Some recent thoughts

Firstly,  A very Happy deepavali to all followers of Hindu faith.


I will also use this opportunity to pen some of my thoughts the last few days:

I thought it was good for the government to allow the Himpun gathering.

But having done so, the government should not practise double standard, and in future it must be prepared to allow peaceful demonstration to take place.

It can be in a stadium. It can even be in a designated street or park where police can keep an eyes on such rallies.

I thought it was also good that so few people attended that rally. It goes to show that most Malaysians, irrespective of their faith, are tolerant, peace-loving, and do not believe that there is a serious activtiy for any religion to try to convert followers of other religions.

I hope Malaysians should keep up this love for peace.

This also shows that Malaysian society has matured so much. If it was in the 70s, or 80s, any news of such gatherings would see half the town resort to panic buying and stocking up foods and drinks. On that day, life went on as usual, crowds (bigger than Himpun) were everywhere in malls and jams were as bad as any other Saturday.

Malaysians no longer  live in the shadow of May 13. That tragedy  has often been used by certain BN politicians to warn certain ethnic groups  to vote BN. But the Bersih walk has shattered that myth, and the way  most people reacted to this Himpun gathering again shows that Malaysians cannot be easily swayed with such method of fishing for votes.

Malaysians are now much better educated, and most of us can think for ourselves.