We are the sitting ducks

One restaurant in middle class Damansara Kim area has resorted to an extreme measure.

The staff actually closes the main door during peak evening hours, and there are armed guards patrolling outside. The staff only opens the door when there are customers going in or out.

This is not paranoia. I was told that the restaurant was actually robbed many times  before.They are left with no choice but to adopt this extreme measure.

similarly, many eateries around KL and Pj have suffered similar fate and many now employ guards for security reasons.

A convenient store chain has been repeatedly robbed too.  They are now thinking of employing Gurkhas to provide security.

All these will add cost to doing business, and from the business angle, this cost will definitely be passed on to customers. Goods are going to be more costly at these places which provide security, and this will add on to the ever-rising cost of living in the Klang Valley.

Crime is now the number one worry among city dwellers.  No matter how reassuring the crime statistics may say, people’s perception is that the crime situation is out of hand.

The rich has their own bodyguards. The well connected has been given license to carry arms, but to the ordinary people, the middle and lower classes, we are like sitting ducks.


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  1. Phua Kai Lit
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 10:45:07

    Dear Dr Hsu

    Will we be like the Philippines soon, i.e guards armed with
    pistols in 7-11 convenience stores ?


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