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I did not want to comment on the so-called ‘Big debate” initially even though I did watch it over TV.   But after many friends have asked me for my opinion, I thought I would just write a short comment on the debate.

I thought there was really nothing to shout about. After watching both speakers speak, I have a feeling of attending 2 political ceramah at one shot.

Having said that, I thought it was still a good attempt by both to come together and talk civilly on their stand, although much of what was discussed was way off the topic.

The same , however cannot be said of the partisan crowd. I have all along mentioned that Malaysians are too partisan, and once you are being too partisan, you will be blinded by sheer loyalty and would support blindly whatever your side is doing, including something that may not be good.

Then there is someone whose partisanship has gone overboard. I refer to  a young woman snarling and screaming  ( to those who may not have seen what snarling is like, just go to watch the video or photos on the net, there are plenty on this) while asking questions from the floor.

If there is an image from that debate that would stick to my mind, it was that snarling look, the ultimate showcase of  blind partisanship; whatever other side does must be wrong, hence the emotional outburst.

Malaysians should not be too partisan.  Being nonpartisan is actually one of the most important requirements of a 2 party system. If one side is no good, kick it out. If after the other side come to power and also no good, we can kick it out again and give the mandate back to the first. If so doing, we will establish a culture of competitiveness among the 2 sides; and when there is competition, there will be improvement. That is the essence of a 2 party system.

The woman was harping on the law enforcement  ( the towing of illegally parked cars at night) at night in Penang. Her point being that at night there is less traffic and so illegal parking should be allowed.  But law is law, and to cultivate a culture of law-abiding citizens, there is really no other way but to enforce law in a fair manner, and law enforcement should have no time limit .  In overseas, many a time we can see someone who would not cross the road as long as the pedestrian light is red, even though there is no traffic on the road;  this is called law abiding, and it takes firm enforcement of law to cultivate this.

In putting across such ill-conceived logic, she has actually exposed a weak side of BN component parties– everything can be negotiated, even law-breaking acts. Small acts often lead to bigger things, and that is why there is this culture of “BN Boleh” .

I hope in future , members of both parties should refrain from showing their ugly side. It just does not endear them to those who are nonpartisan, those on the middle ground who constitute the majority whom their party leaders are trying to woe.

A snarling look  (courtesy of wikipedia)


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  1. Li Li Fa
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 14:03:58

    “Hell knows not the fury of a woman’s scorn.” Someone once said this.
    That young ‘lady’ seemed to express the above statement so well.

    She was so overwhelmed with emotions that she erupted with a blaring blast of pent-up frustrations. But I thought LGE handled her complaints with professionalism.

    Perhaps she was exhibiting how firy her oratory skill was when she stood in that public arena, and being witnessed by one and all and over the multi-media networks. This clearly shows what her own party had produced; assuming she was from a political party- her oratory talent was a product of the training and experience she had and that moulded her to what she is today.

    When one was overcome by such foreful emotions, partisan politics had long been ‘thrown out’ of that hall long time ago, and never to remain in the crevices of the stable side of the mind of that ‘lady’.

    Besides, the participants themselves did not behave well either. They were boisterously and hooliganly shouting and banging their support for the speakers.
    What type of supporters were they that they had to treat the venue as a ‘house of commons’ or road- side picketing?

    Will there be more debates like this?
    Will the voice of fury and frustration be heard again?
    When can non-partisan politics be handled with a cool, stable and normal state of mind?

    The coming 13GE will certainly influence the main objective of debaters and supporters.


  2. chanjoe1
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 14:34:12

    Was waiting to comment in your blog but had to wait so long. This has become a twist and turn matter as far as the woman is concerned and it shows what the party she belongs to is made of and how they do things. Even their Youth Sec Gen had come out to support her. Wat crabs…
    Sendig a half baked (1/2 Penang) woaman to speak irrelevant issues at the debate, it clearly shows what MCA is made of and even Gelaka has to join in the wagon by declaring CSL as the winner…We can see, can hear and can feel what happened and so dont tell us.
    I wonder how Penang Lang will feel from what the snarling woman said…..and now she started to twist and turn and is hurting us Selangor people… this what BN can offer for someone to be a co-ordinator and supposedly a potential candidate for the GE13? I shudder to think of this….yuksssssss


  3. observant
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 16:40:09

    She has a wolfish snarl and would make a good street fighter. If she has any wolfish ambition to be a winnable candidate, she destroyed her chance during her two minutes fame onTV.

    Will make a good tow truck operator with her don’t play play or mess with me demeanor. Hope she won’t frighten any potential suitor away, if any?


  4. sammy
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 16:45:37

    Just look at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Those mata2 and enforcement officers never take action when motorists park along the road waiting for someone to do the shopping instead of making a round and pick them. Sometimes, the parked car is empty. In fact, I told the mata2 to give a summon for blocking the road, but they just ignored. as a result it inconvenient tour buses and other vehicle.

    By the way, what other activities available after 10.30pm if it is not at home?


  5. LeeKP
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 18:15:44

    I was really amazed we still have bitch like this so called Jess or by whatever name in MCA. This finally proved that if we have po_n_tar quality heading a party what does one expect la. She is a typical by-product and a total disgrace to the whole Malaysian chinese women community, by shouting thru her stinking mouth instead thru her brain in the debate. On one side, I bet if she has any.
    If our chinese community has such member or leader like her in future, god help us. This rude and rowdy MCA member reflects the general state of the party today. The party is long gone, lacking vision. Hmmm….has it ever occurred to you folks that she could have done this deliberately? May be she was paid to do it. May be she thought this could gain her ‘fame’ nationally.


  6. CYC
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 20:32:07

    I felt ashamed when comparing this ‘grand debate” with one between Khairy and Rafizi held in London. It clearly shows the Chinese are indeed at a crossroad. With this type unintelligent ceramah style of debate and hooliganism portrait by the supporters , I sincerely hope Astro will broadcast any similar type of debate in future. I would rather watch Wah Lai Toi.


  7. HuaYong
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 20:39:05

    Two party system tend to lead society into divide, moreover the audiance were mostly party member so i think such happening is normal, at least that lady able to provide some entertainment, and tell us what naive and intellegence is all about, we all shall learn and progress from this chapter, and start to appreciate logical reasoning and clever conversation, a good start anyway.

    After watching several debates, my impression is that Malay a much better debater, and BN politician are generally superior, perhaps due to exposure and experience.


  8. BeWildered
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 23:24:06

    Long way to go for Malaysia as far as political public debate is concerned . The efforts to hv one like this is a great efforts and significant step forwards. The entrenched partisan obsession is becoming common even in the USA, one of the leading countries in democratic system. The US Congress is dominated by the Republicans,mthe Senate is dominated by the Demorats, President Obama is a liberal end of Democrat. The extreme partisan obsession in US politics is paralysing USA from its ability to solve its serious national debts, and it’s economy. Malaysia is even worse, if you disagree with ruling fronts, they send legitimized gangsters to shouts in frontnofnur house, and threaten you. if you go against their ideology, they will go even further. Malaysia is quite lawless, just that large scale chaos has not happen yet. You see the way people park their cars with little regard to other cars. You can see how so,e people drive through red light, a daily see many drivers making illegal turns ,even drive in the opposite direction of a one way street. You see how people build extension to their houses. As afar as MCA is concerned, it is emulating its big brother, so it is absolutely no surprise why the young lady can blar out such outrageous views with respect to illegal parking at night because These are the same people who are steering the country towards lawlessness. Every factor in the situation is consistent with one another, it is a perfect storm in the making. It is a matter of time for the house of cards to implode. There is no counter balance for Malaysia, there is no braking system as it had been dismantled by our ex legendary PM. Where there is no counter balance built into the governance, just like the Congress, Senate and the Presidency in USA, the system become that of a secret society, whoever in charge has all the power which leads to extreme corruption and violence.
    I was back in Malysia for a short holidays. I was driving down to Singapore. The last time I drive to Singapore was 15 years ago. I was surprised by the contrast of how orderly things are in Singapore and how different things are at home. I wish what I experienced was not true, but it is. We can’t deny what we experience.


  9. Wave33
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 08:08:11

    Dear Doc,

    Quote: “The woman was harping on the law enforcement ( the towing of illegally parked cars at night) at night in Penang. Her point being that at night there is less traffic and so illegal parking should be allowed. But law is law, and to cultivate a culture of law-abiding citizens, there is really no other way but to enforce law in a fair manner, and law enforcement should have no time limit.”

    I have to disagree with your stand on the above. We are not robot, we are human being and are able to make practical judgement. I hate it when people uses the law to defend their argument and throw out the common sense and human logic on it. If I am caught in it and authorities states the law, yes I am guilty. We have compassion to decide whether to tow the car or not, base on our judgement of severity of the offense and others circumstances influencing it. We know very well tow trucks in Klang Valley, are less concern about being practical, their main concern is income and commission from the towing job. They behave like thugs. I have seen an incident with my own eyes.

    Before anyone bash me up, I believe there are laws that should be abide at all times, like corruption is WRONG not matter what time of the day or how creative you explain about it. Only a small percentage, falls on common sense judgement.

    The judgement and punishment for stealing because of hunger or to enrich oneself, carries different weight.


  10. petestop
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 09:11:55

    I’m staying in Penang, and I am glad that finally MPPP takes action against the illegal parkers, double-parkers, “sekejap sahaja”-parkers, etc.

    Now, if only they would take on the illegal stalls, especially along Tg Tokong.
    But this would be an explosive one, as most belongs to a particular race.
    If you touch, there will be a lot of rabid dogs coming out to bark, like the
    Ms Tow Truck.

    Yet, after 50+ years of “semua boleh” by BeEnd govt, this is the mentality that
    already stuck, people don’t care about being law-abiding. It would be very
    difficult to undo, and require political will and strength to correct.
    When it is rotten at the top, the rest will just be as rotten.
    Najib always say “You help me, I help you”, ya, sama-sama help each other
    to be rotten.

    Penang as a whole is a lot better, but could still do better.
    However, it would take years to change the mentality towards being


  11. HuaYong
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 09:37:07

    Wave, the lady can make her point in a more sensible way, maybe insufficient time. The ‘tidak apa’ attitude is quite unique and have both good and bad, i think we are more flexible and less tense if compare with our neighbour down south, and i often think that illegal parking is unavoidable during certain festive or religion rituals, i am okay with it. However in this case, i don’t really understand why some still can’t find a proper parking space at almost midnight.


  12. Jong
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:43:27

    Watching this female ‘tow-trucker’ knotted in hatred, snarled at DAP’s Lim Guan Eng on something of irrelevance to that ‘Debate’ of national interest only goes to show her bad up-bringing and the desperation of MCA of which she is aligned to.
    It definitely was strategy gone wrong for MCA in many ways.

    Many of us watching the “live” telecast saw the MCA crowd practically took control of the cameraman’s attention(or was that deliberate?), fronting with attendees displaying pieces of papers with ‘mca’ printed for display.

    Glad LGE out-smarted them. He obviously knew wasn’t worth his effort to dirty himself in ‘street-fight’ seeing the rowdy crowd and hostile atmosphere that surfaced but had allowed cameras and videos to capture and record for all to see.

    Many have said Chua Soi Lek is definitely out of touch with ground politics and I
    tend to agree 100%! What was he talking about …”HUDUD”? 😀

    As far as I know “Hudud” is already a non-issue! The Chinese have been voting PAS in hundreds of thousands in past elections and By-Elections and will continue to do so in coming GE-13, why not Chua SL?

    Looks like this ‘batu-api’ President of MCA needs to watch over his shoulder more often for friends of umno – the two sons of Mr Ali, and that mad mufti from Perak who seem to be on mission to create racial tension, religious intolerance and animosity amongst the various races in this country, no? That moron calls on Malays to defend their land – against who? I thought the Orang Asli owns this land and we are all “Pendatangs”?


  13. CYC
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 14:43:26

    Hua Yong, the Chinese can’t debate well mainly due to our education style. We have been discouraged to speak up from young, be it at class or home. This impeded our oratory skill as well as wittiness. Secondly, most Chinese educated guys do not necessary speak or have good command of Mandarin. They tend to have insufficient vocabulary to put through their thoughts or ideas. Very often, we need to mix our dialogue/debate with English, Malay, or dialects.


  14. anomie
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 10:07:57


    ‘..the Chinese can’t debate well mainly due to our education style.’

    Not true. Have u seen the debates carried out by the others Chinese M’sians? Go google for them!

    ‘..most Chinese educated guys do not necessary speak or have good command of Mandarin. They tend to have insufficient vocabulary to put through their thoughts or ideas.’

    Wrong, too? Ditto above.

    Obviously, u r NOT well-versed in Mandarin. No? Or more likely, u r ignorant of any sensible Chinese M’sian activities. Pls don’t mixed this up with the dressed-up activities of most of the Chinese Clans/Associations. Most of them r syok-sendiri affairs for the sponsor taukes

    Lastly, what’s wrong with this;

    ‘Very often, we need to mix our dialogue/debate with English, Malay, or dialects.’?

    Doesn’t this mean that the Chinese M’sians (the Chinese ed?) r more gung-ho about the evolution of the Chinese M’sian culture? They put it into action long before ANYONE is shouting for in the name of A-B-T.

    Remember yr grandparents’ conversations of mixed dialects (Fujian, Kwungtong, Teochew etc) plus the inter-mingling of the Melayu & Tamil. Many ivory fools would called this rojak. But they r our true Chinese M’sian identity – create & evolute within this land. How much local CAN u ask????

    Case in point – do u know why Mandarin was so prevalence in Taiwan, despite the fact that Fujian & Hakka r the two largest speaking groups. Simply bcoz these two groups don’t seemed to see the co-existential evolution of their dialects. Thus the Mandarin, a northern dialect, becomes the favour.

    Ditto, a slightly difference development of Cantonese in HongKong. There, the role of Mandarin, as played in Taiwan, was overwhelmed by the single-mindedness of using only one dialects, Cantonese, to conduct any daily activities. Everyone speak Cantonese, regardless of where’s yr origin.

    Anyway, I’ve digressed from the topic.


  15. HuaYong
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:11:59


    Nice to hear from you again, I still recall your marvelous rebuttal to Lisa Ng. I agree that CYC contention is sort of stereotyping but generally I think he is not far off the mark. The rojak element reflected who we are but that also consistent to CYC claim that if the debate was held in either English or Mandarin, we can’t debate that well. CYC did mention MOST in his statement “most Chinese educated guys do not necessary speak or have good command of Mandarin.” which I think is a fact.

    Mandarin is common in Taiwan because of KMT language policy, and we would see the same could happen to HK and Guangdong if the Cantonese Chinese don’t stand up against CCP that trying to impose the common language into everyone.

    That said, I still think dialect lack that comprehensiveness to become a mainstream language, that is why English remain the common language among HK academia and commercial, and CCP/KMT pick Mandarin as common language or Guoyu despite many can speak standard Mandarin. But culture and language is fluid, so nobody knows.

    Our “education style” is an interesting topic.


  16. HuaYong
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:14:41

    ‘despite many “can” speak standard Mandarin’, shd be ‘despite many “can’t” speak standard Mandarin’


  17. Nancy Foo LK
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 13:08:59

    I have read in Zorro blog that this MCA foul mouth female has asked what wrong she has done in the debate.
    Goodness gracious she did not even know what wrong she has done in the debate. This from a “CHIEF” in MCA la. It really amazed me how can this kind of “quality” female can become a “BELIOAWANIS ” chief in MCA. Now just answer one simple question for us. Why millions of malaysian chinese have migrated or worked overseas all these years and the number still increasing day by day? And you can bet that many many of them, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers went with a very very heavy heart. Since she is so good at blaring her foul mouth in public, Tell us what have you all so called chinese reps in MCA done?.


  18. CYC
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 15:26:05

    Anomie, sorry if my comment misguided you. To put it straight to the point, I m making a comparison between the Chinese and Malay (especially politicians)’s ability to debate or simply to speak in public. Obviously there are still many who speak and debate well. But the majority we have seen were really disappointing.

    I have no issue of mixing languages in our daily conversation but it is a fact that very often one tends to opt for another language/dialect during debate basically they have inadequate vocabulary to put the ideas across. This is a fact. In general, my comment was based on general majority.


  19. anomie
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 16:23:43

    This is no to put anyone down. The ‘grand debate” between Khairy and Rafizi held in London, is an exception rather than the rule.

    Khairy has put a lot of foot into his own mouth, while trying to spin in many occasions. There r obvious cases where he was just spoken blindly, simply bcoz it need to be seen to have said something.

    Rafizi is a totally different kind of fish. I can only hope that he could be turned into another orca, in the form of Hassan Merican, the ex-Petronas chief. It’s early day for him. The poison of money & power, within a control cartel, has yet get to him yet.

    ‘ is a fact that very often one tends to opt for another language/dialect during debate basically they have inadequate vocabulary to put the ideas across.’

    could hold some true, among many of the Mandarin speaking Chinese M’sians.

    But then there r many an instance that the mixing of multiple dialects/languages comes naturally to a Chinese M’sian. It happens SIMPLY bcoz this group of speakers have JUST unconsciously developed this ability into 2nd nature during conversation.

    Many foreigners r amazed by this liguastic ability of the Chinese M’sians. Noted that this phenomenon is NOT common among the other races of the M’sian family.

    So, it would be a sweeping statement to say that they have inadequate vocabulary to put the ideas across.

    Sometimes, an idea in one dialect/language has NO equivalent in another dialect/language. A forced translation would kill the true meaning of that idea totally, ie bodoh sombong has no proper equivalent in English or Mandarin.So, to retain the intended description, the origin of the word is been used.

    To an outsider, who is unfamiliar with the M’sia culture (a cauldron of multiple races) & who gained the understanding of the description through translation, would have formed an idea that the speaker has limited vocabulary.

    The true of the matter is he/she, the listener, is the one that has limited vocabulary!


  20. CYC
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 14:52:53

    The term of reference to put through our opinion was shifted once you categorized debate between Khairy and Rafizi as exception. I rest my case as i don’t know which is the right goal post. Perhaps, as a bystander i too have little or inadequate vocabulary to understand understand the issues in hand.


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