PAS=DAP why not?

The public spat between certain DAP and PAS leaders on the issue of Hudud should not be viewed emotionally. Hudud is not going to happen any time soon, even  if PAS wins all its allocated seats in this GE.

PAS contested around 70 seats this time–correct me if I am wrong– and that is just around 1/3 of total seats. Even if they win all their seats (which of course is impossible), they cannot implement Hudud since it is not in  the common policies agreed upon by all three partners of the coalition.  To implement Hudud, a party needs to have more than 2/3 of support in Parliament, because that is the mandatory requirement to amend our Constitution.

In coalition politics, for example in Germany and many other countries,   it is what is agreed upon by all partners  that will form the basis of rule.

Both PAS and DAP leaders have said time and again that they have agreed on 95% of issues and that will form the basis of their policies when PR wins and start their administration. The other 5%, including Hudud, would not be implemented since it is not agreed upon by all 3 partners, and it is not in their common platform.

The public ‘spat’ or rather disagreement  should be viewed positively and shows that there is no one dominant force within the coalition. It goes to show that in PR, the three components  are equal partners, and no one is going to dominate over another.

This contrasts with BN which has nominally many component parties, but in actual fact, there is only one dominant force, The Big Brother. What the Big Brother wants, it becomes BN’s policies, the Big Brother gets. Other components are no more equal partners, but merely there to lend legimacy to the Big Brother.  Where were Gerakan and MCA and MIC when DR M announced that Malaysia is an Islamic country in one of the National assemblies of Gerakan many years ago?

I cannot imagine any public disagreement  of the sort between PAS and DAP happening in BN. If any component party were to be at loggerhead with the Big Brother, all sorts of deals or manuvering (either carrots or sticks) would be taken to ensure the componet party toe the line of the Big Brother.  So the more skeletons the heads of componnent parties have, the more pleased would be the Big Brother because they can effectively put a leash on the necks of those ledders and thus indirectly control the parties.

So the public disagreement  between DAP and PAS has given more confident to me that their coalition, PR, is  made up of equals . That augers well, since in that case, the agreeed upon platform would not be skewed to one side only.  Logic would dictate that only the middle ground would be in the agreed platform of policies to be implemented.

So there is really no fear to vote PAS since even if HUDUD is their agenda, it is not in the common policies that all 3 partners agreed upon.

PR should thank MCA for this advetisement which states that DAP=PAS. Why Not?


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  1. Simple Sense
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 11:41:00

    Every organization has people within with moderate views and extreme views. The Tea Party movement is the extreme right in the Republican Party in USA, it is very far to the right indeed, even many republicans find it hard to accept the views of the Tea Party movement.
    Doc, your highlight is important. It is very healthy to have disparity of views within Pakatan and everyone has the right to their views and priority. But, in Malaysia under Barisan National, it has gotten to the point that anyone who disagree with UMNO is considered enemy of the state! Hence, many Malaysians have their minds caged to the extent they are totally shock and unable to deal with disparity in views between PAS on the hudud and DAP.
    All the violence seen in this period is also the product of the parochial minds of many so called leaders of the country.
    This is one reason why I hope the change is successful as Malaysia is going down the path of social political oblivion!


  2. Li Li Fa
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 14:12:57

    I believe, the three parties comprising of PKR, PAS, and DAP are equal partners in the coalition, as far as the people views are concerned.

    They are like the three legs of a 3-leg chair. Which leg is more important? The answer is obvious.

    They choose to be partners working at a common cause to bring about change for the nation for the good of the present and future generation.

    So there are issues perculiar and pertinent to each of them and dear to their hearts.

    But they are willing to sit down and talk, and most important of all, they are willing to agree in order to disagree and vice versa.

    Already DAP and PAS have clearly ironed out their differences which occupy a minute percentage on their agenda of agreement.

    Let us get over the hurdle when we come to it. But let us take our eyes on the focus to move ahead for a better future from 5 May,2013 and beyond.

    Who knows, DAP and PAS may come together to work as DAPAS!


  3. A true Malaysian
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 22:39:48

    I have a few questions to share here before they slipped my mind,

    (1) Why are Chinese educationists are so hard-up to have UEC recognised by a rotten government, when it’s so widely recognised locally and internationally? When one says ‘recognition’, we normally refer to it’s quality. What for so hard-up to get recognition from a government that its own public examinations are of inferior quality?

    Being so hard-up only let the politicians to play this issue again and again. Bosan, right?

    To have this issue solved, just let Pakatan Rakyat be the next Federal government this 505.

    (2) What is General Elections for? To many in Umno and BN, they don’t know why, seriously. They can go to all extent to win. They are so hard-up to win so to not letting their wrong doings come out to public knowledge. Mind you, there are more scandals than what already exposed by Rafizi Ramli.

    A clean, fair and efficient government will not worry not getting a fresh mandate from rakyat.

    Pakatan Rakyat leaders have made themselves very clearly, give them chance to rule for next 5 years. If they can’t performed, change them then. This is what they tell rakyat.

    And I say, why not? Umno / BN have taken all of us for a long ride of 56 years.

    Putrajaya government will be Pakatan Rakyat, with its MP Husam Musa. Marks my words here.


  4. romerz
    May 01, 2013 @ 02:10:53

    Lee Hwa Beng explains the mathematical improbability of Malaysia becoming an Islamic theocratic state given the present demographics.


  5. Simple Sense
    May 01, 2013 @ 13:51:58

    ‘A True Malaysian’ hit the bull eye on why those Chinese Educationists are so anxious to get government to recognize the UEC. I have a few nephews came out from this channel, n all graduated from top tier universities overseas n each hv great job in the private sector! On the other hands, those with government recognized degree are like sands on the beach n cannot find job, and some end up working in KFC! No point keep begging the politicians,, just keep moving on.


  6. ck
    May 02, 2013 @ 17:13:39

    ‘…Chinese Educationists are so anxious to get government to recognize the UEC..’

    A simple take, there r many UEC graduates, for one reason or others, CANNOT go oversea to further their studies.

    Study at home is the only choice!

    Of course, for them, working for the govt is a no-brainer No No! For their certificates r not recognised by the M’sian govt.

    Just think about the availability of some of these graduates to be trained as teachers for the chronically lack-of-teacher, qualified or not, for the vernacular SJKCs & MJKCs.

    Problems solved!!!!!

    But then………..we have a zero-sum govt!


  7. CYC
    May 03, 2013 @ 21:13:29

    Sorry Dr, i have to borrow your blog to write something to KTK the disgraceful ex CM. Can’t he see the blatant vote buying in Penang under the name of 1Malaysia Club? Does he still has any dignity and conscience to continue condoning a corrupt regime ? Should claimed to be a staunched Buddhist and Chinese scholar when you can’t comprehend the meaning of 礼义廉耻? U can maintain your “elegant silence” and pretends to be a real gentleman unshaken by blame and scolding but you are indeed a man lack of courage to stand up to your inner conviction if u still has any. 大是大非前不敢认清真相,你算是什麽学者风范? 百无一用是书生。。。。


  8. Phua Kai Lit
    May 03, 2013 @ 23:18:45

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