A matter of maneuvering

OTK was not on the list of MCA candidates. There were earlier rumours that he would be fielded directly by BN.

OTK is one of those in MCA who still command some respect by the people. He is perceived to be a person of integrity. Many of his constituents view him as a sort of hero that dares to stand up; a  durian with  seeds, so to speak.

When announcing the list of candidates, CSL urged MCA members to put the party interest before self, and urged those who are not selected to be candidates to continue work hard for the party.

This is urging members to do something   that he does not practice. If he has taken party interest into consideration, he would have retained OTK, despite the latter been his arch rival, as Ong is one of the few remaining winnable candidates left in the party; someone who can beat back PR’s challenges based on his own merits, and not based on Big Brother’s help to get votes.

But apparently, CSL either thinks that he is above the party so his interest should come first or he has some other plan in mind. Other memebrs  must put the party interest above self, but not in his case.

The perception among the people is now this: by dropping OTK, and one of Ong’s perceived ‘former’ supporters, Vice president Gan, he hopes to consolidate his hold on the party. Never mind that the party will lose  more political clout by  surrendering  lending some seats to Big Brother; as long as his list  consolidates his power and beats off potential challengers in the next party election, who cares whether the party gets less seats? Only by holding on to the party’s helm , can a personal dynasty be created, and buys time for the junior to come up.

One cannot help to wonder whether the surrendering lending of a few seats has something to do with the  elimination of Ong from the candidate list.  If there is really such a trade off, or even a perception that there is such a trade off, MCA is going to lose even more votes. Already everywhere I go since yesterday, people are shaking their heads in disbelief that a head of a party can go to such an extent to finish off his arch rivals.

I hope OTK will not stand as an independent. I hope he put the big picture before himself. Otherwise, a three corner fight would only benefit you-know-who.


One piece of good news coming from the BN list is that Ibrahim Ali has been dropped despite the open endorsement by the OLD MAN. Both have done more than any other person to fan racial sentiments.

PM has done 2 things to ‘piss’ off the OLd Man. Dropping Ibrahim Ali is one, naming Khairy again as a candidate is another.

It is clear that he is putting many of his own men up this time. By dropping many of the old timers , some aligned to the Old Man, he is actually putting his head on the chopping block for a last gamble.

If UMNo wins more than 2008 ( I refer to UMNO alone , and disregard  the component ‘mosquito” parties, since these would have no influence on UMNO politics), PM would have a more independent say and the OLd Man’s influence would become smaller. If the BIg Brother wins less than 2008, then expect a fierce internal fight to oust PM. This is of course on condition that BN wins the election; and there is a good chance that BN may lose.

I have told a foreign diplomat who is amazed by the politics of Malaysia that Malaysia is the classic textbook for learning dirty political maneuvering and tricks. What CSL and PM have done is really a matter of maneuvering for the respective consolidation of their own power.


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  1. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 10:57:03

    1. Comrade Stalin was the champion at this brand of “palace intrigue” politics.

    2. I still think the power of the Old Horse is over-rated. He’s more like the Wizard in the land of Oz. Remember he could not even get elected as an UMNO delegate for Kubang Pasu during the days of Abdullah Badawi ?
    Stuff like the Sabah RCI proceedings (counter-strike by the FLOM?) would weaken the Old Horse even further.


  2. Richard Loh
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 13:36:56

    “What CSL and PM have done is really a matter of maneuvering for the respective consolidation of their own power.” This sum it all. Voters must wake up to these type of leadership…self interest over nation and rakyat.


  3. Simple Sense
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 14:46:06

    Maneuvering is often the tactics to fulfill a strategy. Maneuvering for personal power while putting the good of the organization at higher priority reflects genuine leadership, an example is what Lim Kit Siang has done. He is moving to a higher ground to let other member/ candidates to follow. He may fall down and end his own political career,but his move has definitely fueled courage to many candidates of his party. If he wins, it adds to his legacy n he becomes the legend, something the Old Horse tasted as sour grape.
    The maneuvering by Najib is not bad, he did put UMNO priority parallel to his while taking a swipe at the old horse.
    The maneuvering by CSL is ugly! And it only tells of a man who bears extreme grudges and put himself way above the priority of the party. MCA will be wiped out in GE13 because CSL has violated the key principles of waging war in accordance to Sun Tze Art of War. Giving up seats and putting down OTK create internal disunity within MCA….this is MCA self destruction in the making.
    In GE13, the fate of BN now all rest on UMNO! How interesting.
    Throughout history, victory or defeat often the outcome of maneuvers based on sound principles or skewed ones when the opposing forces are near equal.
    The I.A. is a poison pill, a tainted character nobody dare to touch.


  4. klm
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 14:55:58

    Najib is too insecure to call Chua Soi Lek’s bluff to resign if OTK is field as the candidate for Pandan. By not making a stand, BN has lost one seat. This is not a bad thing after all. There is silver lining in this storm cloud. I doubt OTK will stand as an independent. His chances of loosing the election is high. In this election, it is driven by BN or PR. There is no room for independent.


  5. Li Li Fa
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 16:15:16

    Political maneuvering is an essential tool to avoid the hazardous political land-mines for survival and also to further one’s cause.

    But having to resort to political lows is not worth the voters thought, following, and confirmation. CSL maneuvers for personal survival, political enmity, and be always on the political rada of the BigBrother. Now that he is not slated, he thinks the same should go to his arch enemy.

    A former PM maneuvers also because of political survival, going below the belt, into the racial slurs, intimidation, threats, and incitement which can ‘blow’ up the whole electroral process. Someone has got to put a stop to this.

    But LKS maneuvers on an open fighting ring, gentleman to gentleman combat, not using underhand tactics to lure votes, to fight for survival and to further his cause for a fair, just, righteous election for the general good of the populace.

    The people knows and will be careful of all the maneuverings.


  6. serendipity hopeful
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 00:59:41

    Doc, you should have kept the word ‘surrendering’ instead of striking it out. That is a more apt description of what MCA has done.CSL knows what this ‘lending’ would mean to MCA, for the Sabah government was stolen by UMNO from the Kandasuns in the same manner. He knows but he doe not care. This is how much he loves MCA. And there are Chinese who still believe in him.

    Najib did not pick Ibrahim Ali but he appeased the Old Man by picking Zulkifli Noordin. Even if BN wins more than 2008, Najib will still be as fearful of Mahathir as he is now. Mahathir wants his son to be the next mentri besar of Kedah, see what Najib did. We can only speculate what Mahtahir has on Najib to make Najib so fearful of him.


  7. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 07:59:34

    Once “loaned” (i.e. surrendered), it will never be “returned” !

    e.g. The Minister of Finance portfolio was once held by MCA politicians
    such as Tan Siew Sin. Then, beginning with the Old Horse, it became the
    the personal fiefdom of the PM. This was continued by AB and now the 1PM.


  8. Li Li Fa
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:18:23

    Dear Phua Kai Lit,
    Can’t agree with you more. Those days, the MOF under Tun TSS was well guarded like the Treasury in US. But now at the PM’s office, taxpayer’s funds are used as hand-outs. Are we heading to the likes of Greece?

    Let the people decide in the coming GE13.


  9. A true Malaysian
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:22:44

    I am appalled till now, Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan still don’t realise the right thing to do, to correct their past bad deeds, is to do the right ways. They are no more stand for what their names stand for. No wonder they are respectively stand for :-

    Umno – U Make the Nation Out-of-date
    MCA – Make Chinese Angry
    MIC – Make Indian Cry
    Gerakan – Gelakan

    While MCA, MIC and Gelakan realise they are no more ‘relevant’ to what their names stand for, and that’s part of the reasons they ‘loaned’ their seats to Umno, Umno hasn’t realised at all they too becoming lesser releant to the Malays, where their name stands for.

    Many people still have this perception that rural Malays still support Umno, as if these rural Malays do not know how to think rationally, I do not perceive so.

    Rural Malays of 308 GE are no more with the same mindset. They will give Umno a rude surprise to Umno. A very hard knock on their stubborn heads. A retribution of sort for their evil deeds, a combined efforts of all true Malaysians.

    We just wait and see 505 polls results.


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