PM’s dilemma

Almost everyone I  meet these days is angry. They are angry not because of the traffic jams, which have become a part of our life and has already been factored in any activities that we undertake.

They are angry because of the cowgate affairs. They are angry because of the greed displayed.   And I do meet a lot of people from all levels   in the course of my work.

Just yesterday, a sales representatives from a GLC linked pharmaceuticals was asking me why things have become so bad, and why have our leaders become so greedy. He professed to be a former Bn supporter, and now he swears that he would not vote them again– another case of anything but Big Nanny . A small trader who was formerly a MakeCowAngry’s branch chairman has stopped become active and said that he would vote for change this time.

With the sentiments so against them because of this cow business, I doubt whether the cowgirl would last long. Even the Old Horse has asked her to leave. An FT strongman-minister  has already been slated to contest in her former area, but his chance of winning is not bright either.

But just asking the cowgirl to leave is not enough. There must be accountability . This is Rakyat’s money and the government must come clean on this and be transparent about the whole thing, which even the Auditor General has called a mess. Otherwise, it has to bear the consequence of losing more political support.

This has thrown the whole election thing into uncertainty. The most touted date , March 2012, may not see any election after all.

The danger  is  that the longer the government waits to call the next GE, the more scandals may be exposed. On top of that, economic outlook may not be as good as predicted. So the top leader is really facing a tough choice, a dilemma indeed.

One of the major parties in Sarawak is facing internal fight which has proved to be more vicious than fighting outside enemies. This has all along been the features in component parties, since in the past, whoever wins would have all the goodies waiting for him and his team. Often it is winners-take-all, so whenever there is party fight, it would be afight to the end–“‘political death’ that is.  In such fights, all tactics would be used, including manipulating branches, delegates , phanton members, back stabbing and character assasination. In the morning,  they may be good friends and calling each other “Sdra”, later in the day,  the knives would be out for each other’s throat, figuratively speaking.. Since these people are officially members of component parties, they have no qualm to use underhand tactics; as long as both sides are supporters of Big Brother, little action would be taken against them. It also suits the big Brother in normal times to have as vicious a fight as possible, since it would be easier to apply divide and rule tactic.

But when a GE is coming, such fight is taboo. That is why for most component parties, their party elections have been postponed just to avoid such divisive fight.

So the fight in Sarawak’s party comes in the wrong time, and even though this party is already half dead and command not much of support, other parties in the state would still be dependent on it to deliver some ethnic Chinese votes. With this party so split, the already diminshed Chinese votes would be even more elusive.

My guess is that with such scenario, Big Nanny may not call election in March, but rather in the second half of the year.


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  1. Richard Loh
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 14:38:19

    Hahaha ‘Big Nanny’ & “ABU” is launched

    There surely are plenty of scandals but all along they are very smart to cover them up nice and clean. I don’t think AG expected the NFC to be in such deep trouble when they only mentioned its in a mess. More like internal sabotage.

    Its quite impossible for outsiders to get details of any mismanagement unless insider leaks them.

    If only our MACC is performing ‘without fear or favor’.


  2. mmc
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 14:52:36


    MACC is good for anchovies. For 2,400 of flags allegation, a young man has to die.
    Nah, RM250m is too much for them to handle. Chief Minister of Sarawak is untouchable despite alleged evidence of whopping wealth of RM4.6b. Get real rich and you are out of reach of the hands of MACC.


  3. anomie
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 15:02:27

    A lot of people, when look at the cowgate incident, only see the naina as the culprit.

    They forgot that naina got the soft loan, dispensed even before any signed documents, when the wannabe PDomigo was the Agricultural minister.

    When the umno wunderkid, Kj, jumped to defense that naina, he was doing so, to ‘tarek’ the fat moo’s support, knowing very well that he could count on returned favour when the time comes.

    Right now there r a lot of horse trading going on within that cartel, especially between the top two. Naina has to go, but moo will have to stay unscratched.

    All things show that naina’s husband would be the fall guy, punishes with a light slap on hands. The soft loan recovered, with stated losses. Moo’s name will never be mentioned, as naina get off lightly.

    Doc, u r right. GE13 will not happen when this issue is not settled amicably within the warlords.


  4. Wave33
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 16:04:19

    Launch of ABU is really timely.

    At least now the Raykat have another matter to focus on.

    Not all are supportive on Pakatan Rakyat because of the baggage that some of them carry.

    Launch of Anything But UMNO (ABU), really create another dimension for those on the fence and not supportive of Pakatan Rakyat. We the Rakyat has identify the culprit is UMNO. Some would be quite supportive on MCA or MIC. Now, it has create a clear direction, it is not against Barisan Nasional but ABU.

    UMNO your days are numbered.


  5. Li Li Fa
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 17:28:57

    Our PM is certainly having a dilemma in his hands and much compounded by the Cowgate issue. Calling a GE will certainly be a no-no for now.

    The cowgirl has been told to go by a number of people, and it would be wise of her to do just that. Otherwise, the whole jing band will be sent to the slaughtering house. She should have written and practised her swan song by now. But even if she goes, this cowgate will leave an indelible impression in the minds of the rakyat of what kind of current government they have.

    Harris Ibrahim of MCLM and also a Malaysian from W. Malaysia was refused entry into Sabah, where a lot of illegal immigrants are seen to be residing. This is another issue that further delays the next GE. It is timely that ABU is launched – a good fodder to the like-minded opponents.

    As it is, there are numerous issues hanging in the air, including the reforms that Jibby has promised to address. The EC allowing the indelible ink to be used in the coming GE is a welcome news, but not enough to satisfy the quota demanded by NGOs. If the LineUP does not implement all the recommended reforms for a just and fair election, will the rakyat take a step further and walk up the steps of Bersih3?

    Delaying the GE further can be detrimental to the incumbents. Certainly the PM is having his hands full, sorting out problems in his homeground, and the LineUp. Issues after issues keep piling up and the rakyat is waiting expectantly.

    Perhaps, the PM will give another hint that the GE is ‘around the corner’. By then, I wonder who will be cornered.


  6. Phua Kai Lit
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 19:11:33

    Joseph Stalin said that “A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic”

    In kletopcratic Malaysia, a couple of thousand ringgit earns you torture and death.
    But millions of ringgit? Just a call from Old Horse to leave before being “chased out”.


  7. meng
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 19:31:09

    why does the calling of general election in Malaysia is in the hands of one man? why can’t the date be fixed like example in US? Too much power vested in one man’s hand.

    Doc,you are right ,PM have a headache,anytime is a bad time to call for election because BN and dumbno are scandal prone.It has evolved in their genes to be greedy and power hungry.The problem is some people are too dependent on BN and fear change.

    NR will probably call it very, very late almost to end of the term in 2013.


  8. klm
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 12:03:37

    Cowgate is one point of rage. Another point of rage is the police permit for Christmas caroling. Police said must have police permit and give all kind of information. Dumb minister said not aware and no police permit needed. I think this is the last straw for Christian folks. All the points of rage added up, from PKFZ, Scorpenes submarines, Rosmah’s diamond, ad nauseam, make one very angry nation.


  9. Dr Hsu
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 11:35:46

    there is only one word to describe the initial need for permit for carolling and the confusion subsquently:


  10. CYC
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 11:59:27

    Sorry to digress a little more though it may seem racist.

    The non Malays are going to be in dire street 10 years down the road. It is not that we can compete but the equal opportunity to participate will be shut down and we can only hope scoop whatever leftover by the supreme race as all businesses will be filtered through by ever increasing legislation and rules impose from time to time. check it out and analyse it further and u will see the sign and direction we are heading to. But we can’t blame anyone except ourselves as there are still thousands still hinge on the big brothers simply do not want to lose the little sweeteners which may last less than half a generation ………


  11. aiz
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 14:44:24

    “equal opportunity to participate will be shut down”

    I am against the above even though I believe some form of not obvious discrimination may needed in certain sectors in order to make the playing fields level.


  12. CYC
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 15:37:22


    but the writing is already on the wall. if bn continue to govern for the next 20 years, my fear will become a reality. Even now the doors of most the strtegic sectors already closed as far as the non are concerned as Khazanah is solely responsible to award/distribute the beef and it always comes with qualification tag based on race. I am not pure pessimistic and i believe the Chinese will survive no matter what circumstances they may emerge later but the question is at what costs and do we need to suffer the same fate as our ancestors repeatedly just due to the greed of a bunch fake elites? At such, how could i blame those who are thinking of migration? 到处阳梅一样花,此处不留人自有留人处。

    I have only one option to exercise : my vote.


  13. chanjoe1
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:55:34

    Its cleary written that PM is the one without much power but Moo….Yi…Deen is the one calling the shots…..he should be hauled up in connection with the Cowgate case. But in Malaysia…we dont see any accountability doen by anyone and like the mad hat..old man….Malaysian are forgetful and soon….the cow gate issue will be forgotten and ABu will join hands with MCA, MIC & Gelakan to try to hammer out some sympathy from voters esp Chinese and Mad Cow Affairs will try to hoodwink us again….but thisbtime we are not going to be hoodwinked as our decisions are made….no RM500.00 will make us change our tune. Give and we take but when it comes to the vote…sorry lor…..


  14. Phua Kai Lit
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 12:10:45

  15. aiz
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 18:55:26

    “but the writing is already on the wall”

    Cool lah my brother… we do not know what the future is.. 通常當我們失去了希望,很多時悲觀地想到這是末路,上帝從上面微笑著說:”放輕鬆些,親愛的,它只是一個彎,不是末路 !

    And I believe in the scorpions below bro…


  16. cilipadi
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 09:24:40

    Who created them if not himself?
    Or his second wife?
    Or his deputy?
    Or the old horse?
    Or his chosen back-door cow minister?

    Or, can we summed up Umno who nurtured such lousy culture?
    Dilemma shouldn’t be there in the first place. No?
    No one cares. Pedas tak pedas.

    N makan cili, R rasa pedas.


  17. disgusted
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 17:25:12

    This nation is in crisis because of the cowherd mentality of Malaysian voters who supported blindly the golden cows in power.


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