More pain less gain!

I strongly believe that the recent petrol hike is just the beginning of many more painful measures going to be introduced by the government.

GST is coming. That will add a few percentage points to goods and services, making things more costly.

From what i gather, healthcare transformation is on the way too. It is just a matter of time that doctors would not be able to dispense medicine. Patients would have to see a doctor, get a prescription and have it filled at a pharmacy. This means higher treatment charge, which will be paid via a national healthcare fund.

There is also rumour that 1Care (the name may be changed since 1Malaysia is no longer the trending slogan) will be introduced. Under that , doctors will be allocated to patients, and each person above certain income level will have to pay monthly or yearly premium into a national fund which will reimburse the doctors and selected pharmacies  for treatment charges. Any wonder that a big pharmacy chain is now on a acquisition drive to acquire stand-alone pharmacies in preparation of this .

All these measures will be used to reduce federal deficits and the savings will enable government to have more money to spend on projects– in the Malaysian context, maybe more leakage and wastage to make everyone with good connections happy.

Ordinary people will have to rationalise their spending habits, buy only the essentials, plan their trips, tighten the belts until it can no longer be tightened. In a nutshell, we have to be prepared to downgrade our lifestyle.

Will salary for ordinary people go up? It depends how many illegals are caught and deported. These illegals have filled many of the job vacancies, and as a result, salary level for locals have not gone up much, despite cost of living escalating higher and higher.

With more development projects, the rich is going to become richer, and land prices will probably go up and up, and  owning a home is going to be more and more difficult.

For the well connected, there will indeed be “Endless possibilities”. For the politicians, urbanites are no longer important as long as they can get support from the rural areas, as witnessed in the just concluded GE.

For the ordinary in urban and suburban areas, life  will be more painful. These are why I have written that harder times are ahead of us in my last article.

I guess we may have to just swallow more painkillers!


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  1. Wave33
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 13:48:33

    I have to agree that the BIG drain of expenditure is in healthcare.

    If anyone would to go to Klinik Kesihatan, Klinik 1Malaysia or Government Hospitals, it is full of foreigners. Foreigners is taking away a big chunk of our expenditure. We even have emergence of long lost diseases, eg. tuberculosis & chikungunya virus. Further increase of HIV and Hepatitis imports by the thousands.

    When the foreign worker recruitment agency failed (on purpose to save cost and increase profit) to do a proper health screening, it burdens our healthcare system and work downtime. All workers should be screen at their country of depart, not on arrival. I had a maid once suffering from syphilis (blood test on arrival), it took 3 months to send her back. Has she manage to contaminate anyone? I wouldn’t know. Why the sudden, are we saying hello again to tuberculosis?

    Ops Cantas can easily detain thousand of them having tattoo all over their bodies and men wearing earrings specially those from Myanmar and Thailand. What is frightening is that Myanmar comes with the whole family in toe, their infiltration is worse than Indonesian. Normally, Indonesian will have their family back home, instead.

    Our healthcare system is in distress cause by the foreigner and corruption. The high purchase cost of equipment and medication. Ask any Sales Rep, how much commission do they get and what kind of incentive that is given and how wealthy is their company. Those were the days, where Sales Rep are from Form 5 dropouts and now only uni graduate is accepted whom possess good looks and they drive fancy cars too.

    There are going to be many changes in the healthcare system, it is already code red. EPF would be the helping hand in it. A lot of schemes were approved for EPF, it is just that the right crony has not emerge, to plunder the millions from it.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 15:26:31

    It seems that i am right that politicians do nt care about urban votes anymore.

    Read this: Putrajaya to use fiscal reforms to reward rural supporters


  3. Simple Sense
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 06:04:21

    What is described in this posting is a treacherous path forward. When the rights to live with ideal, hope and dream are stripped away from the population, people do not just fade away but they will fight back as consistently recorded by history. Even true blood slavery of black african in America had short life span in the context of history. This is especially true for population which are religious. All religions have liberty of humanity as one of its core values. This is the reason why authoritarian governments in the Islamic Middle East has fallen one after another. While authoritarian government in non religious countries such as North Korea and China still survive form the time being without reform.
    GE13 has shown the change is one step in the right direction. It is not about voters like Pakatan better than BN, it is about the increase in the population awareness that government must be held accountable. This is the strong indication people are fighting back for their liberty to live with hopes, dignity and dream.
    The only way forward is for the leaders to confront and eradicate corruption.


    Sep 05, 2013 @ 07:35:08

    Instead of moving towards the political centre to win back voter support, the
    crooks, thieves, and right-wing racist cranks are moving toward the political extreme. In such a situation, UMNO Baru-BN can only stay in power by resorting to more and more repression, as more and more voters (including moderate Malays) desert them.

    Have they not learned from the example of the MCP i.e. you cannot rule a country such as Malaysia without support from all its ethnic groups?


  5. CYC
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 16:55:17

    The stupid healthcare scheme is just a “I don’t care” system where ordinary folks will be squeezed to the maximum while losing their right to choose their preferred doctor. This is not a communist country where even healthcare must be decided solely by the govt. I can say for sure healthcare standard will decline while cost goes up.


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