Not everything has sexual connotation

Not everything has sexual connotation

I do not know how the saloons in KB are set up. I do not think it is any different from those in KL or Penang or any other town in Malaysia.

If they are like what is in KL, with glass frontage and bright interior, thenI do not see any reason to stop male from cutting female hair and vice versa.

(pic from

Why must everything be deemed to have sexual connotation?

Is PAS shooting its own foot again? When you are running a race, you dont stop and purposely saboatge your own foot when you are neck to neck with someone else, and the finishing line is just around the corner.

At this eleventh hour, it is best politically to maintain status quo and not come out with any controversial ruling or decision.

I hope PAs leadership should ponder about what I said in my last post: “Will PR become the proverbial rabbit” which was published in MalaysianInsider and  carried by MalaysiaToday, Malaysia Chronicle and LKS’s blog.


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  1. CYC
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:53:10

    This is not as interesting as the grand drama just unfolded by Deepak The Carpet Merchant and Musang The Ex IGP. Someone or some group is coming after Jibby’s throne. Yes, PR’s partners lack unification in objective but it seems BN has bigger conflict between those fighting for the “Dragon seat”. Ultimately it favours the Mahafiraun and he shall become the king maker once again, I guess.


  2. Wave33
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 00:30:16


    BN couldn’t care less, they already have fixed deposit in Sabah & Sarawak. It is now struggle for power, for the most power man position in Malaysia which is presently run by the most power woman in Malaysia. Hmm… UMNO might in turn, turn out to be the proverbial rabbit after all.


    PAS is not a political party on a whole, they are more on religious cult. Religion comes first before anything else. Their beliefs are, there is only ONE God, ONE Religion, ONE Rule and ONE people. It is a very theoretical approach but not realistic. If PAS continue to believe so, with wholeheartedly, one day it will become a fact. It is a self impose beliefs which is an excellent way to get oneself devoted while heavens waits for the judgement day with rewards.

    PAS is proud to have such devotees. It is idealistic. It is a hard way to learn that religion and politics does not mix. It is not power that induce PAS members, it is the faith of God that strengthen PAS at all cost.

    At the cost of kafirs.


  3. Li Li Fa
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 11:52:25

    Yesterday, I happened to be in the city and was caught in a traffic jam. On the rear screen of one of the vehicles, was a small poster that read, ‘PAS for the people’. This brings to mind that PAS wants the support of the people, and even cleverly designed this poster caption to capture the attention of the people. Almost like Nike’s- Just Do It.

    But what happened in Kelantan hair salon is an incident that triggers the people’s attention to evaluate what PAS is up to and really is, especially when the 13GE draws so near.

    Whatever said and done by any divisions in its party, or component parties of PR will affect the outcome of the result of 13GE. This clearly is not understood by the division heads, and grassroots of PAS, or is it a directive from the top. If it were, then PR is likely to waste its own time.

    In PR, Keadilan, PAS and DAP are but legs to a 3-legged stool. If PAS were for the people, which leg is more important?


  4. CYC
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 18:20:13

    The powerful woman finally met her worthy opponent, the Kutty. I would say Jibby has no choice but to delay GE till the last minute. Let sit down and enjoy this newest episode of “六国大封相”, an interlude before a Cantonese stage drama begins.

    From this, I see Jibby as the weakest PM we ever had in terms of political strategy and this explains why Rossy is seen as a powerful FLOM. Kutty had to use all his strength to chop off Sleepy Head that almost paralyzed BN, but he needs only a little trick to kick off Jibby now. His only concern is BN is so weak that he worried any over exertion of force may also destroy UMNO alongside Jibby. Kutty is no statesman but definitely a political strong man.

    Religion is a always a good political tool for those with an ulterior motive. Just look at how KTK organised the meeting between Jibby and Master Xing Yun which eventually been used as an endorsement of Jibby’s administration record and trumpeting BN’s religious tolerance stand. However, does KTK conveniently forgotten Pu Zhao Temple, a national Buddhist spiritual and administrative centre in Kluang was imposed with utmost unfair restrictions by Kluang District Office under the guidance of Johor State government. As a result, the project was delayed for more than 15 years. for your information, the most ridiculous condition initially inserted was no religious activity allowed in the premise. What does that mean if a religious premise is not allowed to carry out religious activity. So, do we still count on Jibby to promote religious tolerance. ( In fact, I hate to use the word tolerance as we should rejoice instead of just tolerate with reluctance.). To me, this is the greatest insult to Buddhists but KTK may differs since he is more learned and perhaps attained higher spiritual insight.


  5. A true Malaysian
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 11:29:05

    If this is the kind of Muslims Islam produces, what more can I say?

    In its truest sense, Islam is not like that.


  6. A true Malaysian
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 11:32:37

    Forget about KTK, he is not the man many Penangites used to proud of. He is a nobody without Umno.


  7. klm
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 14:37:41

    I think this religion is breeding a mindset that is truly disturbing. I do not think it has anything to do with sex. For some strange, weird and unfathomable reasons the fundamentalists or shall I say extremists are against the womenfolks and hell bent on segregating the man and women. The Kelantan barbershop ruling is just the beginning. If these extremists are not put in their place unthinkable things similar to the shooting of the 14 year old Malala in Pakistan is possible.

    This extremist thinking exists in both the Malay political party. It is more muted in UMNO because of the political pressure. Unfortunately, it is rearing its ugly head in PAS..

    I do not think voting BN will stop this ugliness. If UMNO wins the ugliness will rear its head as the constraint will be removed.

    So all reasonable people must put a stop to this. The moderates in the religion must stand up to the religious nuts. There can be no two way about it. The nuts must not be allowed to hijack the religion.


  8. MyCuntree
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 22:08:19

    There is no secret about the islamic agenda of PAS. Not in the past and certainly not in the future. If PAS has been fairly mute about its islamic agenda recently, i.e until this latest hair salon issue, it is because they are just that: On temporary Mute Mode. Certainly not because they have decided to forgo their agenda. PAS will, without doubt, raised its ugly heads even more once they have gained additional political power. Malaysians should not delude ourselves that PAS will ever change its religious and political aspirations. Their ultimate aim is still to make Malaysia an islamic state. Just think Saudi Arabia, maybe with a sprinkling of Pakistan and Afghanistan thrown in,

    My view is that this latest hoohaa by PAS is to remind Malaysians that PAS is alive and kicking, just like when one sent a long overdue “Howdy fellas” note to someone.

    In politics, the dilemma of many Malaysians who do not subscribe to PAS’s type of Islam or UMNO’s type of politics; is who to vote for when the choice is between PAS and UMNO/BN. My say would be to stick to the immediate and larger objective : The ejection of the UMNO/BN from the seats of political power in Putrajaya. PAS and political islam will have to be dealt with after that. Lets take it one step at a time!


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