Are there 2 sets of criteria?

Malaysian Insider has this headline yesterday:  Let Umno leadership decide Cowgirl’ s  fate ( headline slightly modified by me ).

Shouldn’t this cowgirl and family’s fate be decided by our existing law? Shouldn’t there be a full and thorough investigation to decide whether any law is broken and if so, the law be applied to the person/persons?  I know the police is investigating, but given what is implied in that healine, can the police force really be impartial?

Is this a country ruled by law? If affirmative, are there 2 sets of criteria to apply the relevant law?

What also prompts me to ask, besides ‘cowgate’,  is that why is  certain retail shop chain (1Malaysia-shop) which were caught having wrong labellings not charged in court? is that not against existing law?  Is the law applied only to those without connections?

Wrong labelliong can mislead consumers and can be very serious if certain contents are at levels not accurately reflected in the labelling.

Any wonder why people in this country tend to break laws and rules..Just look at how cars are parked, and how traffic rules are broken.