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hsudarren-1282.jpgWelcome folks to my blog.

I am an ordinary person living an ordinary life. I work as a medical doctor, running a family clinic. I also have a master’s degree in occupational medicine and safety.

I believe in the good of the world. That good value always triumphs over bad, that good guys always win against the bad, that truth will always prevail over lies, that the world can be a bright, good place to live in for all of us.

I believe that all men are born equal and whatever injustice, whatever unfairness should be done away.

Mine is a moderate voice trying to go against a strong current of extremist and racialistic views. But however small and soft, if everyone of you can join me, then our small voice can be stronger and louder. It can make a difference.

Together, let us build a new bright world which in the words of Thomas Friedman,  the Pulitzer price winning journalist, is being flattened.

The world is flat and every nation, every person should join hand to make our home planet a safe ,joyous and prosperous place for our future generations.

Dr Hsu Dar Ren

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  1. Low Keing Hooi
    Nov 09, 2006 @ 21:14:29

    Sadly, it remains not many people around us nowadays who do carry or share the concept of practising ‘goodness’ to the people. When the issues of ‘interest’ arises, the selfishness will tend to supercede the theory of practising “goodness”. We have often been striving and fascinating to bring the world from the bad to the good, and to persistently propagating the theory to the people around us. But, theories remains theories, it does not march alongside with practical reality. As the selfishness grow larger and larger, it cover and hide the theory of goodness within us. Worse still, if the leadership of the country do not practise the requisite “goodness” to the people at large but merely for their own self interest.

    I do concede men should be born equally, fairly and deserving the fundemental rights of seeking for justice. But when the atmosphere around us appeared to be contrary, we have no choice but to accept the real and practical reality. We may be despaired, but we could not help. Of course, men should not lived without objective and concept, so perhaps it is best to remain all these good concepts as our ultimate pursuance of conceptual goal.

    As you said, and I hope, with the small and soft voices like us, we hope we may be able to attract more and more people sharing the same heart and idea, to join together and to amplify our ideas and concepts for the betterment of our people’s tomorrow. To gradually pull our people back from the bad to the good, albeit not an easy task.


  2. hsudarren
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 13:53:15

    Thank you for your comment Low. I share the same view and vision as you. Together , let us do our small part to make it a better place to live.


  3. Low Keing Hooi
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 18:25:45

    cheers.. for the betterment of tomorrow!


  4. dr chin
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 15:26:54

    read yr comments. keep on commenting. agreed that the airport heist showed the incompetence of those entrusted with doing a good job. surely there will be a big black mark on penang


  5. hsudarren
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 11:07:48

    Thank you Dr Chin,. Will try to be impartial and fair in my comments. Hope to do my little bit to help achieve the aim of a Bangsa Malaysia and a fair and equitable society.


  6. jordan Tan
    Jan 05, 2007 @ 16:38:10

    all the darkness in the world cannot supress nor overwhelm the light from the smallest candle.
    If Good man and woman do not do anything to fight injustice they condemn the rest of the citizens who do not have skill, technology nor facts to speak up for themselves to bad government.


  7. jordan Tan
    Jan 05, 2007 @ 16:41:46

    Why are there so much injustice , war, suppression and sickness.
    visit http://www.coleman300.com and read about the truth behind all the world’s woes.
    200 white papers and monographs for your investigation and reflection.


  8. hsudarren
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 09:04:50

    Thank you Jordan for letting me know about this site.
    Let us join hand together to fight injustice. As you have aptly said, darkness cannot suppress light from the smallest candle. If all the small candles can be lighted together, we can hopefully turn darkness into dawn. I notice more and more people are beginning to speak out and that is a good sign.


  9. Winston
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 18:35:57

    Dr Hsu, I noticed that the cost of visiting of doctors has gone up after the recent registration of docs by the Health Ministry.
    I am 64 and am a firm believer of the maxim that prevention is better than cure, and with this in mind, I have blood pressure tests every few months.
    One clinic charges RM10, another RM15 & still others RM22.
    Previously, I just walked into a clinic and asked for a blood pressure test (only this test) and was charged RM5.
    I think that the doctors are passing the cost of registration to their patients which is not right.
    If the docs felt that the registration fees are too high, they should thresh it out with the Health Minister – that’s the right and proper way of doing things instead of making their patients the fall guy!
    Remember, many patients are far worse off than themselves, what with so many price increases within a short span of time. For retirees like me every cent counts!


  10. hsudarren
    Jan 30, 2007 @ 13:48:24

    Mr Winston thank you for your comment. I apologise for taking a few days to answer because I call up a few doctors friends and asked them whether anyone of them passed the costs of registration to their patients. The answer, fortunately is no.

    However, some of them have revised their charges to be line with the fees schedule listed under the Private Health Care and Health facilities Act that was passed recently. Under the act, all clinics have to follow the fees schedule listed by the government and the minmal consultation fees (without medication) under the schedule is a whopping RM 30.

    Most of the doctors are against this act. The registration fees is actually a small matter. It is a one time fee of RM1500/=

    We have a year grace period to follow the Act after the registration. Failure to adhere to the schedule can be fined as high as RM300,000/= or 6 years jail. For your information, I am still sticking to my old fees which is below that in the schedule.

    As regards your encounter with different fee charges, I am full of sympathies for you but I cannot comment on my fellow doctors because it would be unethical for me to do so.

    My best advice is that next time go to the one who provide the best service for you with the least charge.


  11. Dr. Khoo Ah Chew
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 11:36:45

    Hi, Dar Ren,
    Will you mind give me a direct contact, like phone number so that I can may you a visit in the future if I go to K.L. many Chung Ling friends also has lost your contact.

    From Khoo Ah Chew


  12. hsudarren
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 20:33:31

    I will send to u via Sumedical77 group. you r welcome to call me up if u r in town.


  13. Justin Hau
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 19:29:57

    Hi there Dr. Hsu

    I sincerely agree with your comments on how Chopin and Liszt are the greatest composers and piano the world has ever known. Their compositions are able to bring out the deepest emotions within ourselves.

    Anyway on another topic, I do believe that doing good is something everyone should strive for but unfortunately it is obvious that corruption is everywhere, immoral actions are practiced and it does make you wonder whether there ever will be a day when there wont be such things.

    Also i would like to ask, since you are a doctor, what it is like and how a doctor should act when he is around his patients. What are things that doctors need to pay attention to? Emotionally especially. As you see, I myself am interested in studying medicine next year, but the prerequisites for entry into the course is very competitive.

    Entry is based on 3 things (in Australia), UMAT test (which is like an aptitude test) which tests logical reasoning, understanding of people and non logical reasoning (which is looking for patterns and trends). Any advice on what a doctor should be would be very helpful.

    Last but not least i would like to wish you the best of luck in trying to achieve your aim of making the world a better place. I’m positive that the we all need more of people like you.

    Many thanks



  14. Justin Hau
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 19:32:14

    It seems i have left out quite abit on my comment… >_


  15. hsudarren
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 20:37:43

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Just for your information, three of my children are in medicine. One already working in the States, one in fifth yr Auckland, and one just enter medical school.

    The chinese has a saying, a doctor must behave like a parent towards his patients. We must love our patients like we love our kids. Not aways poossible, human being human, but we have to try.

    We need to have patience, maybe that’s why patients are called patients to remind doctors to be patient. We need to have good rapport, we need to really like people. We have to talk a lot, even sometimes repeating again and again when the patients would be asking you on same topic again and again, just to make ourselves clear.

    It is not easy to be like that alwaya, we being human, we some time may lose our patience, too. But over the years, if you genuinely love your work and like your patients, you find that you become closer and closer to most of your patients.
    Of course, I am running a family practice clinic, in which I see the same patients over and over again. I see my child patients grow up , become adults, married and have their own kids which become my patients too. And that helps to creat mutual understanding and friendship.

    However, don’t ever get emotionally attached to your patients. You can be friendly with them but don’t get emotionally attached, otherwise, you will get badly affected, say when one of your favourite hypertension patients suddenly develop a stroke or die, , it can really affect you.

    But Life is not a bed of roses. Medicine is a life long responsibility. Medicine is a life-long learning processs. Maybe that’s why I am always learning new things, besides medicine. Medicine needs long hours, need your physical presence and so when your lawyer or engineeering friends are having frequent holidays, you have to be physically present in your clinic to deal with your patients. You cannot delegate your work. You have to have a sense of responsibility.

    There is a saying , ” to cure seldom, to relieve sometimes, but to comfort always”. If you can have that “comforting” attitude, then medicine is the field for you.

    Try not to let medicine dictate your life. I suppose you play piano. My children are all good pianists, so when they get upset, they get bored, they get disillusioned, they resort to music ,. That always helps. So when you do medicine, don’t give up your music. You will find it handy when you actually practice medicine next time.


  16. Justin Hau
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 21:03:17

    Thank you Dr. Hsu for you advice. I really appreciate it. Yes I do play the piano and I am currently learning to play Liebestraume Nocturne 3. by Franz Liszt.

    I have tried for medicine this year but unfortunately I did not have the academic scores which were required for entry.

    As a result I am currently studying engineering and computer science, but i cannot find the patience with this course. However if i want to try again for medicine next year i need to do well this year.

    I just can’t see myself as an engineer. I genuinely want to help as many people as possible and to achieve this i want to be a doctor. That is the one thing that i really regret, not getting the academic scores.

    My apologies for the droning of my life. I am sure you have better things to do.

    Once again, many thanks for your advice.

    Also congratulations on being able to raise such great kids who are obviously very talented. I wish you the best for the rest of this year.

    Yours sincerely,



  17. hsudarren
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 21:31:57


    If u really wish to be a doctor, may be go for a bachelor degree. some of the medical schools in Australia, as well as medical schools in Canada and US, they take in only students with a basic degree. This is to make sure that those who do medicine are mature and have a better perspective in life. If there is a will, there is a way. I am sure you can do it.
    Glad to have u visit my blog. Rgds and allthe best to you.


  18. bethune
    May 31, 2007 @ 13:43:18

    i agrees that all beings are born equal. but sad to say that is not always the case. i worked in the corporate world and there is this thin “invisible” line that you don’t cross when it comes to promotion or filling a senior position. I believes in giving the job to the best person regardless of race or religion. Sad to say we have a BIG BROTHER that will question us on the racial composition of the management team. i have lost faith in the system have resigned to the fact that there is no such thing as EQUAL.


  19. Umran
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 11:49:06

    Dr Hsu,

    In the short time I have spent perusing your blog you have come across as a very sincere and compassionate person. It is heartening to know that Malaysia can still count on people of your calibre.

    I was wondering if you had heard of an initiative launched by a lawyer, Haris Ibrahim. The initiative is aimed at bringing accountability and respectability back to our Parliament.

    If I were in Malaysia I would be involved myself. As it is, the most I can do is spread the word.

    I hope you will seriously consider working with Haris to make Malaysia a better place for all of us.

    His website is: http://www.harismibrahim.wordpress.com

    Take care.


  20. hsudarren
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 12:19:23

    Thank you, Umran. All of us want our country to be clean, efficient, progressive and be a model for all nations, not because of anything else, but solely because this is our country. Just like we would do whatever we can for our parents and children, we need to come forward to contribute in whatever little way we can to achieve this objective.
    I always stress that we are lucky because we have a very beautiful country and a very beautiful people.
    I will contact Haris and I welcome all those who love Malaysia to be with us.


  21. Balachandran Veerayan
    Jun 19, 2007 @ 07:41:31

    Keep it up. We need people like you. We will have to go the Mahatma Ghandhi way- “Not to retaliate and not to yield”. Our country and the world would be a better place to live if a little bit of you stays in so many of us.
    Truth is the way. Justice to all. All are equal.

    Warm regards.
    Balachandran Veerayan


  22. hsudarren
    Jun 19, 2007 @ 15:20:13

    Thanks Balachandran. We are nobody but together all of us can make a diifference. That is what the great Mahatma Ghandhi’s way,
    All men are equal. All men are brothers.


  23. James McDougal
    Jun 26, 2007 @ 17:16:32

    It is a shame that people who seek a better tomorrow seek to achieve it through a horrible today. Seize the moment good doctor. Celebrate the advancement of our children and ourselves. Celebrate the advancement of the Malays who we mistreated for generations under the British and even after that. Celebrate the foresight of our forefathers who agreed to the NEP at independence.

    Beofre we look for a better tomorrow we have to be able to look to our past to see how far we have come and ask if we appreciate what we have received and achieved. Otherwise you will become like the self promoting members of parliament, narcississtic to the core and devoid of substance, peddling another form of race chauvanism.

    Singapore is an example of what an invited race of migrants can achieve at the expense of the indigenous people. Whilst keeping them at economically better levels than many of their counterparts in the surrounds, they are deprived of their culture, swamped by Mandarin speakers and writers and made to keep quiet. Much like the parrot in a cage who is fed regularly,secure from other wild beasts, has the attention of its master (as long as it sings his tune and does not fly away) and is kept as ashowcase of its masters status and his ‘kindness’ to animals. But the parrot will never be free till the cage door is open or the regime decides caging birds is cruel and it must be set free.

    You are quite clearly interested in a better tomorrow. And I suspect you are genuine. But what is better by your standards? What do you lack that you would not deprive others of given half the opportunity?

    If God wanted us all to be Chinese and Indians he would have made the whole world India and China. But he in his wisdom also made Malaysia with Malays as the dominant race with entitlements and benefits given any majority anywhere.

    Good luck and God bless you. I hope you will not like others resort to personal attacks and assumptions of who your writers belong to or who pays them and the rest which I notice very unfortunately many Malaysian non Malay blogs end up doing then barring their writers who do not accept their narrow point of view. Poor show of Democracy.

    God Bless you.


  24. hsudarren
    Jun 26, 2007 @ 18:33:42

    James, if that is your name even though I suspect you are not the westerner you pretend to be.
    It does not really matter whether I am a Chinese or you a Malay or indian. Race should not be a consideration at all in a fair and just society. Call me an idealist, but that is what I really believe.
    Any person who is weak, irregardless of race, must be helped. But we must give a chance for all to develop their talents and skills, which can only be done by giving them fair competition. Otherwise, how are we going to compete against the outside world?


  25. James McDougal
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 12:52:44

    I am somewhat disappointed that you would chose to cast aspersions on my character and fall into a trap of being what you petend not to be. A Chinese chauvanist parading as a wannabe do gooder. I am part Scottish and part English. I lived in Malaysia where in actual fact I was born then returned to England after my father decided to give up working for the famous Harrisons and Crossfields rubber estates in Malaysia. We did get to move around and yes my father knew Lee Kuan Yew who himself referred to Chinese as Chauvanists wanting it all for themselves.

    Your immediate knee jerk reaction reveals what lies behind your veneer of respectability of brotherhood and all bon homme in your opening remarks about my name and your ‘suspicions’ of what I pretend to be. Such presumtions from a person wanting fair paly?

    I for a moment believed you may have been genuine. But then again Amway used doctors too to penetrate the market by using the so called credibility of your profession to rip people off and to exploit people who would not be paid for their work.

    Sadly instead of finding a genuinely open forum seeking to unite people, you let slip your real persona. You cannot be fair or real with what you claim is what you want. There is more of a Mao Tze Tung in you than the Gandhi you claim to admire.

    Perhaps you should first ensure you aree free then ensure those who express themselves freely even if in disagreement with you are given a right to express themselves without your offensive personal attacks about who and what they are or in your words,”What they pretend to be”. If the substance of a posting speaks for itself and carries merit you should celebrate the diversity of that response in your debate.

    Fair competition is something you clearly cannot in your wildest dreams imagine or understand as it appears alien to your person. I did not manifest that quality of unfair personal criticism you did so by your attack.

    If the Chinese are second class citizens in Malaysia, please make me one as well. I would not mind the second class status for the belligerence, the money grubbing, the brothel owning, drug pushing and politician bribing qualities you espouse as a virtue which other civilised beings eschew.

    Sorry Good Doctor, for freedom to thrive and a fair deal to be had, you have to understand and live by those ideals.

    Maybe Lo Hsin Han of Burma is your ideal of fair chance, or perhaps Ferdinand Marcos, or even his successor the thieving Cory Aquino, or Thaksin Sinawatra or other Chinese despots of the region who all preach what they cannot practice and act as gatekeepers of the western interests in the region would be your ideal for Malaysia.

    Nice try Doctor.


  26. hsudarren
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 14:12:03

    James, if that is really your name, (which is not really important)

    I won’t stoop so low as to launch a personal attack and name calling. Please do not be emotional when I am just voicing my belief that help should be given to those weak and socially disabled, not based on racial consideration. If that is deemed chauvinistic, then there is no more universal value in the world. Please read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is posted in my blog too.

    Ande please do not think that by I am attacking you by just asking whether you are the westerner that your name portrays. It is only natural that I ask since you did not give any real identity, with contact address/actual email etc. If by just asking whether you are really a westerner constitute a personal attack, I am really at a losss what is the meaning of ‘attack’?

    The readers of my post, “all men are brothers” in which I reply to your comment, or for that matter the whole of my blog, can judge for themselves; in fact in all my post I have been consistently advocating a fair and just society, not based on any racial consideration.

    After reading through my posts and your comments, readers can ask themselves, who is the chauvinist? Who is having an emotional outburst , so much so even the whole profession of doctors was attacked. Anyway, I don’t sell Amway products and I don’t do any direct sales. I don’t do any business either, just for your information. I can tell you, James, there are still many good doctors around, even with a small number of black sheep in the profession.

    I also do not believe in ethnic profiling.. about brothels, drugs pushing and so on.

    I believe in a fair and equal society, you can call me a socialist, yes, but no where in my posts did I express chauvinist tendency.

    Ask your priest if God really favours a dominant race? Read all the scriptures, am I not right to say that God treats every race equally? Am I not right to say that all men are basically the descendents of a same ancestors from Africa? We are all brothers. James, you are my brother too.

    James, although it is my stated policy that I won’t entertain any comments with personal attacks and name calling, I still post your whole uneditted comment to let readers judge by themselves.

    But I reserve the right not to publish any more comments with name callings and any comments using a false identity.


  27. Jason Y
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 12:27:32

    Hello Mr James.

    I have been an Amway Member for a long time, I am rather impressed in the way you criticized Amway about the method we do promotion, from your posted comment.

    Whether Amway really hires some of the professionals to advertise its products, it still depends very much on solid evidence to get you a room for criticism. In fact, our products have been helping many people all over the world, regardless of their races and religions. I am sure some of Mr James’s family members have used Amway products too.

    The olden Asia value believes that something sharp could destroy the balance of the surrounding, but anything that takes the form of sphere, would never do so, mentally and physically applicable. Fairness and tactfulness are the very important elements to bring peace and balance to our world, definitely not extremism. From your comments, it is pretty sure that extremism does exist in your thought. May be, with Amway’s product and social service, it may help you to get rid of it.

    Hence, I really wish to help you, but without your real identity, it could never be done. Maybe you come to give your real email? Or Dr Hsu, can you supply with his I.P address?

    I hope you could reveal your real identity, I may try to locate your actual location through Amway search engine by applying your I.P in it, and I also hope that Dr Su could provide your I.P attached to your comment, to ensure we have a smoother progress in searching your real identity.

    Amway does have a lot of members whose professions range from doctors (of all kinds), engineers to normal citizen, I believe a large portion of people among them, are also of mixed race of Scottish and English, and live in England, maybe nearby your housing area, I can recommend a service for you that personal counseling or face-to-face psychiatric treatment could be arranged in your favor, for having such extremist thoughts, I think you need the help of doctors to cure you of your prejudice.

    Anywhere, I am very proud of being an Amway member. So far, never heard of an Amway member conducting personal attack, criticism of religion and racial discrimination openly in public.

    I really hope to meet you face to face to tell you more about Amway products. I also hope to introduce our Amway legal advisor to you to counsel you not to belittle Amway, so that you won’t get into legal problems.


    Jason Y

    c.c. Amway Headquarters, USA.


  28. James McDougal II
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 12:29:28

    Regarding the matter of fair and equal society, if you have doubts about Declaration of Human Rights, perhaps your view is just opposite of what is the universal value, which meant that you are from an unfair and unjust society.
    What is your feeling if the racial proportion is vice versa? So, you see my point. We should not use race and religion in the nation building process. It is against the belief of all human kind!!!
    James McDougal II


  29. hsudarren
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 09:39:22

    Hi Jason Y, Thanks for your comment. But as a matter of respecting the privacy of my readers, I cannot reveal the IP address to anyone, even if that person has gone beyond the boundary. It is because it is really easy to trace a person’s location with the IP . It is a matter of principle.


  30. rationalpsychic
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 03:57:49

    I like your message very much and am leaving a short comment so I can track back to it later and put your URL on my blogroll. Would that be alright with you?


  31. killerthought
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 16:15:17

    All this talk about making this world a better place has gotten into my nerves lately. You see, I get to hear this stuff from a lot of people. And from that ‘a lot of people’, only a few live up to their words. Promises, promises and more promises. The greatest example of these kinds of people are the world’s politicians. Damn fools they are. And damn fools we are for believing in their words. It’s sickening actually.

    I like your site. I believe in your views. I believe in what you write and in what you think.


  32. yingyang
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 08:18:37

    Very noble aspirations indeed, but alas, human greed and hatred of today far out-weigh the simplistic ideals of a peaceful planet that is now systematically devoured by military conflicts creating untold human miseries and pain. This is a uphill battle that may never be won. Might help if there are 5 billion Dr. Hsu’s!


  33. kingoflove
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 16:34:02

    Hello Dr Hsu, Its great to be on this site. This site did make a lot of sense. I also truly support your thoughts and all the best in spreading the message around the globe… lets all work together to make it relly happen…….


  34. frank
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 21:14:31

    Soft voice is something like a mild medicine, it is good and effective for light illness like cold and flu. Once in our Country, it was supposed to be a promised land for all of us to live happily, peacefully, day in day out with bright sunshines, though at times some little clouds and rain, has now contagious with a serious illness- a social cancer!

    Ever since when, corruptions serious enough to blast out the whole Nation crept in, typically like an example of Taiwan’s, we see how people suffer due to the most killing social disease-corruptions have taken over command of good governance and the basic moral value! Comparatively, Peoples of Taiwan are fortunate enough to be blessed by the spirit of true democracy, freedom of speeches and you can see TVBS as one good example, playing its role in scrutinizing and whipping the unscrupulous politicians whenever there appear scandals and evidence for them to expose and reprimands in the public domain! To the contrary, how unfortunate we are, we have been infected such contagious social disease, yet been deprived off the rights of diagnosis with antidotes (freedom of speech), you can then imagine how demoralise and desperate peoples have become!

    Out of vain hopes, peoples here are not giving up as we all feel that we cannot allow such bunch of corrupted minority to rule us under their tyranny and suppressions and we ought to retaliate and speak up with soprano tone, even to resort to some degrees of vulgarities are inevitable and essential! Soft voices through soft talks with the notorious babarians at many times won’t get us far to reach compromisation. At times we will have to use the sticks when the carrots are no longer effective means! For killer disease like cancer, aren’t we have to use hard medicines to counter?

    Malaysia Today with Raja Petra’s “provocative” (as regards by the corruptors) speeches have undeniably striken the heart drums of all many decent citizens and their reciprocation in due course! Wouldn’t it be good if we were to take it positively for at least we have seen the reaction and response of the misconduct party and the Ruler’s support to publise the corrupted characters in order to contain such fatal disease in them, if at all, total wipe out is impossible!


  35. krsnakhandelwal
    Aug 12, 2007 @ 10:44:23

    your voice is not feeble,it echos in many hearts


  36. Ann
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 06:51:06

    More and more people on the same side will make the difference


  37. delia
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 01:39:30

    thanks so much for the lyrics of what a wonderful world. That song is one of my favorite and is always on my mind but i did not know all the words


  38. kslye
    Sep 22, 2007 @ 17:06:45

    Dear Dr.Hsu, just bumped into your site today. I must say, good job. have loads of good read at your site. Enjoyed it. Lye.


  39. hsudarren
    Sep 22, 2007 @ 23:04:44

    Thanks Lye. Hope u will drop in often and gives your views.


  40. harris
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 00:05:22

    nice blog! small voice if we put together will be a very big voice.( just vote rightly!)
    i’m also looking forward to better malaysia. A country that is well governed, regardless of religion, races or etc.
    keep blogging. btw, i will bookmark your blog . nice to read.


  41. Mary
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 20:35:22

    Wow! Interesting! Everything on this website is my area of interest. I will definately take time to read the info on this website and I believe it would help tremendously with my studies. Thanks Dr Hsu for having such a great website & blogs.


  42. koy
    Oct 12, 2007 @ 23:25:25

    I’m from Thailand.
    Although I just visit your site,but I think you are such a nice person and I just want to encourage you *U*!! THat’s it.


  43. Bourgeois Nievete
    Oct 19, 2007 @ 15:13:48

    Hey Doc. You came up on my Google News alerts for Burma. What an excellent article on the background of the junta. Clean and calm and sharp, like a razor.

    I have posted your article on Burma NewsLadder, a quickly growing human-aggregated Burma News site for all articles on Burma. Under “What’s New”.

    I live in the birth place of Rock’N’Roll.
    I have been sending around my latest blog post in an effort to get Al Gore and the other Nobel Peace Prize winners to go to Burma Now. I would be honored if you would check it out and spread it too.

    I really like your jokes too. Here’s one…
    Q) What do you get when you cross the Junta with the Mafia?
    A) Guys who will give offer you a deal that you can’t understand.

    love and thanks,
    om mani padme hum


  44. monsterball
    Oct 21, 2007 @ 20:08:46

    Doc…This is my first visit to you blog…and noted your various interesting subjects.
    Hope to contribute useful comments.
    Meanwhile…can you tell me….why must a doctor request a patient to come back three days later…charging RM25..and infect will be at least RM50 total. I have seen quite alot of doctors doing this style of consultations.
    I told my doc to give me the best medicine and make it one time visit. He changed the medicine to higher quality stuffs and charge me RM45…now one time visit for three days d=medicine…and I do get cured fast!!
    He said..if all his patients are like me..his job will be easier. Do you know what he meant?


  45. hsudarren
    Oct 21, 2007 @ 21:18:06

    hi monsterball, welcome to this blog and hope to read more of your comments.

    I really cannot tell u why some doctors do that. There may be a variety of reasons. For one, you may have a viral infection such as common cold and most types of cough, in which case you have to wait for the disease to run its course and for your own immunity to over the flu virus.

    Or you may be having a bacteria infection, in which case a strong antibiotics can usually work within 3 days. So he might be giving you a very strong antibiotics.

    Good medicine may not necessarily be costly.. If a wrong medicine is given for an illness, not matter how expensive that medicine is, it still may not work. If it is the right medicine, even a not so expensive one will work wonder. This is especially true for bacteria infection.

    If the bacteria is resistant to that antibiotics, no matter how expensive that medicine is, it will not work. But if it is sensitive to the medicine which may be just a common antibiotics and not so expensive, it will still work wonder.

    The best thing is to talk frankly with your doctor.
    Of course there are black sheep in every profession, beside that I cannot say more, because Hippocrates code compels us not to belittle another doctor.

    Find a good doctor that you think compatible to you, be open and frank, and stick to him. I don’t encourage doctor hopping, and neither I encourage patient pinching.

    Hope this explanation may be of help!.


  46. YC Lee
    Oct 27, 2007 @ 16:28:07

    Dr Hsu, I have reading few articles you wrote to http://www.malaysiakini.com, at first I thought Dr Hsu Dar Ren is just a nickname. But today I accidentally found your personal site. Dr Hsu Dar Ren is your real name ? GREAT site with GREAT articles you have put up here and malaysiakini.com

    A little step today of what you did, a better tommorow is guaranteed for us. You are Malaysia version Sun Yat-sen, you are my hero ! Please keep up the good work. We need many of your kind. 🙂


  47. hsudarren
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 13:09:26

    YC Lee , thanks for your kind words.

    I am just a small man not worthy of such praise. But you words have encourged me to continue to walk a small step at a time.

    Cheers! 🙂


  48. ERON
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 15:44:01

    please gave me sunday afternoon waltz.Thanks a million.


  49. toh cheng keat
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 13:54:08

    Dear Dr Hsu, I am with you that teh world we live in especially MALAYSIA is not a happy place now. Look at the policy that govern us which create a lot more hardship, suffering and discontentment. There are now lines drawn to disintegrate racially and religiously. Why must this happen after 50 years of joy and understanding. This is the direct result of Greed , Hatred and Delusion Boilling in the mind. Malaysian live daily with suspision of each other. The whole dividing policy has to be removed. I can keep talking but it will come to naught. I hope more understanding citizen work with you to make a happier country with success. I appeal to all right thinking people to put down their power of choice in the coming election so that a paradigm shift can take off immediately.


  50. Looking for Hockey players for TVC
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 17:29:12


    “We share the same biology even we might differ in ideolgy.”

    Glad to have found your blog.


  51. Philip Lau
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 14:31:41

    We need more websites and writers of these calibes in Malaysia.


  52. jo
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 01:28:40

    Hi Dr,

    I would like to have your email address for me to forward some documents for your perusal with regards to the latest entry that you wrote on Gan Eng Gor




  53. CL
    Jan 30, 2008 @ 00:00:12

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    – Edmund Burke.

    It is great that good men like you continue fighting in cyberspace. Thank you , keep up the great job of keeping the public informed.


  54. segar
    Mar 29, 2008 @ 11:51:40

    Hi doctor, just first time i been your blog. very good articles and analysis.i feel that we are all in same boat, because psm also fight againts injustice and fair treatment for all .

    by comradly


  55. Ray
    May 14, 2008 @ 08:45:20

    Hello. I am a big fan of Richard Clayderman. Thanks for all the songs you put up. Can you please find the sheet music for Chinese Garden?

    P. S. Are you Chinese?


  56. Dr Hsu
    May 14, 2008 @ 09:30:00

    yes. I am Chinese Malaysian. I have not been able to get the score for Chinese Garden over the net. Sorry for that….Hope you enjoy playing his other great pieces.


  57. juliatan
    May 29, 2008 @ 23:01:03

    Just a matter of curiosity. My lawyer friend always tells me, if we call doctors “Dr.” we should be calling lawyers, “Lawyer” and engineers “Engineer” and teachers “Teacher” and drivers “Driver” as well as cleaners “Cleaner” so it is without end.
    It is a matter of respect, I know for the number of years you have studied and trained to be a medical doctor, but then for a fair and just society, aren’t we supposed to accord the same treatment to all? How about the policeman who has “policed” for 30 years?

    Just thinking aloud.


  58. Justin Choo
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 23:35:47

    Dr Hsu,

    Just found enough time to really go thru your blog.

    First I must sincerely and unreservedly apologise to you for posting a very unflattering comment on Gerakan, not knowing that you are holding a respectable position in the party (assuming you are still with the party).

    Your name itself is extraordinary. I am illiterate in Chinese, but the little I know points that your name means literally Big Person, of course in Chinese it would mean Your Honourable Sir! You already had a good start the day you were born!

    You know, the first time when I read your “header introduction”…”To do my little bit to make the world a better place” it immediately struck me of the humility of the person who constructed that simple but so powerful a sentence. Despite your busy schedule as a practising doctor, it is really incredible that you still could manage 2 active intellectual blogs of such high standard. And more unbelievable that you could make time for sports and hobbies, especially learning to play the piano!!

    My greatest respect for you.


  59. Dr Hsu
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 13:49:55

    Justin, I am not worthy of the praise and the flattery that you have so kindly bestowed on me. I am only a small candle, alone I would not be able to light up a place, but together with other small candles, the illumination will be bright enough to chase away darkness. That is what i believe always… pls read this post ‘ light the candle and climb the mountain“.

    You, as a commentator and reader of blogs, is also a candle. So let us join hand to light up the world. My other blog is called ‘Clear Blue sky’ in Mandarin, so hopefully, even if we cannnot see a clear blue sky, our future generation will …. Not only in Malaysia but the whole world.

    I believe there will come one day when everyone realise that people can live in peace and agree to disagree in peace. that people will help each other unconditionally like that in the old villages of the yerteryear, and that everyone will be fairer and more equal than the world now, in living standard as well as the way they behave . That will be really a better world… a world with the clear blue sky…

    As for your comment on Gerakan, please be free to criticise and view your opinion. I think the party must be big enough to accept whatever criticism from the people, as without the people , there is no party. So please feel free to air your view and criticism, and help Gerakan go back to the path of its founding fathers.


  60. maktiankwan
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 15:51:34

    A very humble, simple and sincere voice,
    Your words are not that of the cluttering voice!
    Your face is good,your website is good and you
    are good,
    This old man bows to the divinity within you and
    has understood!
    May you continue to light other candles,
    Without any fear or favour!


  61. Justin Choo
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 18:18:04

    Dr Hsu,

    I have just read your article: climb the mountain and light a candle. You are certainly a very very hopeful and positive person. I am ashamed to admit that I really don’t have that kind of hope for this country with people respecting one another, and living in a level playing ground; at least in the foreseable next generation where much harmful indoctrination had been implanted.


  62. Dominica Azalea
    Jun 13, 2008 @ 17:41:28

    Dr Hsu,

    I’ve just found your blog and I’m deeply impressed.

    You know that in Indonesia, many (I really mean many) doctors do not have enough patience and care for their patients, and that’s why I’ve been learning medical by myself just to build health consciousness in my family. But you seem to have the tenderest heart in the world.

    Best wishes to you and keep touching our hearts with your words…..


  63. songchin
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 14:34:45

    Did U studied in University of Singapore, 1973 to 1978, Medical faculty? Originated from Ipoh?


  64. Dr Hsu
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 14:40:58

    songchin, no. I studied in University of Singapore from 1972 to 1977, and I am from Penang , not Ipoh…


  65. Zubli Zainordin
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 09:32:23

    I am glad to have found your blog, and reading your views, I share some commonness. I shall spend precious moments here reading your posts.


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  67. Christopher
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 00:11:50

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    Thanks for having this forum. I glad that I found your blog.

    With the current political tsunami, many non-bumis have migrated overseas mainly for 3 reasons:
    1. racial equality
    2. children’s education
    3. security

    With all of your children studying ot have studied overseas, have you ever considered migrating as well or would you encourage your family and friends to do so.

    Appreciate your thoughts and comments.


  68. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 10:07:08

    Christopher, over the years, a conservative estimate, at least abotu a miilion (inclusing of their children)have migrated. Not just Malaysians Chinese and Indians, but also Malaysian Malays, especially those educated abraod.

    I told my children when they go overseas to study that this is their homeland. I will welcome them if they come back. But i will force them if they choose to stay overseas. I am a very liberal person, and I let them choose their own destiny.

    the world is becoming very small and as a person who believe in the oneness of our Earth, it is not important to have my children staying near me. Anyway, I am in contact with my children everyday, through skype and msn, and the modern technology has made it so cheap to communicate, as if they are just beside me. I will know what they eat, what show they watch, what frieds they go out with, and they will have parental advice on hands henever they need them.

    As for me, my wife and myself will stay put in this country, simply because we love this country, and this is the only place we know since birth. I have even have a burial plot ready in Nilai Memorial, so that when my wife or I die, we would want to be buried here…My homeland and my country.

    As for my take on the government policies and the Brain Drain problems, please read my article: https://hsudarren.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/racial-politics-and-brain-drain/


  69. A true Malaysian
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 10:53:21

    Just curious, Dr. Hsu, since you were educated in Singapore, why don’t you choose to stay there as what many people commonly do.


  70. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 11:09:44

    A True Malaysian, I will answer this in a post.


  71. Avatar
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 10:55:50

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    I think you’ve a great blog and keep up the good work. Just wanted to let you know I’ve added your blog to my links section.



  72. Dr tan thean cheong
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 23:00:24

    sorry that I was not able to post here earlier so I have posted comment in another topic. Hope you have read that.



  73. zopinion
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 11:57:48

    Dear fellow Malaysian… this is what you should worry about..



  74. qasida
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 04:27:33

    nice blog doctor
    I read your article on one step forward and 3 back also.


  75. Viktor Wong
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 08:56:43

    Dr Hsu,

    A very good example. If all Gerakan leaders were like you. Then I wouldn’t have left the party two year ago.


  76. Chabalang
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 15:17:31

    Dr Hsu,

    I was pleasantly surprised to read an objective and rather balanced blog from a BN party divisional “leader”. I am pro-Pakatan Rakyat but I have to admit your writings make more sense than a lot of DAP/PKR blogs (which are rather anti-govt for the sake for it). Keep your good work and I look forward to reading your views.



  77. David Castagna
    Mar 09, 2009 @ 22:06:27

    I wanted to see your world here. I admire your thoughts and beliefs and try to live my life this way as well.

    Many thanks to you Dr. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and the others who have entered here. All the great sheet music is interesting.

    David Castagna.


  78. kazi mahmood
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 06:22:11

    Dear Doctor,

    I was glad to read, after a year, my article on your blog.

    I would like to thank you for publishing it. Please note our new website url. It is the same website but with a shorter name.

    Hope you will visit us regularly.

    Yours truly



  79. Dan Akinpelu
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 00:36:15

    Yes,second your ideal especially triumph of good over evil…but i desperately want to know from your point of view how to subdue persecution.I left Nigeria due to unfounded allegations of “treasonable felony”but i got to Malaysia to find out that the “network” has managed to restrict my freedom…how do i handle this?i can’t go back to Nigeria for fear of being incaserated extra-judicially.


  80. Dr VS Rambihar
    May 29, 2009 @ 21:26:58

    Two things.

    We share your interest in believing in the good in the world. To use this to help achieve more, we have started a grass roots movement we invite you and everyone else to join – a Valentine’s Global Heart Hour and Global Heart initiative, launched by medical students in Toronto in 2009.
    This is similar to Earth Hour, using the idea of heart at Valentine’s to turn on hearts for helping the world, the way we turn off lights for Earth Hour. Everyone is invited to do what they feel they are able to in their own and creative way, or join us in our suggested ways.

    More at globalhearthour.com

    2) I note your mention of the eminent TJ Danaraj and the University of Malaya. I am dong some research on him and would appreciate any comments and links for his work and his ideas going back to 1959, when he published a seminal paper on ethnic differences.


    VS Rambihar MD Cardiologist Toronto.


  81. m&r
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 22:27:04

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    You have a wonderful blog!

    If someone out there (who perhaps has

    reached pension age) can put your

    Musical Scores into alphabetical order

    (Songs, Classical etc.) – perhaps

    millions or billions of searching hours can be

    saved and used to play more music and make

    the world an even better and happier place to live.

    Thank you again!

    R & M.


  82. Cintia Orlandi
    Aug 07, 2009 @ 20:32:02

    Hello Dr!
    Nice site withgoodies and fantastic music. I have a request. I googled for Yanni’s aria, but I couldn’t find it here. Would you please send it the pdf file. I need the melody and the lyrics. Thanks a lot. Keep on good work
    From Brazil
    Cintia (aka Honey)


  83. Pete
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 22:35:15

    With the onslaught of IT, the blogosphere and alternative electronic media, we’re reading more news and issues being brought forward by bloggers from each political divide. Some may seem true, some may not but in general, we all have to weed out corruption in this country. It’s getting out of control, with the PKFZ issue, big mansion, etc. Being a Malaysian, I would like to see a better Malaysia for our next generation but at the rate and direction, we’re definitely heading “south”. It’s a death kneel. What will be future for our next generation? Any good “prescription” to stop this pandemic?


  84. Tan Teng Ek
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 13:49:21

    Thank you for a good site. I enjoy reading it.


  85. Yuvarajah
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 11:12:02

    Hi Dr Hsu,

    I came across your site after googling on 1Malaysia.

    After reading your response to my post on the 1Malaysia fund Quota, I was enquistive to know the person behind the message.

    I would like to think I have found someone who shares a lot of passion in wanting to make a positive influence on others, particularly Malaysians suffering from myopia.

    I am just an old time soldier who retired early, thinking I could easily find my rightful place in the corporate jungle! I must say, it has been one helluva roller coaster ride through a paradoxical culture, shaped by racism, politics and apathy.

    I am not as “gifted” as you are but we share the same interest in our line of work, i.e to help people become better!. I am a HR Manager and Professional Coach.

    I certainly would like to get in touch with you, with a view to friendship and mentoring for my son who has just started into medicine.



  86. Dr Hsu
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 13:30:49

    Thanks for your comment and hope you will let us have more of our wisdom..



  87. Johnny Moi
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 12:16:27

    Dear Dr. Hsu,
    Greetings! Presently, I am the editor of this magazine and would like to seek your permission to re-publish two articles:
    1. From the greenback to our economy
    2. To YB, from your Boss

    The publishing deadline is on the 19th March 2010 for our April Issue and as such would appreciate your earliest response.

    I would like to invite you to be one of our regular columnists in this mag. If you have the time, I would like solicit a contribution “An Open Letter to the Prime Minister” for our April Issue (cover story on PM’s 365 days in office).

    I shared your beliefs, too. I look forward to your response.

    Yours truly,



  88. Dr Hsu
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 15:14:04

    Johnny Moi,
    You have my permission to publish the 2 articles, just acknowledge the origins and mention that I am the author.

    Many of this blog’s articles are reproduced in many websites, including MT, MI, Malaysian Bar, even Singapore online paper Tamesek, and of course other bloggers.

    I am most happy to write for your magazine… If you have any terms and restrictions pls let me know, thru the blog email at the side of this blog. Thanks

    Dr Hsu


  89. ighosts
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 15:59:51

    Hi Dr. Hsu,

    Actually, I was looking for another Dr. Hsu (sorry), the author of “Reborn at the End of the Road” after attending one of his lecture and found you. It is surprising where the roads lead us sometimes. Ha. ha.

    My support for your “voice of justice”. We need voices like yours. I don’t write about politics but this little bit in my blog about MCA may be of interest to you – “Butterfly & Sword. 流星•蝴蝶•剑”. Would you believe it is my little attempt at learning Chinese? Ha ha.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!! And thank you!


  90. george tham
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 20:49:51

    Hello Dr Hsu, I stumbled onto your website when i google search for music chords for Bu Liao Qing.

    Nice work you are doing and nice to read those comments also. Very happy to know there are still plenty of good people around. Yes, i belive in your believe that good will always triumph over evil. It only takes time and sometimes too long a time.

    By the way, i don’y play the piano but could you post the chords for Bu Liao Qing by Ku Mei ? Appreciate it.


    George Tham


  91. anthony
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 11:51:17

    Just one word which is root to many evil.



  92. Dr Hsu
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 12:10:51

    thanks for pointing out that i am ignorant.

    Thank you for your farsighted and knowledgeable view..


  93. Alex Yap
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 09:42:01

    hello.I have a nice time reading your article on the Taiping Revolt in China…I am amsian currently working in China (like so many Chinese Malaysian now).
    Its just so sad reading abt the state of affairs in Msia..all the race-fighting, corruption,politics n rumours….whilst CHINA is now busy developing itself…I have actually lost hope for Msia as I willl be applying for PR soon in Spore and lots of my frens have also left the country…some are thinking of Beijing now….
    The problem with Msia is some people just dont want to take the long hard road to success and money…if all Msian are brave enough to compete on the same ground then it will be much better like what happening in Spore where the Malays there are so much cultured and well mannered and civilized which to me it means successful..
    Evil has prevailed in msia because of past leaders’ actions and misdeeds….for action there r consequences…the state of Msia today is the reflections of the actions of past leaders in 30 years….I am sad really sad …as a saying goes I LOVE MALAYSIA BUT DOES MALAYSIA LOVES ME????……I am glad there are people like you i Malaysia but alas i thinking its a losing battle….

    ok mmm where shall I go next….EXPO ???


  94. Sathira
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 12:45:53

    Hi Dr Hsu, glad to meet you here. Great task ahead for you to make the world a better place to live! Hahaha…. .

    I believe you should include the topic ” Fighting For Mankind Or Our Own Benefits? “. Many YBs’ nowaday seem to suffer from the “terminal illness” of behavioural misalignment ( is there such a term in medical science? Hahaha.. .)! Their words, their hearts and their actions do not seem to be in alignment! During the Election campaign, they are all for the benefits of the rakyat, however, after the Election, they are all for either party or themselves!


  95. wisely
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 11:53:03

    I like ur optimistic view, in fact we all should but in the real world of the whole world, there are always ‘more’ to that and there’s always very little that we, who have the same aspiration like u can do or achieve but as always, strive on!!!!


  96. Ngan
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 09:25:54

    Hi Dr. Hsu
    My name is Ngan, I graduated in Foreign Language and in IT.
    After reading about you, I’m very impression, I would like to connect to you more to share the best things for our good world.
    By the way, I like also playing guitar in free times. I will post you a video but now I need a guitar sheet music name “Nostalgy”. Could you send (or) post me?
    Thank very much.
    See you soon on the your forum.



  97. Dr Hsu
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 09:46:19


    I play very little guitar, and as such I normally do not go and search for guitar scores. But I will keep an eye open when i go for music scores in the internet.

    BTW, there is a piano score on “nostalgy” under Richard Claydermann’s link in the music sheet page.. I am sure with your experience, you can convert it to play your own version of guita Nostalgy


  98. Albert Soo
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:34:50

    Dr. HSu,

    I must meet you. Call me at 016-6763753; I am working towards solving our NHFS issues. I invite you to be involved in my team to contribute to love Malaysia…and make MOH the world best. After all, Malaysia should be Singmanai…the best in the world, possibly in every aspect…when we have more citizen of your fruits that you have shared…Thank God for you.


  99. Dr Hsu
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 17:57:17

    Albert Soo
    I have been asked to go out and meet up with people, and a lot of times when i went, there was no body there. So i need to know about u. Are u a doctor? Why are you involved in NHFS? R u working for a NGO? Sorry for the question, but i learn from experience to be more careful when asked to go out and meet up with people. Once i got these answers, i will sms u my phone and so on.

    My clinic was raided a second time this week and i need really to be more careful.


  100. Mal
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:30:23

    was trying to down load the sheet music for te bie de ai gei te bie de ni when I came upon you blog. I agree whole heartedly. So many idiots listen to political lies and trash while the freedom of the world comes crashing down


  101. TooMuch
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 16:37:04

    Doc, We have a beautiful country yet there is little comfort and we feel not at home. Rakyat leave with many feeling threaten or marginalised by unfair and unjust practises. We are treated as second class and called Pendatangs. Our ancestors are called prostitutes and all sorts of names. Policies put in place distance us from being ONE MALAYSIAN. When an opposition leader coin the phrase Bangsa Malaysia, all sorts of ridicule was lavished. However, I note that you used the same term BANGSA MALAYSIA.

    Let’s every concerned Malaysian start taking steps to make “Bangsa Malaysia” a proud reality, by doing the right things in every small possible ways. Hidup Bangsa Malaysia…


  102. Mrs Toh Kok Aun nee Lee Swee Har
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 11:59:08

    Hi Dr Hsu,
    I am wondering if you were a student at Chung Ling High School(Penang) in the late 60s or early 70s. I remember having a student of that name. I am Ms Lee Swee Har (Mrs Toh Kok Aun), English teacher at CLHS.
    A friend forwarded your article to me yesterday, so I thought I’d find out if my munch is right.


  103. Crusader
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 16:35:34

    Hello Dr. Hsu,

    I was one of your patient who visits your clinic during my younger days (80’s and early 90’s). I’m totally delighted to come across your blog posted by Malaysia Today which link me directly to this site.
    Will keenly follow your blog on updates from now onwards.

    You have a good day Dr.

    SanPeng folks


  104. Dr Hsu
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 16:37:14


    yes, I know . From your email address, I know who you are and you and your family have been my patients for so long..

    thanks for visiting this blog.


  105. Lena Lee
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 17:49:37

    Stumbled on your blog while looking for music scores. Now the crux is I did not manage to get to the music score as it is protected. How do I get the password?

    Lena Lee


  106. Dr Hsu
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 10:24:14

    password is actually given there, but just need to look carefully…


  107. Crusader
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 11:20:35

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    My sincere condolence on your father in-law demised.


  108. baidu456
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 14:45:41

    I dont know what its about this blog that turns me off so a lot, but you just dont seem to get me excited. I dont know if its the lack of content or just the way you wrote it. But you really dont seem to comprehend that your readers could not agree with you. Youre really just too out there for me.


  109. Crusader
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 15:32:41

    Dear Baidu,

    If you don’t have something nice to say then just keep quiet. If you don’t like this blog then go do something useful.


  110. Crusader
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 10:58:11

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    Seems like Gerakan is having a leadership crisis hence being an ex member of this party, mind if you could share your two cents worth on this. Why is it party members challenging the chief so close to GE.


  111. Dr Hsu
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 12:21:08

    Dear crusader,

    After 308, during one of the meetings, the chief KTK used the analogy of Titanic to describe BN.. He said that for Titanic to change course, it is not that easy, and needs lots of time to do so.. He implied that it would not be easy to reform within a short time, and to change would need a long period, while in the mean time, we must have faith in the old system in order to let the Top leader to slowly change.

    i stood up and replied that Titanic is indeed an apt analogy, but unfortunately the Titanic is the Big Brother, and it is headed towards a big Iceberg,and all the smaller components would be like the life boats on the deck of Titanic.

    I said that since time is running out, and Titanic would soon hit the iceberg if the course is not changed in time, then there would only be 2 options for gerakan, as a life boat on the ship. It can either choose to be thrown down into he big ocean, and be independent of the Big Ship, and try to survive by itself in the rough sea, or it can choose to remain on board and go down with the whole ship when it crashes into The iceberg..

    KTK had nothing to reply to my example except promise to considering about the options of leaving BN.

    Now time has almost run out, but the Big Ship has not changed much of its course, and Gerakan is still on board , so the chances of it going down is very high. Even if Big Brother wins, gerakan will still lose very badly, but nothing has been done to reinvigorate and reinvent itself.

    Actually it is not entirely KTK’s fault. Within the framework of BN, as I have said so many times, it is just impossible for Gerakan to reform.., The same is true for MCA and MIC. To change course is impossible if your are the small boats on the deck of the Big Ship. The change of course will be decided and has to be decided by the Big Ship.

    Gerakan would suffer bad defeats again, and this time , once badly beaten, it would be difficult for the party to bounce back.. the history of PPP is a good example. Even if the Titanic survives the crash, the gerakan life boat would be full of holes and would be of no use to the Big Brother.. It would probably be relegated to a store room, and let rotten there.. Like the PPP before.

    Members know about this.. So all the anger and frustrations are directed at the head, who happens to be someone who work very hard as a minister but at the expense of attending to party affairs. In many instances, where there are factions fighting for a chance to be candidate, he did not want to antagonise anyone, and did not put his foot down, and let the simmerings become all out fight for positions. The inaction is his main failure. He hopes that by doing nothing, things will sort out by itself. He is also seen to be a liability by many inside the Big Brother..


  112. Crusader
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 13:48:58

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    Thank you. Great insights. Every component parties is aware Titanics is heading for self destruction except for Big Brother and I wonder why. Is it greed, crazy for power or just pure ignorance.

    Anyways, GE13 will determine our future as a nation. You have a good day doc.


  113. Dr Hsu
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 15:05:52

    My regards to your family.. I remember all of you very well..
    Spread the word for change!


  114. Crusader
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 15:57:11

    Dear Doc,

    Family sends their regards too.

    No worries doc. I’ve taken the task to spread the word for change to anyone who claims ignorance in Malaysian politics. Your blog comes in handy to educate the not to bright voters.

    I pray daily that we see a better Malaysia come GE13.

    ABU, ABU, ABU.


  115. Kathleen Hubert
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 07:58:02


    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    – Kathleen Hubert


  116. Dr Hsu
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 10:38:56

    Katheen Hubert
    I welcome guest post as long as it is well written, well argued, especially those which are thought provoking.

    But I have to read through first before posting.



  117. dato mahadev shankar
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:42:53

    dear dr. hsu
    i read your ariticle on the proposed health plan with great interest.
    I wish to know the date on which you pubished the report.
    I also wish to quote some paassages from it in the forthcoming World Congress on Healthy Aging to be held this 20th March in KL.
    PLease let me hear from you asap


  118. dato mahadev shankar
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:48:27

    sorry Dr. Hsu
    the full name of the article is
    HP 012 9****78


  119. Dr Hsu
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 15:05:17

    Dato Mahdev Shankar

    It was written around MArch 2006, and copies were handed to Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Lee Kah Choon (who was the PArliamentary sec for Ministry of Health at that time, and several others Gerakan leaders holding government position.

    It was not published officially in any journal until last year, when Dat Paul Selvaraj emailed me for permission to publish it in FOMCA’s CRRC consumer review June 2011 journal.

    You can quote me on this when you use it for your presentation.

    Thanks and regards
    Dr Hsu


  120. decaptcher
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 03:09:26

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on captcha bypass code.


  121. Muhammad Azman
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 08:44:17

    Doctor Hsu,
    Here, courtesy of Ellese blog. In semi retirement mode. Have lots of time to surf. Wish I was here much earlier. Wasted so much time on surfing elsewhere. Looks like I have to delete many blogs from my favourites collection and replace with yours alone.

    Thank you for this refreshing approach to blogging.


  122. Dr Hsu
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 09:39:14

    Dear Muhammad Azman
    Thank you for visiting. I suppose each of us are different and each has different style of blogging.
    Welcome. 🙂


  123. Wei Ming
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 17:33:23

    Hi Dr Hsu,

    My friend and I are keen to work on an idea to use IT/Cloud to improve patient accessibility to healthcare services and increase revenue return for doctors. We have been in the IT field for quite a few years and today we see there is a possible way to use IT to change healthcare service delivery.

    If possible and you have the time, I would like to seek your opinion on this idea.

    Look forward to hear from you soon.



  124. Dr Hsu
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 22:14:14

    Hi Wei Ming,
    I am open to new ideas.


  125. Wei Ming
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 22:40:50

    Hi Dr Hsu


  126. Wei Ming
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 22:43:01

    Hi Dr Hsu,

    Nice to hear from you.

    Would it be possible for me to have your email address? So I can elaborate further on the whole idea in details.



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  129. Crusader
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 16:34:47

    Dear Doc,

    You have not been active lately.


  130. Dr Hsu
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 11:36:59

    ya, have not been active after retiring from politics.
    1. Travelling overseas quite a bit to visit my children.
    2. whatever needs to be said have been said in this blog. Seeds have been sown for change and change will inevitable come one day no doubt, but for the short terms, it will not be easy. We lost the best chance for change in the last GE.


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