educational reform

I was very vocal against DrM in my blog previously. This time however I thought he was sincere in wanting to bring reforms to the country.

I think as an outsider, he has seen how the whole country has degenerated and how the integrity of the various institutions have been compromised.

He has also seen how low our entire education system has gone down. In this context I think he and only he alone has the stature to confront the various napoleons in the ministry as well as those extreme right wing Malay nationalists to bring a total overhaul of the entire system. He probably was the only one who could bring back the English stream; at the very least he could have done something to improve the English standard as the minister of education

It’s a pity that now he has to appoint someone else to head the Education portfolio.

Hope that even with that appointment, DrM can ‘influence/persuade’ the new minister to bring real reform to education.


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  1. C++
    May 19, 2018 @ 21:16:37

    Wow Dr Hsu…

    Nice to see you write again… Hope to see more of your writing in Blogsphere…

    Syabas lah…

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  2. grkumar
    May 20, 2018 @ 07:14:55

    You acted out of fear like most. The US and its allies wanting Regime Change did in Malaysia what they have done elsewhere to soften the ground before their final assault of installing a puppet.

    They demonised Najib who admitted was aloof and a bit indolent in office was deemed to be a crook without any evidence to point in support of that allegation. The Americans referred to the Chinese as dogs for decades and the British treated them less than dogs. But we know they were not then and they are not now. But we still accepted the slur.

    If they had the evidence of Najib’s corruption why are they seraching the Najib household without independent observers in there? They should already have the evidence they claim they acted on to accuse him.

    Mahathir is like the snake that bit you yesterday. If you are stupid enough you will believe a snake’s veenom is spent once its bitten you and it is reformed after that it won’t bite you again. Think.

    Anwar and Mahathir are on a collision course. Anwar has neither forgiven nor forgotten Mahathir’s treason and treachery. He accused Anwar of being a homosexual then just prior to releasing Anwar he says he is innocent. That itself calls for an inquiry and for him to step aside.

    Anwar on the other hand has to keep his promises to the Muslims to create a Muslim state which his wife admitted to and said he will on Al Jazeera last year 2017.

    The Chinese don’t have a future in Malaysia. Mahathir is still being investigated along with people like Vincent Tan and Yeoh Tiong Law for their plunder of state assets and state money. The investigations come from the disclosures and discover by Kieber the German Spy who worked for years at a bank LGT in Lichtenstein and uncovered foreign black money going through their system to be cleaned before ending up in places like Singapore.

    This battle is not over yet.


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