One month after (with update)


Today is one month after the GE. I have not been writing much, not because there is nothing to write but rather, it is because there are too many thing happening and too many things to write. Some times, when there are too many things to write,  you  simply do not know where to start first.

After losing the popular votes, we would think that the government would at least change to try to win back some votes. Alas, nothing much has changed.

Firstly, people are still dying in lock-ups. One of them, Dhamendran, has died under suspicious circumstances. Another died in Tampin lockup recently.

There is now renewed call for instituting IPCMC which was recommended many years ago by a royal commission. Instead,  an Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission was set up, and you know what, it was given an annual budget of 7 millions, to monitor 19 enforcement agencies, according to a report in malaysianinsider.

This works out to be less than Rm400,000 per agency ( less than the amount spent on wedding/dinners given by some big shots) , and that really shows how ‘serious ‘ the government is trying to reform these agencies.  It is like throwing some leftovers  to the dogs when the dogs bark incessantly.

Another predictable happening is politicians are being arrested and hauled up to courts for sedition and organising illegal gatherings.

I would normally applaud these , since laws must be obeyed if we want our country to be a real democratic and law-abiding ones, but then I realise that these prosecutions, like before, is selective, and thus more like that of political persecution. Others with connections, such as a Malay Newspapers and members of Perkasa, are not charged,  giving a perception that there are 2 sets of standards in the country. Again just  like before– nothing changes.

Another thing that has not changed is that government ministers from UMNo are still talking arrogantly.  One has asked people to emigrate if they don’t like the system here. They would do better to be more humble and look within to see why they lost the popular votes, instead of uttering things arrogantly.

I think PM must really show some  leadership to change after getting this mandate, albeit without winning the popular votes;  and address the causes of why BN lost the popular votes, which I have dealt with after 505 in a long article posted in MalaysianInsider, “Why BN lost the urban votes”..

If he tries to appease the right wingers in his party, particular the Old Man, then he will lose more and more votes as the country gets more urbanised, people get more educated and more and more young voters come of age to vote.

So the saying that ” Change or be changed ‘ is still as valid as before ; even this maxim has not changed even when the whole country has gone through another GE..

Thaat is the sad part of the whole thing!



Latest news has it that the AG is saying that the constables invovled in Dharmendran’s death will be charged with murder.

This comes 13 days after the death and more than 10 days after the post mortem.

If this course of action is taken within the few days when the detainee died, it would have caused the government much less criticism and embarrassment. Now, it gives an impression that  the action is taken only because of  the uproar and the pressure on the government.

That is always the folly of the policy makers. When an action is necessary, no time should be wasted to take that action; failure or delay in taking that particular action will make the people lose confidence— not that there is much confidence left now!!!


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  1. Simple Sense
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 12:04:21

    Change can be difficult or close to impossible in many situations. It is a function of competence at all levels, not just the top though it starts with the top level.
    I had come across a medical situation in which my daughter has a big boil at the rim of her right eye, we brought her to her child specialist and he prescribed antibiotics. The boil went away but came back after a month or so. The antibiotic treatment and the boil keep repeating for about three times over the course of eight months, and each time, the doctor keep increasing the strength of the antibiotic and also change to a more potent antibiotic, the final one has the drug facts that it was used to treat VD!
    I, as the father, had reached the point realizing something is wrong with the treatment even though I had a lot of respect for doctors. I brought my daughter to a skin specialist in any ordinary clinic, and he changed the treatment entirely, and administrated antiseptic wash on body parts which tend to hide the germs which caused the boil as the fingers carry the germ from the hidden parts of the body to the eye. The boils never came back. I was actually worry the antibiotic would destroy the health of my daughter.
    The essence of the story above is same as what we see after GE13. Increase the drug dosage and even switch to more potent drugs! But the disease would not be cured! Had not been cured for the last 55 years.
    Einstein has a quote which goes along the line that ‘ insanity is like keep solving a problem the same way over and over again and expect a different outcome’.


  2. Li Li Fa
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 10:38:25

    This is what the incumbents are doing- that is, doing the same thing and not getting the desired result. Adding more dosages hoping to numb the affected area, but alas the wound becomes bigger.

    Asking what the Chinese what they wanted immediately after the GE13, and putting the blame on them for the more than dismal election result, seems to dig the wound deeper. Seeing that their leader is like that, the lower ranks, followed suite and blantantly shouted damning remarks at the populace. Arrogance has shot to its ultra high in this country. If share prices were like this, a lot of people will be rich. But, I wish these so -called leaders will be put in their right places and brought down to their knees.

    There are many cases unsolved: TBH, Kugan, and many custodial deaths, which require full attention and professionalism of the Man in blues.

    The people are really looking forward to a safe place to stay, let alone in lock-ups. Daily are there are reports of thefts, muggling, snatch-thiefs, robbery, break-ins, murders, etc.etc. I hope the relevant authorities will pay due attention to these problems than trying to put a muzzle over the voice of the people.

    This, If I may think, is what the Chinese want. Openess, justice, fairness, accountability, competance, accorruption free nation, doing what is right for the people, who put them in government in the first place. Whether they are popular or not, they, the government must carry out its duties well to serve the people. In other words, walk your talk.

    A case in point, is the recent 2nd Penang Bridge accident that happended a few days ago. Show rofessionalism and concern to the people, find out what happened, bring in justice, and prevent future happenings like this. The people are watching how long they will take to jump into action and any more finger pointing.


  3. klm
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 14:16:56

    Dr. Hsu. Are you still pleasant surprised with Mr. Paul Low? I think he is an unmitigated disaster, to put it mildly. He is totally out of his depth. He neither has the political support nor the political experience to achieve anything. He is a complete waste of time.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 14:55:10

    I agreed that he is a disaster as well as a disappointment. Like a small fish used to swim in the river and suddenly being thrown into the sea to swim with the sharks.

    Even the new cabinet is a disappointment.


  5. pam
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 13:04:55

    Dr Hsu, Thank you for your insightful articles. Can you please comment on the following Malaysiakini article. Thank you.

    You know we all come from Africa, right?


  6. Dr Hsu
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 13:49:13

    yes, based on archeological studies, the first humans came from Africa. From Africa, human spread to Europe, Asia and American.

    It is because of thousands of years of staying in different places that have modified certain of our genes and thus, those in the tropics look darker, and those in the cooler regions look fairer. Environmental differences, and diet made some taller and bgger size and some smaller.

    But if you dissect mankind, all men are the same inside. Our livers, our hearts and our kidneysa are basically of the same shape and colour, unless diseased.

    If you just look at a dissected liver, or kidney or brain or thyroids, no one can tell whether the organs are from a Chinese or a Malay or an Indians or a white, or an african.

    besides, all our physiological functions are the same.

    So it was the environmental differences that shape our skin colour and outward appearances. Inside us, we are all the same.

    I have a few articles on this in this blog, but I cant remember what titles I used to write on these. here are simply too many articles now, (almost 1500) touching on many many topics.


  7. Phua Kai Lit
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 15:03:02

    Documentary called “Racism: A History”


  8. Wave33
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 11:13:43

    After the 13th GE both BN and Pakatan Rakyat are not able to accept the facts. They start to blame anything on sight, even the neighbour dogs. I would like only to focus on the federal government of the day. I am critical of those in power, they are the steering wheel of this country.

    Here are really unacceptable quotes from our leaders whom are voted in by the minority.

    1. Chinese Tsunami? I cannot understand the logic.

    2. Chinese paper is as bad as Utusan? That is why no action will be taken and it is encourage?

    3. DAP is a racist chinese party? Have any idiots read the party membership application? Trying instill racial divide?

    4. Chinese will control Malaysia? or… Malaysian is already in control of Malaysia? We already have a mamak for 22 years and nobody complaint (actually tons of it).

    The attempt of UMNO, is loud and clear. To enforce racial divide, to pit the Malay against the Chinese. Chinese is real bad for Malaysia. They are the devil that Malaysia should avoid. Funny logic.

    I really think otherwise, it is not the Chinese nor the Malay or the directionless Indian.

    It is UMNO.



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