No time for serious work ( whack a mole 2)


MB of the rice bowl state  will be changed. It’s a foregone conclusion. In our country, it is not how good you are that matters, it is how supportive you are towards the top that is most important, and of course the bigger cable you have, the better pull you get.

That is true in  the Big Brother. It is also true in lesser parties such as MCA or Gerakan. It is even true in some corporate bodies. Opposition parties are no different, from what I have observed.

Anyway, the incumbent became MB probably because he is the scion of the Old Horse. The Top wanted to appease the Old Horse, what better gesture than putting his son to head that state?

The scenario changes after the Old Horse and what RPK termed as ANC targeted their  guns on the Top. On the surface, ANC is going all out to topple  the Top because of alleged wrong doings of the latter. In actual fact, no one is on  moral high ground; it is self interest that has prompted the vicious fight between the two Big Gajah crocs.

Big brother always practices the politics of back scratching ( besides back stabbing, that goes without say):  You scratch my back, I scratch yours. You hit my back, I will kick back with all my Wing Choon skill.

If you support me, I will give a cable to pull your son up. If you don’t support me but not actively opposing me,  I may not dump your son, even though I will no longer pull the cable as hard as before. Maybe I change the cable to a string.


But if you openly attack me, like what is happening now, then there is no other choice but to cut the cable and let the son fall.  That is the politics of ‘scratch my back’ in this country.

This is exactly what is happening. With that, another head has been hit back into the hole in this high stake ‘whack-a-mole’game I mentioned yesterday. ( refer my post yesterday). Unless The old horse can produce more objects to come out of the holes in the game, the Top may even be able to continue play this whack a mole game till the next election. The Swiss head that is emerging from one of the holes may be troublesfome, but since this is not extradictable, the Top has just to grow a thicker skin when meeting foreign dignitaries, or playing golf with you know who.

But being constantly on guard to hammer deal with objects on their emergence, there will hardly be time for serious work, and that is what really worries me, especially when the whole world is entering a period of great uncertainties!





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  1. Kenny
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 12:23:09

    This whack a mole game is getting unaffordable. Something has to give and very soon.


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