Tutus, leotards and decency

In the west, one of the most cultured things to do , apart from going to a Philharmonic concert, is perhaps seeing a Ballet performance.

In the past , most Ballet performances staged at famous concert halls require certain dress code for those who wish to watch such performances. Nowadays, the dress code thing is not so strict anymore, but it is still common to see men suited up and women in their best dresses when attending the concerts.

Ballet Tutus are those dresses worn by ballet dancers. It is so crafted so as not to hinder the fluid  movements of the dancers, and at the same time, to make the dancers look elegant  and slim, while not exposing any indecency.

So to ban a ballet performance by a Ballet Troupe is something that baffles sane  minds. According to Malaysian Insider, a Singapore  ballet troupe has been denied a permit to perform here due to their indecent costumes.

What is happening?

Are we so obsessed that we see everything in a sexual manner? 

Are Tutus indecent? What about leotards for the gymnasts and swim suits for the swimmers?

If Tutus are considered indecent, then perhaps we should ban Sea Games, Asian Games or even commonwealth games from being held in our soils.

In the west and many countries in the East too, people walk around in shorts and short sleeve shirts without even anyone paying any extra attention to them. Leotards and tutus actually covered more skin than such attires, are we going to ban short sleeves or shorts for girls? What is in the heads and minds of those decision makers who  make such ban?

It is all the minds.

If a person is  are  too sexually orientated, everything in his eyes will become sexual.

It is not easy to become a ballet dancer. One of my relatives who was quite a  ballet dancer in her younger days (she was trained overseas ), and who has a master degree in ballet dances, actually told me the hardship she has to endured. The bruises on her toes, the pain that hours of standing on tip-toe do to her, the tears that she shed in all the years leading to her being a full fledge dancer. Now even though she is teaching ballet, she is no longer doing any more ballet dances.

I hope this decision to ban a ballet performance will be reviewed, and let Malaysians have a chance to watch a performance by dancers who have to put in years of hardship and training. Except those sexists who think ballet dancing is indecent.. 

Is this indecent?

(courtesy from viveballet.tumblr.com)


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  1. Nick
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 16:37:59

    Bolehland is now run by mullahs and ulamas, and the stupid government is banning everything. Don’t worry, if you have money, just take a flight to Singapore or Jakarta and enjoy all the normal live performance shows. Lady Gaga due to perform in Jakarta on June 3rd. Personally, I don’t like ballets because I find it boring. But I will not discourage others who know how to enjoy these shows.


  2. Serious Shepherd
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 17:42:23

    “The statement by DAP Youth Chief Anthony Loke Siew Fook that Pakatan Rakyat can win 120 parliamentary seats in the coming General Elections, is an impetus to allowing them to form the next federal government. Calling it a change of government, it is in fact a cover for PAS to establish an Islamic theocratic state.” – MCA Youth Secretary-General Dato’ Chai Kim Sen

    It’s not even “Islamic theocratic state” right now and we are seeing ‘ban this, ban that’.
    I’ll take that “Islamic theocratic state” because while ballet performance will be banned, corruption will be banned as well, plus no lembu project inside a condo.


  3. BeWildered
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 23:52:21

    Too much focus on forms ans not substance. Too much emphasis on appearance and not the minds! This is consistent with most other styles of approach of official positions in relation ship to most things. Isnt it ironical that so much emphasis on religious values but rank high in corruption? Corruption, being the outcomes of greed, is one of the seven sins. I dare not claim to be religious, but I do not corrupt, and when I watch a ballet performance, I enjoy the performance itself, none other things enter the mind. Ina. It shell, being pretentious is core of our bolehland culture, like it or not.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 10:21:00

    The minister in charge did not know about the ban so probably the ban is from some napoleon acting on his own authority. That is the problems with many ministries and government agencies. In the Ministry of Education, I wonder whether the Deputy minister from MCA has any real say.


  5. HuaYong
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 10:45:02

    “I wonder whether the Deputy minister from MCA has any real say.”

    real say like bureucratic rhetoric (官腔)? this fella is my secondary classmate senior (学哥), i think he is still having the similar role when he was in utm, petty bragging of the symptoms and cant do anything about the whole system.



  6. Wave33
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 11:13:38

    I have no problem on the ban. Opps… hold your horses, let me finish.

    Muslim Malaysian are ban from Genting Casino – I support
    Muslim Malaysian are ban from punting on Da Ma Cai, Magnum and Sports Toto – I support.
    Female Muslim Malaysian are ban from being a masseur – I support.
    Female Muslim Malaysian are ban from being a GRO – I support

    Muslim are prevent from doing yoga exercise and poco-poco dance – I support

    Malaysian are ban from attending concert – I DO NOT support but I have no problem of Muslim being ban from the concert.

    Ballet Troupe is ban from Malaysia – I DO NOT support, just ban Muslim from attending.

    So Ladies & Gentlement, you get the drift? In Malaysia, we have non-muslim too. Where are the non-muslim rights and freedom?



  7. Li Li Fa
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 16:10:41

    It is a clear case of the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    The concerned minister is a supporter of ballet, but the people working under him are not. Supposedly, he is also appreciative of western culture and arts, but his subordinates are not. It is perfectly alright that they have their own interests. But to allow their non-preference to interfere with official duties in the light of disapproving the ballet show from Singapore, is surely an act hard to follow.

    KLPac had applied for approval a long time ago, and it was rejected. Of late, the minister said the show could go on. How can one follow the act?

    Maybe his staff is trying to steal some of the limelight on the stage of officialdom, or tis this a growing trend in the drift of the government’s attitude towards the performing arts which is often viewed through their amorous sensual eyes.

    This is perhaps the culmination of disapprovals of a slew of foreign singers and performers who are keen to add value to the performing arts in this nation. The performing arts scene in Singapore, has certainly grown by leaps and bounce.

    I am not surprised that from now on, shows will only be approved For Their Eyes Only.


  8. Penang Laksa
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 21:29:01

    In Malaysia, the government likes to impose a lot of restrictionsThey think that the people have no brains and can’t think for themselves. Likewise in kebangsaan schools(I teach in one), the little Napolean HMs like to enforce rules which are not relevant to non muslims e.g. girls have to wear long sleeves T-shirts for P.E., and they have to wear a singlet underneath their blouses even though they wear pinafores outside. Imagine in our weather, the girls have to endure all the discomfort! Everything has a sexual connotation. How narrow minded they can be.


  9. CYC
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 21:31:53

    When one’s mind is not well trained and even when a women’s body wrapped with hundred layers of cloth, he will still corrupt his mind with dirty and indecent fantasies. Cure the root cause and not the symptom.


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