We reap what we sow!

The west has a saying that ‘we reap what we sow’. Although I am not a Christian, I believe that this is mentioned in the Holy Book too ( Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap ).

In the East, the Chinese has a saying that ” if we plant melon, we get melons; if we plant bean, we get beans”. The Indians believe in karma which is basically a law of cause and effect;  the same as we reap what we sow. Buddhists too believe in Karma; we are what we are today because of our past deeds.

The problems that we are facing in Malaysia can actually be attributed to our past deeds.

As the nation progresses,  we have built more and more  infrastructure. Some are even world class and very impressive.  But as a former  Prime Minister had once lamented:  we have first class infrastructure but third class maintenance. We literally let things rot.

We have also formulated more and more rules and laws as the society becomes more sophisticated. Which is theoretically good if these law s are actively enforced.

The problem with us is that just like we do not maintain properly what we have built,  we do not enforce laws and rules strictly and  uniformly. We often see double standard in enforcement. Sometimes there are just no enforcement and you know why.

This was not so just after Independence.

When I was a young boy, my father had a Austin A40 car which was of course the pride of the house as at that time, few people owned cars. He was very careful at traffic junctions. I remember he telling me that in any junction with “stop-look-go” sign, the car had to come to a complete stop behind the white line drawn on the road. If the car has not stopped completely, even if there was no traffic, a person would be liable to be fined. If the car stopped but oer the white line, the driver would be fined too.   He was once fined just for that when his car’s front wheels went over slightly the white line.

The law was so strictly enforced at that time that some of the weeping  children would stop crying immediately  when mothers telling them that police was coming if they didnt stop .

But things started to change and we became more and more lax in enforcement. I suspect this might even be correlated and proportional to the increasing trend of corrupt practices.  Some probably have to do with our ‘tidak-apa’ attitude.

We have strict immigration checkpoints at all international airports. We have strict immigration check point at the causeway and second link with Singapore.  Law abiding citizens or foreigners would have to wait patiently to cross these checkpoints. Contrast this to certain border areas like Sabah, or even Northern part of Peninsular, where the border is so porous that many illegals have taken advantage of these porous borders to come and go as they wish.  What is the points of having strict checking at some points and no checking  at others?

We have done nothing when someone clearly has violated the law when he threatened to burn the Bibles. We have been quick to pounce on those who have no connections when they uttered things which are much milder and   less provoking and inflammatory.  We have even arrested an innocent journalist under the previous ISA ‘ for her protection’.

We have seen people breaking traffic rules with no action taken. We have seen foreign workers setting up stores to do businesses when they have no right to do so.  We have so many illegals in the country that we encounter them everywhere we go.

We have people who are not qualified for citizenship but were given citizenship freely for political reasons. On the other hand, we have genuine cases of those who are born here and stay here all their lives but still have their citizenship application rejected every time  they apply.

Because of selective and lack of enforcement, corruption practices have become common and pervasive. We have lost excellence in every field.

The incident of Sabah would not have happened if we have strictly enforced immigration laws.

I hope the Sabah incident would serve as an eye opener and wakeup call for the power-that-be. Malaysia needs to have better enforcement of the hundreds of laws and rules that we have passed and implemented.

For Malaysia to achieve a First World Status, we need a complete overhaul of the system and the mindsets.

We need change, real change not cosmetic ones, to move forward!!

This article is also published in The Malaysian Insider here.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mmc
    Mar 10, 2013 @ 23:10:59


    UMNO is he law. President preaches moderation in front of international audience. His UMNO members behaviour is no less than thuggish using violence to disrupt ceramahs. They even have the temerity to try to barge into Chief Minister office. Complete silence from the President. And what did the Police do?
    If PR commits similar acts, they will be charged in courts in record time.
    You guys, still wanna believe in this PM?


  2. Li Li Fa
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 00:14:32

    Your posting reminded me of the time frame taken by the authorities in response to the armed intrusion of Sabah. If I am not mistaken, they took over three weeks to send in the guardians of the law. There was a lot of finger pointing, and passing of the bug which eventually landed in the hands of the police. As a result 8 uniformed personnel were killed. May their souls rest in peace and their bravery will always be remembered by all Malaysians.

    But when fellow citizens took to the streets carrying water bottles and salt, there was an almost immediate response in the form of brutality so viral on the internet.

    The disparity in the time of response between these two events, has a lot to tell about the motive and attitude of those in high places.

    I remember many years ago, a person of high authority swore that he would stain the kris with Chinese blood. Today he has to shed tears to defend the sovereign of the Sabah.

    Karma at work?


  3. Simple Sense
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 12:22:04

    In California, Stop-Look-Go and complete stop at any stop sign is still enforced! So is every other traffic law and other laws!
    In Malaysia, it is very difficult for the police or any law enforcement to do their job right, because their political bosses are the first to violate the laws, starting with the stop sign violation. If a policeman cannot summon his political bosses a simple traffic violation, what else he can enforced? There are good policemen who had been marginalized for doing their right.
    It is the fault of Dr. M dismantling the independence of the juridical system in order to fast track his ambition. That will be cited as the biggest political catastrophic move in the history of Malaysa.
    Now,we are reaping the foul of what has been sow!


  4. Taikohtai
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 08:19:03

    Warmest greetings once again to you Doc,
    So what I had hope for is becoming a reality. LKS contesting in Johore as veteran Generals of Pakatan ignore their own cushy positions but going all out into the battle frontlines to wage the mother of all battles. Wow!
    I was back in Malaysia in Jan but couldn’t find the time to drop by your clinic in KL. Nonetheless, the common topic amongst old friends was inevitably politics. I was most heartened to note that the majority of my once docile Malaysian colleagues are now ‘up in arms’ against the corrupt BN. May be its their age, may be its the dwindling opportunities for their children, may be it was their comparison of friends and relatives who have left for foreign shores, I don’t know. But this political awakening augers well for the future now that Pakatan has proved themselves to be more than a capable alternative. Your thoughts please, Doc.


  5. Dr Hsu
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 16:13:35

    Hi Taikohtai
    You are right. In the cities, PR is going to sweep the seats. It is the rural seats that worried me. I spoke to my cousin in Sarawak, people in Sarawak too wanted to vote for change, but the PBB areas are still tough..

    Without the unbalanced weightage given to rural areas, i think PR would win. But given the weightage in rural areas, I think it is still 50-50. BUt it is always good to be the underdogs.

    Kit Siang ‘s decision is good. It is in Johore that PR will gain most seats. I think LKS make a right choice, the area he is going to contest is a 50-50 seats, since it is a mixed seat, and his presence would swing cotes to make it an extra seat for PR, and influence the voters in the State too to vote for change.

    The big gun like Tony Phua, Liew, etc should follow the example, since their areas are very secure.. In PJ (Tony Phua’s seat), you can put any one there and still win, since the wind for change is so strong there.

    In Penang, PR needs some new faces, but as i have said before, PR will prevail in Penang, and Selangor too.

    It is in Kedah that PR is facing a tough fight, and that is the reason why PAS made those statements like implementing hudud and so on, so as to attract more Malay votes, since Chinese votes are quite secure. PAS’s stress on Islam recently should be viewed in this context, and it needs rural Malay support to win, and it is true that some rural Malay votes have gone back to UMNO, and thus the posturing of PAS leaders.. In politics, leaders make statements witha reason, and they dont simply do it without thinking of support and consequences.


  6. taikohtai
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 21:24:36

    Terima kasih for sharing your thoughts, Doc and I sure share your cautious optimism. I didn’t quite realise that the jury is still out on the rural Malay sentiments to such an extent, so your insight is most appreciated. As for Sarawak, hopefully the Global Witness expose can offer more even level playing field albeit kacang putih by Pek Moh’s account. Most interesting times you guys live in.


  7. CYC
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 12:22:57

    Gelakan reaps what it sow. With a dick head backdoor minister in charge of Interfaith Council is a disaster. Tanda Putera can be screened in private ? So, CSL’s porno video also can be screened in private lah? Princeton U should retract his PhD. Sial sui. 百无一用是书生。。。。废材。。The whole bunch of self claimed elites must be wiped out , 一个也不能留,以免危害家国。


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