Towards a world class city

kl.jpgThis page contains a powerpoint presentation that i have prepared titled : Kuala Lumpur a world class city.


Also contains a document which I wrote for Parti Gerakan Kuala Lumpur FT in 2003 (when i was the party state secretary)  for submission to DBKL in 2003. This is about our proposal to DBKL regarding the Kuala Lumpur 2020 Structure plan.

I have uploaded it here  because it is a public document presented to the hearing committee on KL Structure Plan.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. evanrama
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 07:59:16

    Kl (kuala Lumpur )wow..! great city , i want to take it ini petronas tower

    nice blog,see in my blog


  2. klm
    Sep 14, 2008 @ 01:06:09

    Dear Doc Hsu

    I think the plan is a load of rubbish. A whole lot of motherhood. If Gerakan leadership buy it, they are a bunch of idiots.

    All the grand plan do not make the city livable. Why cant we make the things we have work.

    (1) roads that are paved and safe
    (2) traffic lights that works and synchronised
    (3) better traffic control system

    Do you know after spending 35M RM on ITIS, the traffic control in KL is done by a police sergeant who climb up KL tower 2 times aday. He radio instructions to the traffic police officers controlling the traffic.

    (4) interconnect the LRT amd rail links properly. Today and probable in the future, the systems are indepedent. The walkway interconnections are badly done. There is no intergration of systems

    (5) on the whole, KL is not systematically connectected. The systems reflect the political project awards – separate pieces to different people.

    (6) the next 10 years shold be planned to put the pieces systematically together. No new projects unless necessary.

    (7) Can we have a car park system that work.

    Gerakan politicians are just looking for big projects.


  3. deadeagle
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 14:22:11

    Just wait another 6 years till Nov 2017, then one can see if the projection can be true?? by then if NO, then, another 26 months (to Jan. 2020) wont make any different !


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