I walk my talk!

My wife and I came back from US for Bersih 4.
I have always believed that Malaysia needs to change its system, not just the Head of Government. There must be a better system of check and balance, a fairer system of rural and urban seat distributions , a departure from race based politics and a fairer and more equitable society.

My children are all doctors living good lives in US and Australia. It is up to them to choose whether to come back or stay overseas. I can’t and won’t influence them.
But my wife and I are always Malaysian, we are born and bred here. We love this country.

Because of my love for my country, I walk today for the sake of the future generations of all other Malaysians. All those who do not have a choice like my children do.

By supporting Bersih, it doesn’t mean that I am pro opposition. It is two different issues. I feel that both the ruling as well as opposition has performed below par, and we may need a realignment of political forces, or a credible third force which I have advocated since my days in parti Gerakan.( for those who are new to my blog, I resigned from the party in 2011. I was a central committee member then).

The rally is still ongoing, will add my thoughts later.


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