Simple logic

This is a story told to me.

An old lady who went to collect her RM500 under BRIM proclaimed ” Thanks DAP; Thanks Pakatan” immediately after collecting her money. The person who gave her the money immediately told her that this money is not from PR or DAP but from BN.

The old lady retorted:  “if not for PR who is now so strong, would you even think of giving us this money? If not for DAP, would BN even think of giving away all these to help to gain votes? SO I have to thank DAP and Pakatan”.

What she uttered is simple logic which not all recipients of BR1M realise. The money is also not from BN but from the pockets of taxpayers.

There are many benefits of a 2 party system, but to the layman like the old lady mentioned above, perhaps the most important part is that they are no longer being ignored. Suddenly both sides realise that they need to implement people-friendly policies.  Both sides need to gain  support which either side can no longer take for granted.

As a neutral commentator mentioned in this blog not too long ago, PR has not done too badly in governing Penang and Selangor. So why not give them a chance at the Federal level?

Give them a try for 5 year; we have given the other side almost  56 years, so why not try the other one for once? If they are no good, boot them out 5 years later.


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  1. klm
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 14:48:27

    Simple irrefutable logic. We cannot go on like this. Going down the road with the same party is not going to change anything. Let the other party try for 5 years.


  2. Ming
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 20:41:20

    All the traits of bad governance, exacerbated by unfettered corruption, are systemic in all the tentacles of UMNO. It would take them 55 years to dismantle these, iff they have political will to change for the better.
    Lets take them UMNO down in 9 days’ time.


  3. A true Malaysian
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 11:20:17

    Yes, simple logic tell us who to vote this 505 GE. We need not go far deep inside to ‘korek’ in order to decide who should we give our votes to.

    Umno kind of people, untill this very moment, still treat this country as their grandfathers’, which mean they can do what they like, not bother what others think. That’s why untill now they still feel no shame in the whatever they do, and of course no such thing as ‘repentence’ in them.

    We all know this ‘naturally’, if I have to put it this way. But, I, till now, still wonder why people like KTK, CSL, SV, TCY, THN and their followers can accept what these Umno people do. Are they different breed of human or what?

    Pakatan Rakyat is on the way to Putrajaya. It’s an awakening for all Malaysians.


  4. Simple Sense
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 12:41:02

    What BN did in the last 18 to 12 months is knee jerk reaction by ditching out money to ordinary citizen under all kinds of disguise. In the right context, only socialistic and communist government have the practice of giving out cash and direct assistance to its citizen in enbloc manner. This is not good governance but loss of vision and direction. The old lady is correct, all these mega stars concerts and 1000 tables banquets and parties are part of the knee jerks reaction to the formidable challenge from Pakatan. 308 has been like a ghost from a nightmare, refusing to go away. BN is going through a trauma of a rude awakening while the old horse still desperate to push his personal ambition at the expense of national interests.
    Will Pakatan win enough seats to be the new tenant of PutraJaya?
    I am told that majority of the Malays in Johor still entrenched in supporting BN. Pakatan only stands a chance in areas where non Malays are majority.
    How about Perak and Kedah?
    Is there creditable public poll statistics in Malaysia to give some weather forecast on this?
    My own assessment is the overall outcome is similar to 308, may be the mix may be different in terms of states under BN or Pakatan control.
    This is the era of the underdogs in politics!


  5. A true Malaysian
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 15:48:30

    “Is there creditable public poll statistics in Malaysia to give some weather forecast on this?”

    As long as the electoral processes and procedures are not ‘bersih’, no one can give a reliable forecast.

    As I said previously, don’t misjudge the Malay voters. They are human beings too. Decency is still in them that will tell them which side they are going to vote this time. Unless the ‘negative’ forces of the devils outweigh the ‘positive’ forces of decency, then,……

    The congregation at Putrajaya mosque last Friday indicated to us what I wrote above, don’t misjudge them, decency is in them.


  6. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 17:44:48

    I think the Merdeka polls are quite good.

    But again, only if the respondents are willing to tell the truth (especially on sensitive issues)!


  7. taikohtai
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 12:01:22

    Exactly my sentiments Doc.
    I think there will be a big surprise in store for Malaysians when the outcome of GE13 is known. I think the groundswell is already of epic proportions and shall just propel Pakatan right across the line as the BN cookie crumbles…………


  8. CYC
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 09:39:45

    Every time when Bn approves something that relates directly to the Chinese community, the press will term it as a gift. I am felt insulted by such degrading statement as though we don’t deserves it but just a pitiful handover from the govt. Worst still, our so called idiot leaders such as KTK and CSL echo the statement and ask the Chinese to be grateful. I say enough is enough, these dick heads must be wiped out from our political arena as they don’t even have the minimum dignity and integrity to be even a Chinese let alone a leader.


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