Late but still better than never!

I apologise for not being regular with writing these few weeks. I was just overwhelmed by the amount of work. There are so many foreign workers coming for official medical checkup (under the 6Ps) that most of my time is occupied with examing them, taking blood, and keying in the results online when the reports were ready. These besides the normal patients that I am still seeing.

So this might go on until next month, when the amnesty for foriegn workers ends.

Today i would like to write on the cowgate. It has finally been given the dues that it deserves.

CowGirl has finally resigned agreed to step down (Editor: the word resigned was changed because of the first 2 comments posted as both the commentators have rightly pointed out my mistake of calling this a resignation), after holding on for so  long, and her resignation might be too late to change people’s opinion now. If it was done when the whole  thing was revealed following the Auditor General’s report, it might have some impact that this government is indeed bent on tackling corruption. But coming now, it has given a perception that action is finally taken, not because of the principles involved, but more for trying to win votes in the coming election.  One wonders if not for the fact that there is an election, could it be that the whole thing would just drag on and nothing would happen?

Politically, the wanita is always the vangurad of UMNO. They are the ones that go house to house and talk to the women folks in kampungs. Their impact cannot be underestimated. That may be why the PM has dragged his feet for so long. After all, appointing ministers is his sole prerogative. The inaction may be due to the fat that he did not want to alienate the wanita’s support in case of a party challenge, which is very likely, if he does not perform better than 2008 in the next GE.

With this one issue put away, PM has dealt with his  most pressing outstanding issue.

With this, the chances of an election in late May or early June cannot be discounted.


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  1. ck
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 15:58:34

    The cow girl is not resigning. Her post ends naturally when her term of senator expires without reappointment.

    These r two different things.

    Resigning carries some honor, while waiting till the official term expires is just dragging the feet!

    If she resigned then she could never be appointed senator again, just in case another backdoor opening opens up.

    Furthermore, one losts the retire benefit while the other retains.


  2. CYC
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 15:59:32

    She is not resigning but her terms as senator expires on 8/4/12. She reluctantly does it out of no choice. Since when our minister ever resign voluntarily ?


  3. BeWildered
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 16:27:43

    This is just another event among the grand magic show by BN leading to GE13. From commercial marketing perspective, these are all so obvious and predictable. More goodies are to be rolled out, paralleled by some dicent actions like the one on cow gate to polish the image. Malaysians are politically naive and mostly are myopia in their political thinking. This is the underlying assumption of the BN strategy.
    With world level rating as the tail wind, the GE cannot be too far off.
    However, the key avalanches will be whether BN to be left with UMMO after GE13, with MCA going down the ditch just like Gerakan in GE12. Even with Pakatan maintain the five state control, it is still a lost to BN. And the end to AJK n CSL.
    None will know what is left in the bag of the magician. Will be the saw event next.


  4. Li Li Fa
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 22:43:06

    This time around, the cowgirl did not show any emotional and dramatic outburst, when she ‘tendered’ her ‘resignation’. Rightly said, “She agreed to step down”. Up to this point, what else could she do, but to give up her post as a minister.

    However, as to her Wanita post, she has to hold on dearly, supposedly by Ah Jib Kor who would have preferred that; in view of the coming 13th GE.

    Already, the former Wanita head has retorted that the cowgirl’s stepping down is not a resignation by an expiry of her senator term. Clearly speaking from the other faction within their own party and picking political bones or trying to skin the cow alive?

    Nevertheless, the cowgirl’s stepping down should be taken in a positive light because more will be exposed in due course. The truth shall prevail. Afterall, one by one, adulations have been given to the cowgirl that it was a sacrifice on her part. The opposition has been asked to emulate her act of sacrifice. But what is baffling is that many are still wondering what the sacrifice is.

    Many still cannot qualify to buy their own homes, especially in the low -income homeloan scheme promoted by the gomen. Less can even imagine owning condos in Bangsar, and other foreign lands.

    To the poor, the cowgirl and the condos are stories found only in poems where cows jump over the moon.


  5. BeWildered
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 23:35:15

    In simple terms, these are super thieves! If these happen in the USA, all the directors would hv been indicted for fraud. Not just one person. Look at the Enron case, and many other ponsy schemes, all ended up in jail, it does not matter who they were before, all are equal before the laws of the country. Malaysia clearly has failed consistently in this basic governance. An important point to consider in casting votes in GE13.


  6. Phua Kai Lit
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 08:17:29

    Not good enough.

    Every cent of (hard-earned) tax payer money should be extracted back.


  7. Wave33
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 15:36:01

    We want every sen paid back with interest.

    Even they took the money 250 million and leave it in the bank for doing NOTHING. Let say bank interest is 3% p.a., that is RM7.5 million in interest.

    Wow! Interest earn from it also can become millionaire.
    I just need Federal Government to loan me money interest free, in one year time, I’ll become a millionaire. Fantastic!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, paying back RM250 million is not got enough. Loan interest has to be included. There is no free ride to become a millionaire.


  8. Phua Kai Lit
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 21:44:10

    Hi Wave33

    “Loan” from the federal govt is one way to become a millionaire.

    Another way is through crony capitalist contracts that create private monopolies
    by fiat e.g. tried and true “rent-seeking capitalism” with monopoly on the supply of water to hapless consumers.

    And by the looks of it, a possible “third way” is through debasing the Malaysian ringgit through inflation and eventually to Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation with bank notes denominated in hundreds of thousands of ringgit).


  9. Kenny
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 12:44:16

    The cowgirl has sacrificed nothing even though moo-yidin claimed she sacrificed a lot. She’s leaving when her term expires. Granted that she could have got another term as a matter of fact but with elections around the corner everybody’s term will be up anyway, maybe as soon as May with elections in June.

    It’s still an uphill task to kick out BN with a grossly unlevel playing field and a biased referee but one possible way is to secure enough seats to induce parties in East Malaysia to defect. As Guan Eng said today, PR only needs 100 seats to win, the rest coming from E. Malaysia perhaps where loyalty to BN is never strong.

    It’s not ideal to form a govt through defections but I don’t see any other way. On top of a very unlevel playing field, BN cheats. The unlevel playing field can be overcome but it’s the massive cheating that really kills PR’s chances.


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