shadow sparring?

In my opinion, in his haste to get back to Parliament, contradicting his earlier stand that he would take it easy while waiting for his turn, Anwar  has created certain uncertainties which can destabilize the new PH government. 

As a Parliamentarian, he will be in position to seek and form alliances with UMNO and east Malaysian politicians and introduce a vote of no confidence in Parliament  IF DrM does not see eye to eye with him for whatever reasons. Even though formation of this form of unholy alliance with UMNO and associated is remote, it will be hanging like a sword of Damocles over PH, thus destabilizing the new government. 

The new government needs support, given that many of the new ministers are very inexperienced and still need time to settle in. 

If he is sincere to see institutional reforms being carried out, he should not be in a hurry to get back to Parliament. He should keep to his earlier promise. The best support to the new government is to wait for his turn, play less politics and persuade Rafizi to drop the bid for deputy president of PKR.

While he is busy trying to get back to parliament, big names in UMNO are abandoning the big brother. Perhaps DrM’s associates think like yours truly, and thus trying to weaken UMNO  so that the sword of Damocles can be rendered useless. 

I see all these as shadow sparring of the two.


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  1. grkumar
    Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:50:44

    The New government is nothing more nothing less than a bunch of opportunists seeking their own fortunes under a self proclaimed dictator in Dr. Mahathir and a desperate Chinese chauvinist in Lim Kit Siang who was till May 2018 the world’s longest serving head of an opposition party.

    None of them in the current government have any worthwhile experience or leadership skills sufficient for them to operate independently. So they must depend on Mahathir. Anwar is no exception.

    In order for Mahathir to contain this unruly crowd and any challenger to his authority, he eschews the law and the constitution and is back to his old authoritarian bullying ways.

    Anwar is desperate to become PM and will clash with Dr. Mahathir. It is something which has already occurred on at least two occasions sans the volumes that usually go with such conversations.

    Anwar has been courting the BN and especially UMNO although his denials tell the world something else. The Chinese are afraid of Anwar and have very good reason for their fears. On Dr. Mahathir winning the prime ministership word went round that he would look very unfavourably upon those who would financially support his nemesis in Anwar to snatch the prime ministership from him. These include the Chinese who bought banking licenses from him and Mahathir has a ledger on that score. He will bury them and Anwar if they offer him financial support to topple Mahathir.

    UMNO is no group of beggars. They have made it clear that if he wants their support it will be on their terms. UMNO is acutely aware of the battle between Anwar and Mahathir and the difficulties both of them face with UMNO now returning to the position of King maker.

    The Chinese and some Indians will pay very heavily for their betrayal of the party and people who supported them, gave them a home and allowed them to practice their culture with little or no resistance from the locals for centuries.

    The world is a changing place.


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