Stay focus and do not be diverted!

Last Sunday, there was a big gathering organised by the Chinese educationists to protest against certain perennial problems faced by the Chinese schools. At least 10,000 people attended.

Whether Malaysians agreed with the cause of the chinese educationists or otherwise, it is immaterial.  Since public gathering is an expression of public sentiments that is allowed under the Constitution, this means that we should all support the right to protest and gather in the context of Chinese education.

I am all for the existence of the vernacular schools since it is guaranteed under the Constitution. I also do not think that the existence of such schools is causing the failure of people to integrate better. What is causing the polarisation is actually much more complex and I have gone over that in the past.

Now back to this rally. the whole focus was supposed to be on the perennial problems of not enough teachers who can teach in Mandarin. This arises because there is no systematic training  of such teachers, despite the problems being there for more than 5 decades. Petitions after petitions  have been submitted, and ministers have come and gone, with each minister promising that the problem would be looked into. Alas, 50 years on, it has got worse, and many teachers who do not even speak Mandarin are now posted to chinese school.The Chinese educationists are afraid that this might lead to a change of character of the Chinese schools; in other words, although constitutionally, the existence of Chinese schools are now guaranteed, it might still go into oblivion if there are no teachers to teach in Mandarin.

The whole objective of this rally is to raise the awareness of the people on this issue. But the whole focus has since been diverted to an alleged attempted assault against one of the guests invited, the Deputy Minister of Education.

Although video  footage by the organisers did not show any attempted assault and 2 eye witnesses have come forward to talk to the vernacular press that what happened was someone trying to show the YB the ‘down’ hand sign as well as the middle finger, and this someone might have inadvertently touched the face of the YB because of all the pushing and shoving. There are many who used foul languages and shouting at the YB too, and allegedly some even threw newspapers towards his direction.

I do not condone this type of behaviour of using foul language and signs towards anyone, even those whom we do not like and we despise. Even though many in the crowd and in CHinese community have perceived that this YB has not done enough on this and other issues, that is still no way that we should show another person hand signs and so on.

Nvertheless, this actually gives the YB a taste of what people’s frustrations are towards this perennial issue, and being the 2nd man in charge, he should be able to come out with a more systematic way to train Chinese school teachers.

Now after the rally, this YB in fact held a press conference and informed the press that there was an attempt to assault him, even though the Selangor police too has denied that allegation.

Because of that allegation, he has inadvertently (even though some people i talked to thought that it was done on purpose, I think otherwise) succeeded to divert the whole attention away from the focus of the rally toward that alleged incident.

It is really a pity that this has become so. But given the negative views of many people against this blowing up of small issue to divert attention, he has actually done his party a disfavour.

The support of Chinese community, which is now estimated at about 15% only for the Big Brother, would never go back to the Big Brother given the wide spread reporting of this small-storm-in-a-tea-cup-blown-into-big-publicity-thing and which was not viewed favourably by most who sympathise with the plight of the CHinese educationists.


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  1. HuaYong
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 17:39:21

    when i first read wee did attend 325, i am really surprise and my salute to his very man (sorry for being sexist) decision on willing to face the issue unlike his coward boss, however the follow development make me almost feel like puking into this dickhead, his twisting of word is too infantile and childish, unbelievable how mca could turn into such low, truly unbelievable.

    ps/ hsu, is 90% chinese vote pr and attend chinese school a healthy trend?


  2. BeWildered
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 23:24:44

    There can be multiple perspectives on this.
    1. Deputy Minister Wee attendance and subsequent booing and foul language incident are all genuine human conduct given the long standing unresolved issue centering this gathering. But newspapers are newspapers, they sell sensation, not news, not thing which matters most. so, the punching is more sensational than the original issue. This has the public turning their stomach upside down.
    2. Theory of Conspiracy. Everything happened is calculated and orchestrated to divert the general public from the real issue to one which appears to be uncivil. Which gathering, other than those organized by the government is civil anyway. In this perspective, MCA has been successful to sideline the real issue and the main steam newspapers has been chunking out news and commentary focusing on the punching than the real issue. anyone thinking this kind of cheap diversion tactic will work is under estimating the intelligence and wisdom of the Chinese voters.
    Few things happen because of coincidence, most events are intentional, have its own agenda, designed and orchestrated to fulfill a purpose.

    It is a bit too late trying to come out with any proposal to solve this decades old issue in relation to win votes. Deep rooted disappointment becomes an attitude and this make things much more difficult. There is little trust left.
    Not sure Pakatan can solve this problem, but when people are hopeless, they are willing to try new things. What is there to lose! This is an very threatening attitude towards MCA/BN in the coming GE. But we wonder why MCA has failed to fix this since BN has been the ruling coalition in the last half a century?


  3. Dr Hsu
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 09:45:12

    to blame polarisation of ethnic groups on Chinese attending vernacular primary schools is not right. Just look at the sixties and early seventies. people of all races could then sit down in a coffee shops and chitchat. people mixed spontaneously without having to do so in open house context.

    My won experience then was that my wife’s clasmates, many of them Malay, could visit us and mix with us to eat out and so on, and we joined in their activities too. In those days, there was not only vernacular primary schools, but vernacular secondary schools too.. In universities then, people of all races could be seen mixing together in activities and some like my wife had a Malay roommates for a few years.

    If the theory that vernacular schools were a cause of polarisation, it would not be possible for people to mix well in universities then.. But they did mix quite well and you dont see the ‘birds of a feather flock together ‘ scene in canteens and so on that you see nowadays. (Do not forget at that time, they did not go to the same secondary stream like they do now).

    Nowadays, the mixing is so distant, and people are more aware of their ethnic origin, no thanks to government policies that go along racial lines.

    Nowadays, after primary schools, people all go to the same national secondary schools for many years, but still there is hardly any mixing in secondary schools.

    As for 85% of Chinese not supporting the government, it is BN’s own doing.(the 85% is from BN’s internal survey from various sources, I was told by a State Chairman of a BN component party recently).

    Remember those days in South Africa when most of the blacks wanted equal rights?

    In order for this to change, there is only one way of doing so, Change the system first and to do so you must try to let the other side come to power for one term first. Once the system is changed and racial policies are not so obvious, i am sure there will no more voting along ethnic lines. That is why I have always advocated policies that are based on social strata rather than ethnic background. This is the only way forward to achieve a true unity of all people.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 09:57:13

    If the YB has not alleged such assault, and just kept focus on the problems brought out in the Rally, he would have won accolade and praises, for it is no mean feat to ‘ purposely going to the hill that is infested with tigers” , ( the chinese phrase 偏向虎山行) .

    But now the opposite is happening… No thanks to make a small mole into a mountain.


  5. ck
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 10:03:18


    ‘…is 90% chinese vote pr and attend chinese school a healthy trend?’

    No to the 1st part & rubbish to the 2nd!

    But, the Chinese M’sians r resilient & practical in thinking. Sentimentality is only the 2nd nature as indicated in this Kajang rally.

    Right now, 90% (maybe more) vote PR, bcoz that’s the best remedy for the country’s current socio-political ills. The looming financial debacle that’s been forming in the near future, due to the irresponsible economical management, will force a lot of the rakyat to be in worsening living conditions than the current Greece!.

    The Chinese M’sians can only contribute this much, hopefully the Others, especially those that still sleeping under the tempurung, can be awaken & face the reality of the day.

    Now, what’s wrong with 90% of the Chinese M’sians attending ‘Chinese’ school?

    The ONLY wrong is yr interpretation of the so called ‘Chinese’ school! Let’s be frank, the vernacular schools (SRJK & SMK) r the stipulated RIGHT under the Federal Constitution. These scghools, with an environment that’s free for all, r more relevant & cohesive as an educational avenue for the school going children. Free from religious influence, learn multiple languages, better school discipline etc etc.

    Unless u r going to bring up the old grandmother story of segregation of school going children due to the learning of different medium of instruction.


  6. saint
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 18:03:55

    The minister is just diverting the actual problem – the actual shortage of Chinese (and Tamil) teachers for our schools. This manhandling is just an excuse for him NOT to discuss the actual problem – that is the lack of full time teachers.


  7. Li Li Fa
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 14:59:31

    Although the angy outburst of the people at the 325 gathering should not be condoned, I could understand the sentiments and build-up of frustration of the Chinese Educationists , parents and sympathisers for over 5 decades over the same issue. This lies responsibly on the respective ministry or ministries.

    This could well be a wake- up call to the concerned parties to pay heed to a very important matter in the development of education in the country.

    Furthermore, it is positively noted that many non-Chinese parents are sending their children to Chinese primary schools to learn Mandarin.


  8. Wave33
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 12:56:01

    I am at the crossroad, to say the aggressive behavior at 325 rally uncalled for. Yes, to a certain extend but it is necessary at least at a vocal point, as to vent out the chinese’s FRUSTRATIONS.

    It has been decades and NO forward coming solution from MCA, it is not a yesterday issue, society has their tolerance limit to wait for a solution, time just ran out on MCA. Unfortunately, Wee was there at the wrong place and the wrong time, the hill full of tigers.

    I would agree at least on the heckling and thumbs down for the Deputy Education Minister but nothing more than that. If people just sat down quietly without any emotion, Wee would have reported back to Chua, that everything is fine and under control and MCA can wait another decade to solve the issue. Hence, everybody seems happy as the MSM would like reporting. The water might been calm but the underlaying current is strong, Wee just had a taste of it and he deserve every bit of it, to be politically awaken.

    On the similar issue of electoral reform, after so many years of requests, the Rakyat just need to go to the street to show protest on Bersih 2.0. It is very likely Bersih 3.0 will happen looking at the snail pace and the reluctance of EC to take a responsible spontaneous action on it.

    I would not agree fully on the incidents of 325 rally, but at least the media attention is achieved and getting MCA to pee in their pants really speaks volume. MCA will have sleepless nights till the next 13th GE is called for and over with the last count of votes.

    MCA may you rest in peace.


  9. mycuntree
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 23:19:23

    Wee being booed off the gathering is nothing surprising under the present political/racial/religious climate. I would also not be surprised if someone actually delivered some real physical opinion onto Wee. The frustrations of the Malaysian Chinese are not limited to the education system alone.

    And we should not kid ourselves that the GOM, under the present regime, have any real intention or wish to ensure the interests of the Chinese schools are met. Unless those who are supportive of the maintenance and progress of these schools fight, and fight more vigorously, their expectations will never be met by the present GOM.

    For the truth is that for the last 40 years or so, this same government has been pushing every angle of the proverbial envelope to stifle the teaching and usage of the language. Is that a state secret?

    And the consistently timid reactions, from those who supported Chinese education for cultural and better quality education for their kids, to these efforts by the GOM/MOE has only encouraged those against it to play tai-chi with them.

    To claim that a common language would be inherent and indispensable to foster unity amongst the citizens; when the government is doing all it can to discriminate and segregate by “race” and religion; is one of the most absurd that can be made. And ex-Chinese, the likes of Ridhuan T is of no help, of course.


  10. colin tan
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 08:57:33

    when the good doctor went to the rally, did he expect to be kissed by the crowd ?
    what is in his mind first ? is the crowd going to cheer him or jeer him ?
    guess now he and his brothers in mca knows the sentiments of the chinese today
    anyone in support of mca ?


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