Following Brexit, what’s next?

What an irony!

Germany lost the World war but came back to dominate Europe through European Union.

UK won the war but lost its independence to decide on economic/immigration matters by joining the EU.

It is just a matter of time that UK will leave EU given the pride of the British people.

Instead of joining the EU then, they should have opted to have more cooperation among the British Commonwealth nations which includes Canada, Australia, NZ, India, Malaysia , Singapore and many many others. (56 nations in the commonwealth)..I can still remember in the early 1970s, many British Commonwealth leaders were urging Britain not to join the EU but rather had closer cooperation within this group of English speaking nations. Instead Britain decided to cut its historic ties to the Britisjh Commonwealth.


Now that UK has voted, the next question is will Scotland seek to secede from UK given its overwhelming support to stay in EU?

Will this also set the precedence of other EU nations holding similar referendum? Already in the Netherlands, voices are heard calling for a nation wide referendum to exit EU.

On a more personal scale, will this lead to the resignation of  the present PM?


(Editor’s note: Mr Cameron announced his resignation two hours after this article was posted. It will be untenable for him to cling on to this position as this has weakened him and would open the way for a leadership challenge.  It is decent and responsible for him to resign, as in the example of General De Gaulle who resigned as France’s president following a defeat in a referendum for decentralization in 1969. )




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