Great advice!



(this letter is in response to the various advice that our leaders gave in the past few months)

Dear VVIPs,

Thanks for the many wise advice that you dished out to us to help us weather the rising cost of living.

Your wise thoughts are indeed heartwarming, and very befitting of people holding high positions.

Who but those ungrateful people would disagree with the advice that GST is a good tax to get revenue for the country’s administrators? Never mind the 6% tax has directly or indirectly raise living cost by much bigger margin—that is not your doings but the profiteers.

Who but those lazy minded people would disagree with the advice to get up early and use alternative roads when government agrees to have toll hike? It is called progress that  Malaysians already have to get up very early to go to work even when using tolled roads, and often come home late because of the traffic jams on these tolled roads. But why blame the toll hikes when people choose to live far from their workplaces;they  have only themselves or their parents  to blame for not being able to afford properties near their workplaces.

Who but those illogical people would disagree with the advice to take up two jobs to survive the rising cost of living? Isn’t it logical that if you cannot cover your expenses with one job, you should get two, or even three? After all, it is these people’s duty to earn as much as they can to feed their families, so what if they have to sacrifice family time and rest time to take up another job to make ends meet. Look at how ants work; people should emulate these basic creatures and not waste time sitting in front of tvs or sleeping 8 hours a day. If they get sick due to working 2 or 3  jobs, it will cause them only RM 1 to see a doctor in a government clinic; isn’t that great?

Who but those gluttons would disagree with the advice to pack lunch from home if outside food is unaffordable? What’s wrong with getting up earlier to cook or prepare packed lunch, if they feel outside food is beyond their reach. It’s not your duty to make sure that they can afford outside food. After all, home prepared food may even be healthier as they don’t contain as much seasonings as outside food.

All these are great pieces of advice that only great people like you can come out with.

These advice must rank with the famous advice that Marie Antonette gave to the hungry French peasants that marched to the doorsteps of her Palace: let them eat cake. Her well meaning advice was distorted, again by ungrateful and illogical historians, to show her perpurted ignorance of poor people’s plight. It was indeed a good hearted gesture- what’s wrong with eating cakes when there is no more rice?

What’s wrong with tightening belts and working harder when people have no money to spend? After all, it is not the leaders’ duty to look after them.

This is what the people should do: Ask not what the leaders can do for them; ask what they can do for their leaders instead. That is the least the rakyat should do for the wise leaders who have to rake their brains and come out with such good advice!


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