycle ride, he can lie about everything. He is man without morals. Over to you cilipadi.


  7. cilipadi
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 09:19:12

    I told you all
    Morality is important
    Even in politics
    But no one listen, no one agrees
    This is what we see here
    Attacking below the belt
    Morality and integrity come hand-in-hand
    One cannot exist without the other
    Jibflom don’t know this
    They have none of these
    My Malay friend told me, malu
    My Malay friend wonders if Jibflom learned anything from their religious classes
    Good for LGE not responded with the same tactics
    An eye for an eye tactics
    That shows he has MORALITY

    Umno is digging their own graves
    The graves are deeper and deeper
    For not giving importance in MORALITY
    What to do? Never want to listen to cilipadi

    Jib makan cili, flom rasa pedas


  8. cilipadi
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 09:31:47

    “But no one listen, no one agrees”

    Correct, not actually true
    ATM listened, ATM agreed
    Disgusted and Dr. Hsu also
    But, they have reservations
    Because to them, politics is dirty game

    My question to them
    Why it has to be that way?
    Can’t someone with good MORALITY clean-up?
    Many are there actually
    But, again, they not fully agree with me
    I hope good MORALITY politicians will prove them wrong
    and prove me correct

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas ….. should I elaborate further?


  9. streetfighter
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 09:50:06

    Morality and integrity advised by ONE Malay friend to him.
    Who is that Malay friend?
    Mad dog is dead. Big Dog very much alive.
    Applying agreeing to disagreeing; than hit hard at people with principles in life without morality and integirty.
    Everyone must take advises from an Alien;or doomsday for Malaysians.
    This busybody have no shame at all.


  10. Dr Hsu
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 10:52:12

    I know him quite well, and I doubt he would want to photoshop his bicycle to be with Najib.. It is likely that one of the eunuchs in trying to “Bo” him did the photoshop without him knowing.

    But knowing him, he would not punish the eunuch, he would probably laugh off the picture and life would just go on.. He won’t want to confront anyone, and that is his style.


  11. petestop
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 11:28:43

    How to be a leader like this ? You try to please everyone, better be a GRO.


  12. Crush
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 11:40:49

    That is not the correct style for a good leader. Either he is too nice to tell people off or he has no balls. Both are a liability


  13. Ellese
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 11:42:19

    Good write doc. We need to discuss policy issues and apply similar standard and value. We seemed to have lost it. If one support the person it’s good. If it’s your opponent, even its the same action it’s deemed not good. We really need an objective media.


  14. klm
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 11:48:08

    If a man can lie about the 3 RM lunch, he can lie about everything including the poor girl from Ulan Bator who was blown to smithereen, or he can lie about the underseaboats that do not go under the sea or the 24M RM crystalline carbon or even his 1apanama plan.


  15. Dr Hsu
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 11:52:00


    He would have made a great academician. He also succumbs to the one critical error that brought down many leaders… he likes to listen to flattery..

    I have given him so many inputs, from 2006 onwards, icluding that the party would lose badly in 2008, and had urged him to take the party out of BN in one dialogue in 2006, and in that dialogue, He, having nothing to rebut my points about the corrupt and abuses of Big Brother, told me that I can go and join the opposition. This was spoken in front of many people, including some of my best friends and members.

    After 308, he told me that he should have listened to me, and he even told his family friend romerz that my views are very different from those around him, but that I have often turned out to be right.. But having said that, all my ideas were deemed to be pro-opposition by people around him, and that must have influenced him.. I am not the type to bent to so low to flatter anyone. Many a times, he had asked ‘not to rock the boat’, in the end, his inaction rocked and sank the boat, not me or those who advocate more independence for the party.

    But now, even Najib is adopting some of the pro-ooposition ideas of mine, like abolishing ISA, opening up the restrcitions on NEP, allow more freedom like that of freedom of assembly, reviewing the PPPA etc etc.. All these are now deemed to be correct, while when I was pushing for these, I was deemed opposition minded..This blog is about all these ideals..

    Had Gerakan pulled out in 2006, it would have won big, and the whole political scenario may be different now.


  16. Kenny
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 12:01:56

    Why is MCMC so quiet on this despicable defamation of a minor? Are they as morally bankrupt as the perpetrators?


  17. klm
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 12:14:50

    Dr Hsu. Your character description is about a man with without believes and character, and insecure. He is definitely not a leader. He should not be leading anything. Political leader like him is dangerous. His words, actions and inactions can cause great harms to innocent people.


  18. CYC
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 12:17:26

    From what was revealed by Dr Hsu, it certainly confirmed that he is a man with no independent thinking as he always influenced by yes en around him. By that score, he will not even become an effective academician as he is too afraid to defend his opinion or ideas. Petestop is right to say he is best suited to be GRO, pleasing everyone. Probably he misinterpreted the Chinese philosophy of “Yuan” so much so that he becomes a round ball kicked in the ass by Jibby and his eunuchs.


  19. Li Li Fa
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 14:26:02

    When LGE stood and constested in Penang during GE12, many had a different view of him, branding him as an ‘imported parachute’ from Malacca.

    Of course things are different now, and he is showing the way, how a small state can ascend the scales of social, economic, cultural and political achievement.

    Being steadfast, and focussed, LGE weathers the test of time (which he still does) and prioritises on competency, accountability and transparancy.

    With limited help from the Federal government, he and his team, manages to pull the state out of the doldrums and attract much needed foreign investments. Credit must be given to whom and where it is due.

    Jibby of course likes to regain Penang, but will be facing a tough fight, because many people of all walks of life in Penang are in favour of how this tiny island state is being runned now. His people are trying all means to bring LGE to his knees, even targetting below the belt and involving his teenage son – despicable and vile acts which tarnish the pure name of politics.

    Could LGE withstand the intensified onslaught on himself and his administration in Penang?

    Could this tiny state set an example to the others and pave the way to a greater government at Putrajaya?

    As the GE13 draws closer, the people wil decide and make their votes count. The whole world is watching.


  20. Nick
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 14:39:52

    KTK is actually a clever man. he has proven to be a “survivalist” the type and ilk that we have never seen. Who cares about all the name calling. I have heard words that just makes anyone cringe but it seems these words won’t stick. He is mister Teflon man. He has developed a thick-skin that any rhino would be proud. I have come across a few of his type in some of the companies that I have worked for. These breed are not uncommon, just varying degrees. We call them “yes men”. When the boss says he likes ‘green color’, they will say the ‘green is so beautiful’. If the boss suddenly says he prefers red color, they will immediately agree and says actually red is better as it reflects the boss better. I call them ‘cock-suckers’. These breed are true survivalists. KTK just want to prolong his “pension”. He doesn;t know how to reinvent himself outside of politics. That is why he is behaving like that. he is not corrupt but just making sure that his rice bowl is full now and forever. I feel sorry for Gerakan. In the cmoning GE13, the DAp will sweep not just Penang but Negeri Sembilan. In all the other majore cities like KL, Ipoh, Alor Setar, malacca, KK, Kuching, they will sweep the plate clean. The Chinese will never forgive the bastards for killing TBH. Will the last man switch off the lights in Gerakan’s HQ?


  21. CYC
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 15:52:57

    Don’t ever switch off the lights as we still want to celebrate its demise at Dewan PGRM next door. Have a glass of champagne and dance a little longer before taking down the portraits of KTK and LKY. Now, you may switch off the light and put up an auction notice on the front door. Don’t forget to spare another notice for the BU8 building please.


  22. mmc
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 22:34:09

    good doc,
    just hear what the Johor man has said. I just puke, what sort of DPM is that?


  23. cilipadi
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 08:43:19

    If I want to hit KTK
    I can hit the hardest
    But he doesn’t worth my cilis
    As his skin is thicker than hippo and rhino
    Well trained by Umno
    But that will make BN lose their support from even the Malays
    Not just the non-Malays
    My Malay friends want me to tell you all

    Hippo and rhino makan cili, KTKrasa pedas


  24. cilipadi
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 08:51:29

    See from your own lens
    So few Malays, less than 5,000
    Out of 1,000,000
    Attended the rally

    Malay votes migrating from Umno
    To Pakatan
    My Malay friend told me
    He predicted Umno is losing their seats in Penang
    KTK malu, he said

    KTK makan cili, he rasa malu, not pedas


  25. Ellese
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:07:33

    Dear doc,

    I’ve read contrarion debate elsewhere that Penang’s average growth rate over past three years is a mere 1% and has not recovered the GDP of 2008. ( though there’s a slight increase of per capita income). By this standard it’s argued that other states are doing better. It’s an interesting point which I want to raise about ourselves.

    I think we all need to be consistent. We don’t apply the same rigour in analyzing things. I am fine if people want to attribute the good things in penang to LGE but they must also apply similar rigor with the good things Najib has done. Vice versa for the negative actions. That’s why we get very superficial debate and understanding on budget and lynas.

    Your write I must say seemed very fair and balance save for your comment favoring phuas categorization method. :-). Nevertheless we should do more. Let’s start with why LGE is managing better. What did he do to improve the states. I believe if we go detail we can agree on some principles. From here we then move to managing Malaysia.


  26. Nick
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 17:16:56

    Ellese, any party can do better than the present BN looters. Just plug the loopholes and the savings plus collection contribute to enhanced revenue streams. Not rocket science. But I believe LGE has surrounded himself with good effective and efficient team members. The credit goes to the DAP team. Penangites are intelligent people, like me. So, you can’t just pull wool over their eyes without substantial contributions. After three years of good governance, anyone can see that Penang is on the roll. It is a beautiful state that most visitors would like to make repeat visits. I can’t get enough of their foods. I can’t say the same when I look at Malaysia as a whole. We are worst off. Our societies are polarised, gets worse with each passing year. No merit-based kid would want to stay in our stupid country, their talents will go to waste. We are surrounded my h6, low IQ leaders. The mainstream papers are just full of crap. Thank god for blogs like this, at least I can get educated reading Dr. Hsu’s analysis and from his netizens visitors.


  27. Ellese
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 03:33:03

    Dear nick,

    You are dead wrong. Look at the pr budget with the best pr brain. How come after plugging the loopholes they render our nation with a 4.4% deficit. Dont generalize and make sweeping statements. Just cut the partisan crap. We get to principles and stand. What’s wrong with evaluating pr and bn policies? Why are we so shallow?


  28. CYC
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 10:28:44

    I think Prof Joseph Stiglitz sum it up nicely ” We have a system that socialized lossses and privatized gains” ” We have too many regulations stopping democracy and not enough regulations stopping Wall Street (SC and GLCs in Malaysia context) from misbehaving”.


  29. CYC
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 10:41:53

    Socialism will begin its era not very far from now.

    Social unrest will soon a norm in USA, and most of Europe too.

    Why is t so? US of A f**k-up democracy system which their forefathers built up with sweat and tears all due to the greed of politicians and Wall Street. Similarly here, our Kutty screwed up the judiciary and make us a high cost society due to the same evil human greed. Sorry Dr, politics is dirty by nature and it can’t be rectified even in centuries time. Or I should say it attains its dirtiest level once mix with religion or sex. History already proven this to be true.


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