The illegals

The ongoing exercise to weed out the illegal foreign workers is long overdue.

Despite being given more than 18 months to legalise their workers, many employers were dragging their feet and did not take advantage of the 6P scheme. Now that the government is taking action against these illegals, theses employers are asking for a stay and another chance. But a line has to be drawn somewhere, and I think the authority is right to crack down on the illegals.

Many of these are employed by locals. But many others have opened their own businesses and run stores and even shops. Many are involved in crime  taking advantage of the fact that officially, they do not exist.

Those doing business are competing directly with the locals, and make life tougher for local traders and businessmen.

Those involved in crime are making the crime situation going from bad to worse.

Many are carrying diseases and thus we now have a resurgence of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.  The illegals did not need to go through any health screen, so they are the main culprits in the spread and resurgence of these illnesses.

For those who genuinely need foreign workers to help their businesses,they can always apply officially and go through the official channels.  It is precisely because of our lax enforcement that many employers are emboldened to employ the illegals. Why go through many red tapes to get a legal worker when you can just hire  off the street?

Having said all these, I do hope that any crack down action should be done humanely and properly and according to our laws and standing regulations.  They should be weeded out, but they are also human beings and should be treated in a humane manner.

Actions should also be taken against those who bring in these illegals and those who knowingly harbour these illegals. Otherwise, once these illegals are sent back, they will get the help of these local contacts and come back here again, maybe with a different identity.

And dont forget those officers who knowingly close their eyes due to you-know-why..





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  1. Wave33
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:41:35

    Malaysia is a heaven for foreigner. Most foreigner feels at home in Malaysia. It is our strength, it is the enforcement that is falling.

    Illegals – Immigration enforcement failed and makes commission from the illegals.
    Crime – Polis Raja Di Malaysia failed and cohort with criminals
    Corruption – MACC failed and works for the corrupted.
    Race discrimination – Prime Minister failed and work with racist to be in power.
    Justice system – AG failed, he is only an office boy.

    The Rakyat has actually triumph over the years. Malaysia strength is in our multi ethnic, religion and language. Malaysia is the ONLY country in the world having such diversity, coming next would be Switzerland and Singapore.

    The vernacular school actually helped to boost up our economy and the freedom to choose your faith help to remain a lot of culture in Malaysia.

    It is because of vernacular school, the foreigners from China, India and Indonesia feels at home. English being the second language helps the other nations choosing Malaysia as their destination. We have China nationals working for Chinese Malaysian and Indian nationals working for mamak.

    We have international food in Malaysia too. I am always very proud of Malaysia food, a by product of having a multi-ethnic society. Now we have more foreigner restaurant because of the increase of foreign population. A huge increase of Thai restaurants, and noticeable increase in Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese and Africans

    Very few Malaysian are able to be expatriate is the early years, but now we have plenty in China. It is because of vernacular school, we are able to export.

    Malaysian do not have any example in the world to mirror closely on having a multi-ethnic and religion society. Our countries only have minority ethnic. We have to set our own standards to lead the world by example. Can we?

    It is not surprising that we are facing a lot of illegals now, Malaysia is a heaven. The failed of enforcement that created all these social problems. May I know who are accountable and responsible for it for the past 56 years?


  2. klm
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:56:03

    Wave33. You said “Malaysia strength is in our multi ethnic, religion and language. Malaysia is the ONLY country in the world having such diversity, …” I used to believe line but not anymore. This is not true anymore. Many countries such as Australia, US have more diversity than us. For example, go to a children playground in some parts of US, you find Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Koreans, Japanese, Indonesians, you name it. You hear many languages. What use to be unique in Malaysia is not unique anymore. Globalisation has changed it. The unique advantage we thought we have is no more.


  3. CYC
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 17:01:51

    How could the gomen weed out illegal immigrants when you chance them out once in a blue moon and plan to import another 1.4million in future. The math certainly doesn’t add up properly. It is just a ploy to enrich the “immigrants agencies” which are run by connected big shots.

    In the same time, our big corporate company simply refuse to flush out the immigrants as they have the means to influence or lobby for the govt to maintain the present policy on immigrant workers. Things won’t change as the present “patronage” system remains.


  4. anomie
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 09:43:05

    The illegal immigrants phenomenon has deeper issue!

    1st – it’s a money generating channel for some well connected personalities. Some govt officials r in the thick of the takes.

    2nd – Unwritten govt policies support it – one to increase the population count of the ‘right’ race.

    3rd – to satisfy the low wage operational demands of the factories, big & small. The side effect is that low/uneducated immigrants r been absorbed into the populace. At the same time the industries, across the whole spectrum of the economy r not innovating in new tech/process due to this availability of abundant supply of workers willing to work for pittance.

    4th – a generation of pampered gen-Y/Z is been raised on the presumption of no DDL(dirty, dangerous & low paying) for them. These jobs r only suited to be done by the immigrants. Some has even upgraded to the standard that their traditional means of earning a living is been outsourced to these immigrants. They only want to be ren-seekers. Part of the blame should also be put on the current educational system, where ‘marker buta’ is been used to create instant graduates to syok-sendiri.

    Net effect, the continuous free fall of commercial/industrial competitiveness of the country, vis-a-vis against the upcoming neighbours.


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