Simple logic

This is a story told to me.

An old lady who went to collect her RM500 under BRIM proclaimed ” Thanks DAP; Thanks Pakatan” immediately after collecting her money. The person who gave her the money immediately told her that this money is not from PR or DAP but from BN.

The old lady retorted:  “if not for PR who is now so strong, would you even think of giving us this money? If not for DAP, would BN even think of giving away all these to help to gain votes? SO I have to thank DAP and Pakatan”.

What she uttered is simple logic which not all recipients of BR1M realise. The money is also not from BN but from the pockets of taxpayers.

There are many benefits of a 2 party system, but to the layman like the old lady mentioned above, perhaps the most important part is that they are no longer being ignored. Suddenly both sides realise that they need to implement people-friendly policies.  Both sides need to gain  support which either side can no longer take for granted.

As a neutral commentator mentioned in this blog not too long ago, PR has not done too badly in governing Penang and Selangor. So why not give them a chance at the Federal level?

Give them a try for 5 year; we have given the other side almost  56 years, so why not try the other one for once? If they are no good, boot them out 5 years later.