Empire strikes back

Gain Patail replaced as attorney general shocker. This is the headline of a Malaysiakini article just published.

He is apparently being replaced  due to health reasons, even though he was quoted to say that he was not aware of it.( malaymailonline posted an article ‘ Gani says in the dark over sudden termination’ ).

I don’t know what he means by ‘ in the dark’. In the dark of being replaced or in the dark of his’ poor health’?  Anyway this is not important as either way, he is out. In politics, poor health means ‘Chap Bao Fok’ , a Cantonese phrase for packing off.

Yesterday, I mentioned whether we will have a new no 1 depends on the four Tan Sris. Now one of them is out because he is ‘sick’. Do the rest want to be ‘ sick’ too? If they don’t want to be ‘sick’, follow lah certain ‘lifestyle’.

There is a Chinese phrase of killing a chick to warn the monkeys. The chicken is ‘sick’, so if the monkeys want to be healthy, we all know what lifestyle they should adopt!

Apparently No. 2 is also being replaced. No. 1 has suddenly turned tough, no more Mr. Nice Guy. This is as I predicted in my article yesterday where I mentioned that a wounded tiger is most dangerous when cornered, and he would muster his remaining strength to fight back.

This would probably lead to some being chopped from cabinet or even party, and maybe a splinter group will come out. Do not underestimate the effect of chopping no. 2 from office and making AG sick retire due to ‘sickness’ . This will silence all dissenting voices and make members/officials both in the party and the government toe the line. Whether No. 2 can fight back will largely depend on how much grassroots support he can muster and how strong is Old Horse’s hidden hand of cards.

It will be interesting to watch whether this will lead to a realignment of  political forces, with PAS teaming up with Big brother, and splinter group heading to Pakatan.

Even as early as in 2008, when I was still in Gerakan, I have predicted that Malaysia will see a realignment of forces after the 2013 GE. Maybe I may be right after all.





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