When poor, improvise!

There is s saying that ” when poor, improvise.. When improvise, everything will be OK”( 穷则变).  You don’t have to be rich to be innovative.

I am posting a few photos here , sent to me via email. In the email, it was stated that the photos were taken by French Photographer, Alain Delorme.

Look at these ordinary people. They are not rich. They cannot afford a lorry or a van. But they can carry goods as much as a small truck..

I remember when I was small, we did see some of these things in Malaysia, maybe the goods were not stacked as high as these, but tricycles stacked full of goods were quite common. Of course, it may pose a danger to other road users if the whole stack collapses or if the cyclist falls.

We  may admire the innovative spirits of these poor people, especially when we are sitting behind a computer and looking at these; or as bystanders looking from the side-walk.

However, if you are  a driver in a car following these, you may not be amused by these .   See how our  viewpoints can change depending which side of the table we are sitting..


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  1. clearwater
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 10:22:10

    I could’nt help thinking of Malaysia’s proposed 100 story tower when I saw those 4 photos of multi-story loads balanced on tricycles. The difference, of course, is in the economics. Crony economics vs poor man’s economics.


  2. Jong
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 17:18:48

    Yes, “improvise”!
    When you are poor, you improvise, when you don’t have that kinda money don’t steal, rob or borrow to show off. It reveals the character that they are!!

    Yes Dr Hsu, only sensible beings will adhere to such call of wisdom but not those monkeys kurang cerdek! They abuse their power and expect tax-payers to bail them out later on. We must say “NO” to them; it’s our money damnit!

    If they so desperately need to flap their ego, they should go build sand castles, to surpass Kurj Khalifa in Dubai which is almost one kilometer up into the sky.
    Why stop at No.2?

    But if they are prepared to use their own money to waste, by all means go ahead!

    I would even suggest they start constructing super mega structures that won’t stop growing – increases its height every year to maintain the record of “tallest” for the next 100 years!

    What are they? No money, full of debts still wanna show off – ‘makan tahi berak nasi’ kah?


  3. Li Li Fa
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 21:35:15

    Your photos show values of Austerity, Frugality, Thrift, Resoluteness, Integrity, Self-reliance, Determination, Prudence, and Righteousness.

    I really hope our incumbant powers that be relish the above values for the people of this country.

    Building another tall structure may not neccessarily mean that the nation is developed. The 100 storey wawasan project is a case in point. Just look at the world’s tallest building now. The Burj Khalifa is experiencing real estate crash that sends prices and rental falling. Imagine its economic ramifications.


  4. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 23:04:59

    Very true. That is why India and China make money while developed nations lose money.

    A truck costs money to buy and maintain. Conversely a single or handful of 3rd world people with a bicycle and attachment like in the above pictures can do the same.

    Then there are cars made in peopled assembly lines that generate jobs for people as opposed to an assembly line of robots. A single robot which costs a lifetime’s wages of up to 10 workers each has taken all the funds that could have been salaries and supported the same workers.

    That is why the ‘developed’ world has no jobs anymore. Everything is automated, all the jobs have been taken up by machines and robots when that same product could be made by hand.

    Then at the back of it all, you have some plutocrats (not all wish mass murder of mankind though sequestering wealth is no less cruel) and secret societies hinting at depopulation via vaccines or viruses or human DNA destroying GMO crops . . .

    The developed ROBOT world needs to die it’s own death and be boycotted by the developing world of REAL HUMANS. Those plutocrats had better be introduced to this term – MAXIMUM WAGE. Like any ordinary human being, they deserve nothing more than any and everyone else does.

    The wealth, resources and lands of the world belong to all mankind. Third force people where are you? Many of OUR politicians are not adverse to becoming like the ‘Developed Robot World’ too, better vote them to hell or your children and the future generations of the world are finished . . .


  5. Jong
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 23:41:01

    The whole bunch of monkeys need to learn some frugal $ense!

    On second thoughts maybe not, maybe those opportunists’ intention is to get the contract to build, make a mess of it(eg PKFZ), get rich quick and cabut!

    Check out this video..


  6. kplee
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 14:50:56

    Our current BN/UMNO has been pampering the whole rakyat esp the malays for all these 50+ years, what do you expect la. As a matter of fact, one can even dudok diam diam dapat duit, literally.
    Or bang your chests, shouting we are the ketuanans, the greatest etc….
    The hard working, conscientious ones went abroad to seek their living for a better future. Meanwhile, Bolehland will continue to slide to fourth world status. By the way who cares, if you know what i meant.


  7. CYC
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 15:34:07

    Its easier said than done when global governance is determined by few privileged business entities and their respective government. All signs point to widening of income disparity. Perhaps social scientists are not in a position to help resolving this humanity crisis without some revolutionary change of political system. Current financial crisis reveals that not a single govt in this world cares to restructure their economy based on peoples need but rather to beautify some key data to justify their respective eligibility to continue in power.

    Its time to search for the “tao” of living harmoniously with nature once again. The western philosophy base on hollow democracy and absolute individualism has failed.


  8. AgreeToDisagree
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 21:03:13

    CYC I concur with your entire posting up to the second half of the last statement. But I’d consider that only an absolute individualist has the clearest vision that can effect change or see what is wrong. Base on the portion we at least agree on though, don’t you feel it is important to run for election as an independent candidate more so than ever, when we the free people of the world are surrounded by wolf pack style political parties and plutocrats who care not about our welfare?

    All representatives should best be independents so that hegemony by individuals at the top of political party hierarchies have no chance to cement Oligarchy.

    Try the below link :



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