The ultimate aphrodisiac

DAP and PKR have been together for 20 years. They are now both members of the PH alliance. 

It’s just like two friends in partnership of a business. Now the partnership is seeking a CEO to run the company. 

Conventional wisdom will have the two partners talking to each other and to other partners for this all important post. No one partner should suddenly demand publicly that a certain person of their choice must be the nominee. If they do that, it’s against conventional wisdom as well as the morality of being friends. 

This is exactly what is happening when DAP publicly issued an ultimatum to one of its partners in PH ( PKR) to come to a decision on whether they accept DrM as the choice of the next PM. 

Why can’t they do so privately? Why can’t they phone to discuss or request a meet up in person or call a virtual meeting via zoom to talk over the issue? 

Why must they  issue an ultimatum? Are they in such an hurry to want to go back to their old ministerial positions, with all the trappings of power ? 

They have forgotten that the very person who made them lose their powerful positions is the same man they are proposing as the new PM nominee. They have forgotten that this is the very person that made them renege on their election promises ( as written in their manifesto) and made them perceived as a lap dog of this very person.

They have forgotten that the  reason for the collapse of PH government was because this very person tried but failed to form a ‘unity’ government that would have given him full power to dictate terms to others.

Perhaps the best to describe this situation is the quote from Henry Kissinger “ power is the ultimate aphrodisiac’. Once tasted, they always crave for it, even throwing away principles, friendship and loyalty.

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