Let the painting remain!

Sometimes, when children are frightened of ‘ghosts’, they will sleep with their blankets covering their heads.

Children’s minds  are very simple. If the eyes cannot see by covering with blankets, then in their little minds, the ghosts would not appear. But if there is really ghosts ( a controversial topic), they would still be there no matter how the children cover their heads.

Recently, a Lithuanian artist drew a beautiful wall painting in Johor Baru.wall painting

The painting actually depicts a scene that has always been in the minds of urbanites of Malaysia.  Ask any Malaysian who stay in the cities what worry them most, the answer would invariably be the crime situation and security of their family.

I would like to thank the artist for putting up the painting, which can serve as a reminder for urbanites to be more careful when they go out.

It can also serve as a reminder to the law enforcement that they cannot be resting on their laurels.

I think many people share my views.

There are however reports that the authority is viewing this painting negatively. There are reports that the authority concerned wanted to remove the painting.

I hope they will reconsider.

I hope they will not be as simple minded as the children mentioned above.

The crime situation would not improve by removing the painting. The robbers would not just disappear.  The crime situation can only be improved if the law enforcement is constantly reminded the need to protect the citizens from the threat as depicted in the painting.  It can only be improved by increasing vigilance of both the people and the police.

Malaysia is now 56 years old. I think we should all be matured  enough to look at ourselves satirically.

Sweeping all the dirt under the carpet will not solve any problems. It will only make the floor dirtier later.