Yearning for change

The Old Horse has urged the people to vote for a strong BN government so that after the elction, ISA can be brought back.

This is more the reason why we should vote for a  2 party system rather than give BN (or rather UMNO ) a strong mandate. It would only undo all efforts that the civil society has done  so far. whatever reform would come to naught.

As I see it, even though BN has the edge in the coming election, it can only win a simple majority and no more the 2/3 it craves for. OF course the simple majority would be because of Gerrymandering, something our Old Horse said is good– because it is good to keep the old system( and Old Horse’s old interest ) in place.

Bersih 3 may not have as big an impact as Bersih 2, according to a foreign news magazine( the economist by the way), but the sheer number of turnout makes it something that cannot be brushed off easily.

Most roads to Dataran Merdeka was so packed with people that day that even moving a short distance was a big effort, since there was literally little moving space. Even though the government estimated the crowd to be around20,000, i think more than 10 times the number attended the rally.

By its sheer number, its influence cannot be written off. If one participant can tell his story to 10 who did not attend, and influence these 10 people, it would already be more than 2 millions voters. What about those who stayed home, since Malaysians are generally a passive lot.  For one that attended Bersih, be assured that there are many who did not attend but share the same feeling– that there must be a fair and clean election.

I spotted among the crowd some members of component parties of BN. These minority aside, most who attended Bersih 3.0 would be those who wanted a better governance, starting with a clean and fair election. Bersih , to many in that crowd, means a clean government too, so it would not be wrong that most of these who came out of their comfort zones to show people’s power would not hesitate to vote for the opposition.

I would therefore be worried by the sheer number  if I am the PM. By words of mouth alone, these group would be a big influence on how people will vote. ANd a further worry is that among this group, there are simply too many youths of all ethnic groups.

2.3million youngsters are going to vote for the first time. Then there are many hundred of thousands who would be voting for their second time; their first time voting probably contributed to the tsunami of 2008.

It would not be wrong to say that most youngsters are anti establishment. Even though there may be some who would vote for the incumbents for whatever reason, majority of the youth wold probably be voting for the opposition.

Bersih 3.0 and the crackdown on participants also served to prove one point– that  there can be any number of reforms bills rushed through Parliamnet, if this is not practiced on the ground, whatever reform promises would just be too empty to be accepted by the middle ground. Thus the crackdown would have kept  the middle ground votes away from BN, even though the reformist posturing of PM is to try to win back the votes of some of these people. It is not wrong to say that the crackdown actually undid a lot of PM efforts in wooing the middle ground. 

All in, Bersih 3.0 serves notice that Malaysians are really yearning for change, and that this yearning is so great that it has overcome fear, something  which has driven many to vote for the incumbents again and again in the past.


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  1. BeWildered
    May 09, 2012 @ 15:38:18

    Great perspective in your article!
    If those in power place themselves at ground level, they have better chance to appreciate the sea of people on that faithful day and get the message. Unfortunately, most, if not all of them are in the ivory tower all the time. Even the PM walks the street, these are all make belief shows only.
    The disadvantage of organization like a government is that it has too many layers and too complex for those at the top to reach reality on the street. So, most of the things they say and do come across unreal, fanciful, self contradicting and often disgusting.


  2. mycuntree
    May 09, 2012 @ 17:05:23

    Dear Dr.
    My reading of what Mahathir say about the regaining of the BN’s 2/3rd, and the re-instatement of the ISA is a precursor of what is to come, should BN finds itself in an untenable situation; pre-post or even during the next election. UMNO/BN’s determination of ensuring itself a win during the next time around by whatever means is already manifested by its stealthy introduction of new and amended laws pertaining to the election processes. New and amended laws that a large majority of Malaysians are still completely ignorant of and not even a squeak in the MSM.

    I have reason to believe that the forthcoming election will be a complete sham and scam, a mother of all past elections shams and scams. Malaysians need to prepare for more difficult times ahead with this regime.


  3. Kai-Lit Phua
    May 10, 2012 @ 10:29:18

  4. klm
    May 10, 2012 @ 11:00:34

    If the foreign press said Bersih 3.0 do not have the same impact as Bersih 2.0, they were wrong, very wrong. Bersih 3.0 activated a lot of youths, more than before. This is Malaysia Spring. The fact that Ah Jib was demonising Bersih 3.0 and not Bersih 2.0 said that he is worried. And in Bersih 3.0 I see people that I do not expect. People who had made it and did well for themselves.

    The fact the Old Horse came out and make a silly statement is a sign of concern.

    If I am Ah Jib, I will be worried. Very worried.


  5. Wave33
    May 10, 2012 @ 11:28:54

    I would say the publicity created by Bersih 2.0 is much larger compare with Bersih 3.0. Publicity from MSM, without fail everyday for the pass one week before the launch of Bersih 2.0 on 9th July 2011, it is headline news in The Star. The fear it creates and the arrest before Bersih 2.0. Polis has very busy shutting down the capital city well before Bersih 2.0. Raiding the Bersih operation house and confiscating Bersih materials. So foreign press apparently tapped on these source of news.

    It term of success, Bersih 3.0 goes into The Malaysia Book of Records for the largest protest to date. I was shock by the numbers of turn out and the waves of sea in yellow. For one day Polis brutality goes into The Malaysia Book of Records for the number of cases photographed and videotaped as evidence.

    The publicity was mellow down, because idiots learn from their mistakes, of course some morons don’t. There was no daily headline news from MSM before 428. There was insignificant road blocks prior to 28th April. Demonstration was allowed but not in Dataran Merdeka. News is always on bad things, smooth flowing is not news.

    Best of all… No nasi beriani for the detainee, just because Khairy Jamaluddin did not come for the rally. Khairy, you are party spoiler.


  6. Dr Hsu
    May 10, 2012 @ 12:36:23


    From what I read of the situation, the conservative faction will use this Bersih 3 to pressure the more liberal faction in the Big Brother, and this will probably give rise to the ascendancy of the right wingers/conservative faction, with the Old Horse behind.. If ever BN wins, but less than 2/3, this faction will do away with reforms and the repercussion will be big. This is the faction that will go to any extent to keep their power..


  7. cencurut
    May 10, 2012 @ 13:37:50

    Dear Dr’,

    You’re right when you said that most of the youngster were anti-establishment… It’s a norm not even in Malaysia… but almost around the globe…

    Therefore… The Government should take this voice under consideration … or else .. ready to be struck with lightning twice… hehehe


  8. cencurut
    May 10, 2012 @ 13:44:35

    Dear Dr’,

    Your’s article is good… But the one who have the power had never got this insight… hahaha… it’s all because either he is deaf or because of all the man circling him that advise him to do otherwise… Hahaha

    By the way… in Malaysian case… lightning will strike twice … hahaha…

    Surely the 2008 tsunami’s will be coming back… if not on GE13 … maybe on GE14 or GE15…. the aftermath can’t be imagined….


  9. deadeagle
    May 14, 2012 @ 15:29:15

    Perhaps, the common Bumi will wake up only after Malaysia oil depleted, then BN will surely blame Pakatan and all those non bumi who migrated oversea for all the bad things in Malaysia!



  10. Kai-Lit Phua
    May 15, 2012 @ 11:05:51

    Dear Dr Hsu and blog readers:

    Here is a good discussion on right-wing ideology in the USA


  11. CYC
    May 15, 2012 @ 11:59:11

    TCY, the new BN head of Penang trying his very best to bait Penag lang again : Free port status only if BN wins. So, you see the real intention, for the benefits of Penang or just to gain back power. Throw him into the sea from Penang bridge lah.


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