The fate was sealed!

After 308, while I was still a member of Gerakan, I voiced out the concern that the party was fast losing its relevance since it has not been able to bring about a change in the policies of BN government to be  more in line with the party’s ideology of a fair and equal society.

I argued that by losing its base in Penang, and becoming a party with only 2 parliamentary seats, it could no longer hope to bring change since if it could not be effective after 2004 with 11 elected MPs (out of 12 contested)  how to be effective with only 2 MPs left?

I also predicted that in the next GE, some of its seats as well as that of the MCA will be taken away and ‘loan’ to other component parties, including the BIg Brother.  This move would of course erode the power of these 2 component parties, since political power emanates from the number of seats a party has. The smaller the representation, the weaker would be the power. (The word ‘loan is actually an euphemism for  ‘surrender’.)

As things stand now, it is likely that MCA is going to ‘loan’ a few seats away. One is Kuantan, the other would probably be Gelang Patah, and the third might be Wangsa Maju.

 With that, even before GE has started, it has lost about 10 % of its seats to the Big Brother without a fight.  How is it going to represent what it has set out to represent, when it cannot even retain its own seats?

When a person cannot even fight for the interest of his own party, how can he and his party fight for the interest of the people? How can it still remain relevant? How would the electorates view this lame surrendering of power?

While the head of the party may say that  this is done in the spirits of the Coalition, the fact that this is still a coalition of parties means that a head of a component party must try to get as much seats for the party in order to have a bigger say within the coalition, rather than surrender a few seats lamely to the BIg Brother. Furthermore, in Kuantan, in Gelang Patah, in Wangsa Maju, whether the candidate is from UMNO or MCA  is really immaterial, since whoever chosen to stand will be contesting under BN’s logo.

By ‘loaning’ its seats, it is harder for the party to get a better result than the last GE. SO would the earlier announcement that the party would withdraw from government if it does not do better than 308 still valid, even if BN wins?

 Would this 10% less of contested seats be used as an excuse not to honour the early stand that if the party cannot gain a better performance than last election, it would not join the government?

Some one from that party told me that the fate of the party was sealed when members elected this person to be the president.  He has hit the nail right on its head!


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  1. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 15:32:30

    Gerakan has been further downsized from a “mosquito party” to a
    “gnat party” !

    We outsiders can’t help wondering how its members can continue to tolerate being “led” by someone who could not even retain his own seat in the
    GE of 2008.


  2. chanjoe1
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 17:54:20

    very well siad Doc…..Indeed the fate of MCA, Gelakan, MIC are very well SEALED!!! Its funny some seats are even surrendered to even smaller parties like PPP. I just cant wait to see if they can withstand the People’s might to send them to oblivion. News of CSL going in for a final kill to prevent his previous staunch enemy from contesting is just out. lets look at the Heads of some Bn parties….MCA, Gelakan heads are not contesting and so much also for the MCA Wanita head who had to beg Malacca People to say Yes….all are headed for the old folks home as retired politicians……

    This round, People Power is so strong and the Wind Of Change is continuing to blow even further soiuth and hopefully to the East (Sabah)…and Sarawak had shown the change…

    It is really the B…eNd…

    Inikalilah…Change & Ubah…


  3. Foo
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 18:17:44

    Why keep the charade of “coalition” when everyone knows only UMNO matters? Oh, I forgot, even crumbs that fall from UMNO’s table still translates into hundreds of millions ringgit…..


  4. Sam01
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 19:48:22

    The Chinese are supposed to be a superior race, with intelligence, foresight and ability to excel under any circumstances. But here we find the Chinese in Gerakan and MCA behaving like eunuchs. Or clowns.
    The presence of MCA and Gerakan in BN serves no purpose at all.


  5. CYC
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 20:38:27

    Looking at the Gelakan list of candidates, all as good as KTK. What else can the voters ask but to write them an early farewell letter.
    As for MCA, may be that is a master stroke by pornstar to auction the billions ringgit assets sooner and elope to Holland. Perhaps, this is his aim to put his son as trustee of these assets.,….


  6. Simple Sense
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 23:13:47

    The passege of time shapes all things.
    I am patiently waiting for the results of GE13, this will confirm the future of Malaysia one way or another, and history in the making.
    If BN wins, means same outcome as GE12, then Malaysia will continue down the path as we all know. Good or bad depends on what your moral value set is.
    If Pakatan wins, means more states come under their control and also majority in the parliament, then let see if they can work together and make one pivotal change to eradicate or reduce corruption.
    The fact that MCA,GERAKAN and MIC appear to hv shrunk in size even before GE13 deliver the message that racial politics soon become irrelevant ! Remember the topic on class based politics versus race based politics. UMMO has more seats does not mean UMNO can win more seats, it just means UMNO gives itself higher priority than its partners.
    GE13 is shaping up to be equally exciting as the Presidential Election in USA, 2012.


  7. A true Malaysian
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 00:31:50

    Instead of ‘loan’ the 3 seats to Umno, it should MCA is being ‘forced’ to forgo the 3 seats by Umno. The rational is Umno is fully aware that MCA can no more deliver Chinese votes to BN, and, to put Malay candidates in the 3 seats, especially Gelang Patah, could get more Malay votes to BN, and BN chances of winning will be higher.

    By virtue of this, MCA CSL ha no guts to admit this at all, i.e. MCA is no more relevant the the Chinese. Instead he used the word ‘loan’ instead of ‘surrender’.

    On the other hand, it’s an opportunity for the Malays to tell Umno and BN that they are equally sicked of racial or communal politics of Umno, MCA, MIC, and at a lesser extent, Gelakan, which don’t even dare to stand firm on its multiracial ideology.

    So, I sincerely appeal to fellow Malay Malaysians to vote out Umno, MCA, MIC, BN of Putrajaya. Being the majority race, the Malays should lead other races to end racial politics of Umno / BN. As what the previous post of this forum, make this GE13 a referandum to end racial politics.


  8. taikohtai
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 21:24:08

    Good evening Doc,
    Lets have a bit of fun guessing the winner for GE13 and the number of seats won. Winner gets to claim a bottle of Australian Red Wine Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon that I shall drop by your office in June. Let me start the ball rolling:

    Pakatan 120 BN 102


  9. Li Li Fa
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 21:54:45

    I cannot help but feel that the Presidential Election and all its American flavoured practices that are practised in the USA, seem to have reverberated onto this tropical shore.

    Let us examine how one ardent BN friendly newspaper reported that the speech made by the current care-taker PM, before he declared dissolving Parliament, was akin to the USA Presidential address at their State of Union Address. I almost fell off my chair reading this.

    Let us also examinine another case, when the current care-taker PM, walked from his office to the Press room to officially announce that Parliament was dissolved. The style, pomp and pageantry was so similar to the gait and walk of any USA President who boldly walked down the aisle as he make a nation-wide address.

    Yet, another case similar to that of the Predential protocol, is that the wife of the current care-taker PM is also known as FLOM, First Lady of Malaysia. Since when this nation has a FLOM and an office attached with it. All along I thought the Raja Permaisuri Agong is ranked higher than that foreign styled salutation.

    Perhaps, one can also discern that the impending GE13 has evolved into a two coalition confrontation, almost just like the Democrats/Republicant parties.

    And also, many have referred to the current care-taker PM and his care-taker ministers as incumbents, which is an American term describing the Senator who runs for office but has not resigned from tsenatorship. The Malaysian Parliamentary set up is not the same as that of the American Senate. Here we not have incumbents and currently, since Parliament has been dissolved, there is no more a government or cabinet or PM. There are no incumbents in the Malaysian Parliamentary system, as compared to the American style. But many would want to address the care-taker government as the incumbents, which should be by right considered as a misnomer.

    May be someone could enlighten why this kind of phenomenon is happening in the Malaysian experience.

    Coming back to the term used by the Gerakan head: ‘loan’ instead of ‘surrender’.
    or ‘give up’. This reminds me that the ‘incumbent’ is helping himself to a spoonful of sugar, to make the medicine go down well for him to soothe the stress, strain and segregation imposed by the Bigbrother.


  10. Dr Hsu
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:38:30

    either way, it would be around that figure, in my opinion. My analysis shows that BN may have an upper hand, but my heart says:

    PR 118 BN 104

    Let’ hope my heart wins over my analysis.

    You are welcome to drop by…


  11. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:49:31

    Dear Li Li Fa

    No surprise.
    Their political consultants are American.


  12. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:52:06

  13. Smith Penang
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 11:59:50

    Source from DSAI inner circle
    In Penisular Malaysia alone PR could win up to 108 seats
    PR 123 BN99


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