One year after

One year and three days after the last General election, the fledging two party system has not really resulted any radical changes to make life easier or better for ordinary folks like you and me.

Instead, the country is now more divided and more polarised than before.

The latest by an extremist group that Chinese Malaysians are penceroboh is just one of the unending extremist statements made over the past one year. Maybe this person is emboldened by the lack of official action towards Perkasa, the president of which has time and again uttered extremist views and got away with it.

This time, if nothing is done, it will set a dangerous trend and more extremists would surface and utter dangerous views.

All these NGOs i suspect are outsourced organisation from the Big Brother and their existence and the public utterance of such views are part and parcel of an effort to consolidate rural support by the BIg Brother.  I say rural because I still believe that the Tsunami of 505 is not a Chinese Tsunami but rather an urban tsunami ( see my post Mathematically not a CHinese tsunami).

After the last election, I think Big Brother has given up on gaining back urban support. Their strategists have also realised that even without urban support, they can bank on rural  votes to carry them through.

This is further strengthened by the fact that the existence of Perkasa after 308, has really helped to frighten rural people into voting for Big Brother during 505.

Whether we like it or not, the presence of this organisation, which can say many things that the Big Brother cannot officially say  ( that is what the outsourcing is about), has really helped to consolidated rural support for Big Brother.

However, playing up racial sentiments by uttering such extremist views are dangerous. We must realise that a small spark can lead to fire. The future of the country is too precious for this to happen.


There is not much to shout either in those states that are administered by the Opposition.

Just take an example. There is this project called KIDEX (Kinrara Damansara Expressway) highway which is supposed to connect Damansara and Kinrara. It is a federal project and the highway is going to be a tolled highway.

I have always thought that PR is opposed to tolled highway since it was in their manifesto. So I was so surprised that the Selangor government has  given its approval for the acquisition of lands affected.

However good the project maybe, it is actually a matter of principle that since in the manifesto, PR is against tolled highway, it should not have agreed to Kidex.

It will give an impression that all politicians are the same, no matter which side they are. If this clause of manifesto can be selectively ignored, then we can expect other parts of their manifesto, such as equality and so on, to be promises that can be broken as well.